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Good open game of football at the Pairc yesterday. Macs can count themselves lucky to still be in the championship after been outclassed by a fit looking barnabas side. Sean Macs will find it difficult to come through the quarter final stage if they perform like that again.
EGB very unlucky to go out in the fashion they did and in my opinion are a better footballing side than Smacs!

ttotal (UK) - Posts: 31 - 04/08/2014 12:05:31    1631115


The quarter finals are still to be decided as the div 2 teams(masters, n padraig and brendans) are now involved in a play off to determine the 2 teams to a progress to play barnabus and macs respectively.

The play offs will again be close contests but I am edging towards masters and brendans to sneak through in that order to make up the quarter finals as masters v barnabus and brendans v macs and you could still see a div 2 side make the semi final which would be a turn up for the form book! Unlikely but you never know on the day!

The first play off match this Thursday will be between the cov and Leicester sides and n padraig will be looking to revenge their earlier heavy defeat in the sfc series in cov.

Predictions ; Masters to win by 6 but they will need to watch out for star striker Brian Rushe for n padraig who was their match winner v brendans yesterday.

Brendans to beat ST Mary's by 7 in their founder's Mick Surgue Cup at pnh on Thursday also - should be a good evening of div 2 action

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 04/08/2014 18:13:23    1631380


Three games tonight I see. Barnabas v Macs in Nottingham, Brendans v Mary's and 4 Masters v NP. All should be tight games

John_B_Keane (UK) - Posts: 49 - 07/08/2014 15:34:54    1633042


Any scores from last night?

John_B_Keane (UK) - Posts: 49 - 08/08/2014 12:14:38    1633356


Results from last nights matches saw 4 masters beat naomh padraig by 5 points in the first leg of div 2 sfc play off and st brendans beating st Mary's by 12 points in the Mick Sugrue Cup with their superior fitness pushing them through to a semi final place v 4 masters on Sunday .

It is a busy time for the 3 div 2 teams in the play offs with cup matches to be played also , but it should put the play off winners in a good place before facing div 1 sides in the sfc quarter finals.

I must say that the fixtures seem to be very well organised this season and praise must be given to the fixture committee.

It should be another good weekend of gaa action at pnh with mick Sugrue semi finals and league finals being played out.

My predictions are wins for breandsns and naomh padraig in the mick Sugrue cup and league final victories for barnabus and finbarrs!

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 08/08/2014 18:43:58    1633587


Good wins for ST Brendans in the Mick Sugrue cup and macs in the div1 final after an exciting win after extra time v st barnabus and st finbarrs added the div 3 title to their earlier mulligan cup success.

Brendan's overcame an eight point deficit v 4 masters to win with a last minute goal by substitute Dermot Doherty who looks like a real star for the future to set up a final v naomh padraig on 24th

Macs showed their true pedigree after losing to barnabus last week in sfc and have obtained their first silverware of the season and will be confident to progress in the sfc against the runners up in the div 2 play offs

Question on the new league formats does anybody know whether there is promotion and relegations ?.

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 11/08/2014 18:31:39    1635206


Harp46brum. Egb finished bottom and are relegated from div1. Leicester have been promoted and Brendan's relegated from div2 , with Finbarrs promoted. It will mean Egb will walk div2 and Brendan's div3. Promotion / relegation play offs were suggested to ensure teams remained at the correct level but the idea was outvoted.

gael2000 (Mayo) - Posts: 81 - 11/08/2014 21:03:05    1635303


Thanks very much for the clarification on the league divisional promotions and relegations gael.

I totally agree with the comments that egb will find div 2 and brendans div 3 very easy and it is a great shame that play offs cannot be played be staged to decide the final outcomes.

For example St brendans had spent more than a decade in the intermediate ranks and to go back there will only be seen as a downward step, and it would be very sad if they make the quarter final of the sfc and say win the Mick Sugrue cup this season and then still end up relegated! How is that fair?

Surely common sense must prevail or is it a done deal on the league rules?

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 12/08/2014 18:40:40    1635891


I'd say its fair because Brendans didn't bother turning up for league matches and when they did they turned up with kids. I don't think its the best system but the clubs voted for it

macs4eva (UK) - Posts: 107 - 13/08/2014 12:20:07    1636202


Sure there has to be some form of relagation & promotion based on the league otherwise teams wouldnt compete after a few games , surely this is what leagues are about , if you are dominating intermediate you go senior , if you are struggling at senior you drop down , Brenadans didnt treat the league as they should have therefore they go down , the cost of this to them is massive because they wont be meeting the quality they should every week however it is fair system and should be held , you cant pick and choose who goes up and down , the leagues were run very well this year by the board and lets hope the same systems are in place in 2015

knowle (Roscommon) - Posts: 82 - 13/08/2014 13:53:01    1636326


EGB will win each of their games in Div 2 by 30+ points, that's not healthy competition whereas Naomh Padraig will get slaughtered in Div 1. Remember them playing Mitchels a couple of years back and it was the most ridiculously one sided game of football I've ever seen.

