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Big Anthony can't be accused of bias anyway - not one Derry player on the team or even the Panel - are we really that Bad Lads - Fergal Doc (for his physicality) Mark Lynch - Gerard O'Kane - any comments - I have to say personally I was disappointed.

doirebhoy (Derry) - Posts: 344 - 15/10/2010 15:22:34    797316


Yeah I was thinking 'happy days we might get atleast one lad on the team with Tohill in control' but seems not! I would of thought Kielt would get a go. Hmmm

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 15/10/2010 17:42:43    797431


It could easily be that no one could be available. Its a serious commitment for the next 3weeks and lads have there jobs to consider. Would it not be a big ask for them lads to travel down to Dublin for training?

lk (Donegal) - Posts: 181 - 15/10/2010 21:02:06    797548


the only guy i think might be considered was chrissy mckaigue, due toplayin in oz for the past couple of years, that being said i dont know how well he is doing out there.fact is derry had not 1 player this year good enough to be on the team.

pig.ignorant (Derry) - Posts: 655 - 16/10/2010 15:43:27    797794


Id agree with that pig.ignorant. Noone really worthy of their place on an Irish team from Derry this year.
Mark Lynch being the only one from the county panel that possibly could have added smething.

bosch (Derry) - Posts: 873 - 18/10/2010 10:41:19    798417


Fergal Doherty is done, Gerard O'Kane was made captain this year and didn't put to good games together. Eoin Bradley, certainly strong enough but in the comprimise rules you have to pass, no such thing as taking man on as your hauled to the ground, therefore would not count. I agree Lynch is the only one capable to play, but with no Derry players being selected by Tohill, it tells its own tale of his views on the quality of the Derry players. And I agree with his assessment. We'll do well to avoid the drop to division 3 IMO

MickeyMouse (Derry) - Posts: 174 - 19/10/2010 09:50:23    799227