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Ciaran, I dont undersatnd what is to forgive. We scored the free so Cavan had posession from the kickout and done well to retain it. If we had posession then you may have a point but you are disrespecting Cavan by saying it is a disgrace that we let them score when they had the ball.

The first half defensive performance was very poor, alot of missed tackles and quite disorganised, in the second half we were better, but Cavan hit some very good points from distance, which everyone knows is the best way to beat the blanket defense.

jamesjoyce (Derry) - Posts: 126 - 22/07/2013 08:58:28    1438168


Beautiful day to watch football. Not so nice if you're playing it at that level of intensity, with extra time thrown in. Turnover ball won the game in the end. Derry chasing the game the whole day, apart from first and last few minutes of normal time. In extra time, a game that was largely tit-for-tat became one-way traffic with Cavan defenders blocking Derry kicks at goal, before launching rapid attacks back down the field. And older Derry heads were giving up possession to fresh Cavan subs. Game was over before the goal was scored.

I thought we looked lethargic once they got back to 3-3. We could have won it - and should have once Givney temporarily left the scene - but that would have been a little unjust on the day.

hermann (Derry) - Posts: 170 - 22/07/2013 09:30:41    1438195


James its simple. Derry should have done what Cavan did all day and that every other team in Ireland does in every game. After the point we scored to take the lead Cavan took a short kick out and that player should have been fouled. And when that free was taken the next man should have been fouled. Cynical fouling, a thing that has crept into football over the years and everyone does it except us. But don't get me wrong here, I detest cynical fouling and believe it is ruining the game, but needs must. It is simple yet effective and if derry had deployed this tactic Cavan wouldn't have had time to get up the pitch. Next time you're watching a footy game take note of how many cynical fouls occur in the other teams half that go unpunished. Everyone except derry does it!!! When Cavan took the short kick out the fella ran about half the pitch before he was tackled and won a free. They subsequently scored from a knockdown from the free and that was that. Although we should be applauded for the way we play and for not trying to spoil the game the fact of the matter is we are out and Cavan are potentially in an all Ireland quarter final with everything to play for

doireciaran (Derry) - Posts: 85 - 22/07/2013 10:27:50    1438286


James I agree with you regarding the fouling, however from the kickout the play developed right in front of me. Derry did try to foul but Cavan were good enough to move the ball and avoid the tackle. Derry had most men back in our own half at this stage so of course Cavan had the extra men to move and keep the ball. The man your talking about running half the pitch skillfully side stepped two attempts to foul him. By the time we did get close enough to foul it was too far up the pitch.

jamesjoyce (Derry) - Posts: 126 - 22/07/2013 10:52:56    1438327


*Ciaran rather

Also to add I agree with you on PJ. I think if we had him on Saturday it would have been a different game. Until Mark Lynch came into it in the second half we seriously struggled around the middle.

jamesjoyce (Derry) - Posts: 126 - 22/07/2013 11:52:26    1438461


The black card coming in next season will help Derry as we play good clean football we as you quite rightly point (james and Ciaran - please stop this bickering - now i feel like your mammy!) out we are not a cynical team and cynicism will be punished to no end from next year and a lot of teams will not be ready for this as they have adopted this style now and its ingrained in them and they will have great difficulty changing their style to suit the new rules - i am delighted the black card came in as the cynical foul stopped teams that play football from getting any rhythmn or momentum going - we have good footballers coming through and all season it was the younger boys coming through that impressed me especially Ryan Bell - at one time on sat night i looked down at our bench and we had PJ Gerard o kane Collie Devlin and Wilkie and we could have been doing with them at various stages on sat night for their experience alone - especially in a game like that were subs and the whole panel play a part - this is the 3rd year running now where we have had injuries to big players and we just dont seem to be able to catch a break on the injury front - we live in hope

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 22/07/2013 12:04:41    1438483


We'll put it down to a misunderstanding/getting our wires crossed. No chance I would call our performances a disgrace as I am proud of how we turned things around after the down defeat. A few additions, and another years experience under the belts matched with a decent league 1 campaign and who knows. Onwards and upwards!

