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I don't think the umpires were bias - I'm in no doubt that the referee would have told his 6 officials that he needed eyes all over the park. The umpires assisted the referee for awarding 2 red cards - one for both teams. The Macs lad Moriarty in the first half deserved his red card for sure, unless I've misread the rules and kicking a player on the ground who is in control of the ball is now allowed. Same for the Mitchells lad in the second half. Off the ball assaults are a straight red. I think the officials did a great job.

Concerning to see one of the Macs supporters make his way from the dug out to the umpire who was responsible for the red card to give him verbals during the first half and also at half time, attempting to intimidate or just verbally assault? Also there needs to be more done to keep management away from the referee when there is an incident going on. I understand the frustration involved when you think you've been hard done by but its not a great example to set.

But an enjoyable game, especially the second half. Fair play to Macs they seem to play better with 14 men than 15...probably because they are so used to it! I would put them as slight favourites for the replay.

square_ball_ref (UK) - Posts: 127 - 29/09/2014 08:09:55    1657886


It was an absorbing game to watch, but the quality was poor in my opinion. Both defences looked nervous, the two big midfielders neutralised each other and Garvey was well marked. 9 for Mitchels was MOM for me and J Owens was the best forward on show.
I don't think there was any bias shown by the officials. Kicking a man in the back is a sending off and Macs can have no complaints. I didn't think there was another red? I can see the reply again going down to the wire!

halfbackward (UK) - Posts: 76 - 29/09/2014 12:57:43    1658042


Wasn't a great game to watch. Expect alot better the next day.

Both sendings off were 100% right.

tribes4liam09 (Galway) - Posts: 147 - 29/09/2014 14:21:47    1658109


Mitchells had one of their lads given a straight red towards the end.

square_ball_ref (UK) - Posts: 127 - 29/09/2014 15:45:38    1658162


Have to say I was very disappointed with a few young ladies who appeared to be supporting john Mitchell's Sunday, although I'm not too sure how happy JM would be to have them associated with their club. They seemed to be having a fairly good time cheering Mitchell's on when they were winning but towards the end of the game they turned rather fierce towards a small group of lads who from what I could hear had said nothing untowards and we're just trying to enjoy the game as much as they could, given the poor level of football on display. Shouting at the lads a level of obscenities I would not expect from a 'lady'. This scene put a rather damp feel to what was otherwise a fairly okay final. And I now know who il be supporting in the replay #UpMacs

TheCiarraiOne (Kerry) - Posts: 7 - 29/09/2014 19:27:24    1658288


The level of abuse must be addressed as it will not encourage families to attend matches at Pne.

I would recommend that a neutral referee iinesmen and umpires are brought in for the sfc replay to help the game flow and for it not to be stop and start like last week.

Also the only people allowed on the pitch area apart from the players must be subs and management selectors ONLY as the sight of the umpire being abused at half time after the sending off of Ant Moriarty was a disgrace and does not set a good example to young players watching

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 30/09/2014 20:40:19    1658776


Agree with the above mostly. Warwickshire county board need to address that and enforce it. I saw one board member tell JM at half time to sort it out but nothing changed.

However, I've said it before and I'll repeat it. It is not up to the referee to try to let the game flow. The referee is there to apply the rules of the game. If players weren't breaking the rules off the ball, it wouldn't be so stop start. Level of abuse from SM bench was also ridiculous. Managers should not go onto the pitch at any stage. Physio's and water carriers yes - but managers no. Especially with the big crowd in, a good example needs to be set.

Looking forward to Sunday, will be close.

square_ball_ref (UK) - Posts: 127 - 01/10/2014 10:09:06    1658858


Looking forward to the replay on Sunday, throw in some hurling and homegrown championships and your fiver goes a long way this Sunday!

Predictions for the weekend,

Macs v Mitchells - Mitchells by 2, Garvey and Enda will pick up their games and Macs are missing Moriarty, close game again though.

Roger Casements v Wolfe Tones - Wolfe tones by 10

St. Barnabas Vs st. Declans - Declans by 6

Home Grown Football Championship QF's
Roger Casements Vs St. Brendans - Casements by 4

John Mitchels Vs Four Masters - Masters by 4

Erin-go-Bragh Vs Naomh Padraig - EGB by 8 if Leicester field.

TakeTheHit (UK) - Posts: 98 - 01/10/2014 13:26:52    1658964


what's everyone opinions on the replay of macs and Mitchell's

Thematches (UK) - Posts: 24 - 03/10/2014 16:47:01    1659845


My feeling is that macs have more big match sfc experience and unless mitchells can get a good early start on Sunday with a couple of goals and build up a 6 - 7 point lead, that macs will turn the screw the longer the game goes on and win another sfc final to add to their long list of successes and win by 2 - 3 points.

Will Mc Cooey be back for Sunday as he will make macs stronger in defence especially if young Gilbride is out injured?