Lethal (Derry) - Posts: 281 - 13/08/2014 14:30:20    1636363


The system has been very good this year in fairness but maybe going forward the league and championship should be judged as two seperate competitions. i.e if you top your league you will be promoted and if you finish bottom you will be relegated but to move up at championship level you would have to beat the bottom side in the tier above you in the championship. So in theory you could have Finbarrs playing Divisions 2 league and still be in the inter championship next year and vise versa for Brendans etc

John_B_Keane (UK) - Posts: 49 - 13/08/2014 14:57:31    1636387


EGB should win Div 2 but are there to be challenged , Naomh padraig should be holding there own in Div1 surely this is what they should be aspireing to do as a club just as EGB are to stay in Div 1 , it has to happen , if you dont have this process you will have teams content to do whta they have to in the league and there will be walkovers when lads cant be bothered cos they are in a safe league postion for another year.
Are you suggesting the board choose on who goes up & down ?

knowle (Roscommon) - Posts: 82 - 13/08/2014 15:04:25    1636395


I take on board everything that has been said about the league rules involving promotions and relegations.

Teams like St Brendans who are developing a very sound side with their team base being built around their impressive underage system which is turning out very good players for their future señor teams will need to refocus next season in div 3 and hopefully hold onto their players who are relishing the challenges in this seasons sfc and go 2 steps back to go 1 step forward!

Overall the new league format is working well with games being more competitive between the respective sides and the number of walk overs drastically reduced.

Any predictions for the forthcoming sfc div 2 play offs and father forde matches at the weekend?

My feelings are that brendans and 4 masters will progress in the play offs and macs and mitchells to progress to farther forde final

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 13/08/2014 19:49:26    1636584


I see in the Irish Post that NP were missing Brian Rushe for their match against Four Masters last week. If he is injured then you would have to fancy Brendans to get a result against them. Tonight's game should go down to the wire just like their last two meetings in recent weeks, very little between those three sides.

John_B_Keane (UK) - Posts: 49 - 14/08/2014 08:53:43    1636672


The first quarter final for sfc has been confirmed this evening with 4 masters beating st brendans by 15 points and setting up a clash v st barnabus in the last eight.

4 masters showed a ruthless cutting edge in scoring NINE goals against brendans and they must fancy their chances to progress and in full forward Brian cufe they have a player of real quality

Brendan's now have to regroup and refocus on another tough match on Sunday v naomh padraig if they are continue in this years sfc but you have to fancy the Leicester team now to progress to play macs in the other quarter final.

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 14/08/2014 21:49:25    1637057


9 goals!!!!

Was it a case that Four Masters were clinical or Brendans were missing a heap of defenders?. That is 17 goals in the last week for Four Masters. Most team wouldn't get that many in a full season

John_B_Keane (UK) - Posts: 49 - 15/08/2014 09:11:47    1637081


The match was one of the strangest matches that I have ever seen in over 30 years watching Gaelic football. 4 masters absolutely blitzed brendans by getting 5 goals in the first half but fair play to brendans they came back to within a point within 10 mins of the second half.

Then with a combination of naive defending and the lack of star midfield duo of Mike Brennan and Calvin Graham together with injured Fergal Harnett and Sean Doyle. Masters stepped up another gear to score 4 more goals - masters have some excellent forwards and can give St Barnabus a good match in the quarter final.

St Brendan's will need to improve very quickly as their match on Naomh Padraig on Sunday will be another massive challenge for Sean Dundas' young team.


Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 15/08/2014 19:39:17    1637423


Harp: it's great to see some enthusiasm for the 2nd division and giving the teams a route to the senior champ seems to have created it.. However I cannot see four masters, Brendan's or Leicester giving any if the division one teams any trouble. I'd expect barnabas to beat masters with a bit to spare and the same goes for macs vrs Leicester. Hope I'm wrong though.

halfbackward (UK) - Posts: 76 - 16/08/2014 08:39:33    1637496


The sfc quarter finals have now been finalised with Naomh Padriag beating st Brendan's by 9 points and deservedly earning their last 8 spot v Sean Macs on Sat 31/08.

Brendan's tried their best but missing 7 of their team due to holidays and injuries , the task was too much but also hitting 9 wides in the first half did not help matters and the Leicester lads were more clinical with their shooting and finished up winning by double scores 4 6 v 2 3.

Overall it has been a good season for the saints with some good young players doing well and it looks well for the future!

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 17/08/2014 16:30:58    1637908