Doire abu

doireciaran (Derry) - Posts: 85 - 22/07/2013 12:35:15    1438529


I see Brian Mc Ivor questions the amount of injury time played. The ball went over for Cavans point was 30 seconds over the time. Mark Lynch took over one and a half minutes to take the free kick for Derrys final score. This was a feature from Lynch all afternoon.

evano11 (Cavan) - Posts: 257 - 22/07/2013 12:55:34    1438570


We were trailing for most of the game so it wasnt really in Mark lynchs favour to be time wasting time during the game as you suggest,sunday game also highlighted stonewall penalty decision went against us,generally M deegan hadnt a good game we had previous with him before i think v Armagh a few seasons ago.Good luck to cavan hope you push on sometimes decisions in a close game make all the difference.

93vintageyear (Derry) - Posts: 301 - 22/07/2013 13:35:40    1438653


The Cavan manager said today TWEETS from Ex Derry players were used to motivate Cavan on sat evening,Whats your thoughts on this?Donegal, Dublin,i noticed they keep every thing in house even ex players have to be sensible with what goes out to the public Domain,Respect your opponent always dont give them ammunition for saying silly comments.

93vintageyear (Derry) - Posts: 301 - 22/07/2013 13:44:11    1438672


i thought the tweet from Paddy was very mischievous and was designed to gee cavan up he is after all not part of the current Derry set up as for Joe Brolly if Terry Hyland had been watching the sunday game last night he would have seen a very gracious Joe Brolly who enjoyed the banter with tha cavan fans by his own admission - given the physical exertions of sat night and with a handy game against London now to help recovery - i hope Cavan havent emptied the tank and do themselves justice against whoever they meet in the quarters - it would be a shame to put so much into putting us out only to calf the next big day out just like we have done after beating Down.

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 22/07/2013 17:37:50    1439175


We'll leave it at that so Ciaran.

I hope this young Cavan team go on to a big Croke Park performance this year. They had the last laugh this year but being a division 1 team Derry are better placed going forward. I have a feeling there could be a few more battles between these two young teams in the years to come and we may have the last laugh yet.

Apart from the result I thoroughly enjoyed the match on Saturday. We were starved of big championship atmosphere for a few years now and it was great to experience it. Onwards and Upwards.

Doire Abu

jamesjoyce (Derry) - Posts: 126 - 22/07/2013 19:03:40    1439275


When the dust settles on this years championship one of the best memories for us Cavan folk
will be the sportsmanship of Derry fans at the game and on this forum. Every county has a few disgruntled
supporters and we're no different down here but the sportsmanship of Derry people has been a big talking point
in this county all week. Hopefully we can be as generous on the days that Derry beat us - and they will.

Best of luck to the team and supporters till we meet up again and hopefully deliver another thriller - to remind the rest of Ireland
that Ulster football can deliver the same level of intensity, excitement and skill as anywhere else.

RoyalBlue2 (Cavan) - Posts: 198 - 23/07/2013 13:10:08    1439779


County: Derry
Posts: 255

1438483 The black card coming in next season will help Derry as we play good clean football we as you quite rightly point (james and Ciaran - please stop this bickering - now i feel like your mammy!) out we are not a cynical team and cynicism will be punished to no end from next year and a lot of teams will not be ready for this as they have adopted this style now and its ingrained in them and they will have great difficulty changing their style to suit the new rules - i am delighted the black card came in as the cynical foul stopped teams that play football from getting any rhythmn or momentum going

Hope your not suggesting that Cavan are a cynical team?
If you look at the stats you will see that Cavan conceded 22 frees to Derry's 20 during normal time, (most other teams playing at the weekend also conceded around 20/22 frees).
Cavan converted 6 out 20, or 30% (I can't actually recall them missing any) which suggests that the majority of frees were outside scoring range.
Whereas Derry converted 10 out of 22, or 45%, don't think Derry missed any either.
45% of the frees Cavan conceded were in scoring range, is this the sign of a cynical team? If it is I think they'll have to work on this part of their game a bit more !!