Mitchells really miss big Benny McKenna at full forward as they rely too much on Garvey to score their points in open play in the match last week.

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 03/10/2014 21:11:00    1659935


What a perfect day for football today in the Midlands war of the top 2 teams . Going to be another closely fought match with Macs coming out on top at the end by a couple of points.

Let the fun commence!

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 05/10/2014 12:51:15    1660306


Macs deserved the win over the two matches in my view but Mitchels will be kicking themselves for the number of wides racked up in the last 5 mins .

Macs defence was superb with Niall Mccooey Dom Walsh and Ryan Bennett outstanding and Conal Dowling had another excellent match.

Mitchells rely too much on Garvey and Molloy and how much they missed Benny McKenna today!

The match was superbly referred by Lancashire's Shane Walsh and the County board must seriously consider using an outside ref when the Sfc final is played between the 2 king pins of the. Midlands like today - well done to Pat Hoey and Mick Collins in their appointment as it made the match a much better spectacle to watch.

Macs can do well in the all Britain if they can keep all 15 players on the pitch

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 05/10/2014 19:49:01    1660479


Sean McDermotts were very good value for the win, as a team they look the better footballers. Mitchell's missed Garvey yesterday, they may have done better if he had of played.

TonyMontana (Kerry) - Posts: 75 - 06/10/2014 10:43:02    1660611


1 championship in 3 years total under achievement

magic_johnson (Cork) - Posts: 181 - 06/10/2014 11:08:53    1660622


well what can i say what an amazing match yesterday macs really did show their true ability. throughout both matches macs where the better team, Mitchell's gave macs a good battle but dom walsh was excellent on garvey alll the team played so well

Thematches (UK) - Posts: 24 - 06/10/2014 16:56:36    1660783


Do I count correct that Joey Dowling has 17 senior championship medals now? That must be some sort of record. Not even Crossmaglen players can boast that many. Was trying to work out the finals since 2000. can anyone fill in the blanks or check if this is correct.
1994-1999 -6 titles
2000 Sean Macs v ??
2001 Sean macs v
2002 Sean macs v Brendans
2003 Sean Macs v St Finbarrs
2004 Roger Casements v Sean macs
2005 Roger Casements v John Mitchels
2006 Sean Macs v Roger Casements
2007 Sean Macs v Erin Go Bragh
2008 Sean macs v Roger casements
2009 Sean macs v Four masters
2010 Sean macs v St Barnabus
2011 St barnabus v Sean Macs
2012 Sean macs v John Mitchels
2013 John Mitchels v Sean Macs
2014 Seam Macs v John Mitchels

tommy g (None) - Posts: 171 - 08/10/2014 17:55:56    1661570


What's more impressive Is how macs have seen off the challenge from all pretenders to the crown over the years. On the occasions they have relinquished the title,It hasn't taken them long to get it back.

Hman (Donegal) - Posts: 111 - 08/10/2014 18:25:55    1661579


Joey Dowling sfc record must be the best in the Uk ever I would say . Slight amendment to the sfc history 94 to 99 . Macs won their first sfc in 95, egb won the sfc 94 and st brendans beat macs in a double señior and junior championship in 96 so I would guess that makes Joey the proud holder of 15 sfc medals ! What an achievement and example to the young macs stars of the future as if they stay together their all Britain aspirations can be finally achieved as they have some outstanding young talent at their disposal.

Mitchell's need to regroup and refocus quickly as they could still salvage some silverware against egb on Sunday in the Father Forde final and they were only a couple of wides away from being county champions last weekend.

Predictions for the weekend action , wins for brendans macs and mitchells.

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 08/10/2014 20:45:10    1661627


Not many lads on here this week that we're predicting the win for John Mitchels club, where have you all gone ?? Into hibernation for the winter .

Fair play to Macs on another senior championship win, that's fifteen in the last twenty years, some record for any club. Just looking at the lads on show there on Sunday , they seem to be able to get the mix right with lads that have come through their underage set up and their irish lads in the club.

Looking at that side on Sunday they could be quite a few more championships in them, would really like to see them have a good go in the all Britain this weekend . Will be tough enough, but whose knows ?

mayoallstar (Mayo) - Posts: 256 - 09/10/2014 20:59:39    1662124


There should be more good matches on Sunday with the stand out match with macs pitching their wits against the Yorkshire champs who won the All Britain as recently as 2012 so it will be a big test for the warwickshire king pins!

Macs must keep disciplined and I feel after their recent all Ireland and county wins that they will edge it by 2 points.

It would also be nice if St Brendans could win their co founders trophy Mick Sugrue after their mixed season that has seen them being relegated after only 1 season in Senior Div 2

Mitchell's to come back after last weeks narrow sfc final defeat to beat egb to win the Fr Forde Cup

Harp46brum (UK) - Posts: 148 - 11/10/2014 11:30:11    1662601