Also Brian McIvor should know as everyone else does that when the amount of injury time is shown its at least that amount that shall be played.

aceofspades (Cavan) - Posts: 228 - 23/07/2013 17:27:39    1440233


SLASHER tks for your recent kind coment to doire support. but i ask you to please explain your coments about parades made earlier ???

bonzo111 (Derry) - Posts: 190 - 23/07/2013 19:38:30    1440411


We can pick over refereeing decisions but you'll always get a few of those in a close match - Skinner should have had a penalty alright but the free he won at the end was soft enough and Cavan would have been aggrieved if that had given Derry victory by a point. At the end of the day, I think P.J. McCloskey's absence was the biggest reason for Derry's defeat, particularly since Patsy Bradley, lion-hearted as ever, was obviously carrying an injury. Derry's effort to get back into a game they were struggling in for long periods was commendable and Mark Lynch played a real captain's part but Cavan never gave up and took their opportunities when they came; we might argue about timekeeping but Cavan's equalising score showed enormous bottle on their part as they stuck to their guns, they didn't panic and lash the ball in but worked a very good team score. That was the 'no way we're getting beat tonight' moment for the Cavan team and supporters.
As for sportsmanship, I would expect no more nor no less from Derry and Cavan fans, who shared a tremendous spectacle on Saturday night provided by lads who put to shame the selfish and spoiled 'professionals' of other sports, lads of our own who have to go back to work or college on Monday morning the same as the rest of us. Premiership me a**e! Winning is great, of course; there would be no need to keep scores otherwise. But it isn't everything: pride is. Doire Abú!

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 23/07/2013 21:52:33    1440618


well ace some people call it experience others call it craft yet more call it guile you can call it whatever you want but the fact remains Derrys naievity innocence or lack of `cynicism` definitely helped Cavan get the equalising point - all they had to do was defend 1 last kickout - foul well out the field stop the attack in cavans half or the half way line - its a part of the modern game like it or not - everyone does it and if they get away with it good luck but the fact remains a cynical team would have made sure Damien o Reilly would never have got the chance to kick that equaliser - look Derry fans could grumble about the fact we should have had 2 penalties - the one on eoin Bradley was a stonewall penalty and in that heat would have swung the momentum in Derrys favour and dare i say it we may have went on and won the game we could even moan about the fact that Cavans equalising point came 42 seconds after the allocated 3 mins had elapsed but all these things would take away from a gallant Cavan effort - look at all my previous posts and you will see that i have been graciious in what was a gut wrenching defeat at home and has denied us 2 games in Croke pk - believe me this defeat hurts to the core not because it was Cavan it wouldnt matter who it was and there is no bad blood between our 2 counties in fact when yous last won the ulster tiltle beating us by a single point in 1997 it was proved afterwards that one of cavans points was at least a metre and a half wide - Derry had the right to challenge and appeal for a replay but they gracoiusly didnt put in for the appeal and let Cavan have the victory - the experince of winning 3 u21 titles and a defeat in the all ireland final at the same grade was the difference in your young boys and the naievity of ours and as i said in an earlier post i wish you well in the rest of your journey -

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 23/07/2013 21:52:39    1440619


OAKGAEL very true words . p bradley has to be in the panel 2014 .. Iwould love to see p carton back now that d cassidy has long gone , can he not be persuaded back . What would we have given for fergal doherty in midfield v cavan.. or even a natural midfielder as in m friel in the panel (b mc ivor ). !! 93VINTAGE YEAR i strongly second your point on m deegan , to the extent that i once asked on the laois website what Doire ever did on him .. But no one wanted to know..

bonzo111 (Derry) - Posts: 190 - 24/07/2013 18:17:45    1441467