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A big win for monaghan last sat night,. Tyrone are not the force of old. Vital to get the two points against them. The Cork game should be played in Scotstown or Clones, This is a vital game for the team.

rossie72 (Roscommon) - Posts: 63 - 02/02/2015 19:02:13    1689380


Congrats to all concerned on Saturday nights display. Regardless of how good or bad the current Tyrone team is, to go up there and brush them aside like that is no mean feat. Dessie Mone again excellent, as was Jinksy, who has been like a new player altogether under Malachy. Scoring 1-12 without McManus was also a good achievement, and the ability to score freely without totally relying on him would be a big improvement.

I would agree with the comments about not moving the Cork game out of Clones. Clones has been a really difficult place for league opponents to play over the last few years, and surely having the game there is taking some of the element of home advantage awa from us? No matter what size if a crowd turns up, there'll be next to no atmosphere, would certainly prefer to go to Clones.

moodoo (Monaghan) - Posts: 400 - 02/02/2015 21:15:11    1689446


Whats the few on the Cork game folks.........It will be a massive step up from Saturdays match with Tyrone but i still think we can win this one as Cork dont travel well.

A good start is needed cant afford to go 7-2 behind to these boys,Id say Conor will start in place of Dick as we will need him for the last 25 when the old heads can get us across the line.

Monaghan by 2.

hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 03/02/2015 20:32:01    1689819


Agree that Conor should start in place of dick and let dick on in the last 15-20. Last weeks team played great and not one player can be faulted. Defence were great and can see Malachy sticking with the same 6. Can see Kieran and Darren in midfield.. Expect McAnespie to start again and play a vital role just as he did against tyrone.. Maybe bring Malone out to the wing and leave Daniel Mckenna and Manzy inside which would ccause alot of trouble.. Bringing Dick,Vinnie and Jap on in last 10-15mins to close out the game.. Can see Dessie be played as a sweeper if needs be as he has the brains and ability to play it well... 2 more points would be a great start.. would leave you comfortable after just 2 games.. Really looking forward to the year ahead and also its great to see Young lads on the team and making a name for themselves.. Malachy doing a fine job and really producing the goods out of all these boys.

countymonaghan (Monaghan) - Posts: 170 - 03/02/2015 21:05:44    1689837


Should be a good game and I expect a big Monaghan support. Cork travel well enough , good few came up to scotstown in 2010.

I think they will be interested to see our style of play and see what were made off! Cork are a big physical team and like to play man to man which will suit us I think!

kupa (Monaghan) - Posts: 279 - 04/02/2015 09:18:40    1689871


Any update on Fintan Kelly's injury?

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1071 - 05/02/2015 11:13:05    1690325


Very quite here people.........Whats happen????

hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 06/02/2015 19:50:02    1690829


Have a good feeling about tomorrow,
Cork's full forward line looks very good, will have to watch Colm O'Neill and Hurley in Particular,

MonaghanGlory (Monaghan) - Posts: 703 - 07/02/2015 12:44:11    1690894


Two points let slip away today, could be the difference between staying up and not in what is shaping up to be a very tight division. Very disappointing but the team played quite well which is some compensation. McManus seemed to be fouled every time he got the ball and I thought a couple of Cork players should have walked either through black or maybe even red cards. A good test for the defence in playing against div 1 standard forwards which will stand to them later in the year. Monaghan don't look out of place at this level which is a good thing, I hope we keep the standard up for the rest of the league and not take this as too big of a set back.

rcarragh (Dublin) - Posts: 299 - 08/02/2015 17:42:29    1691276


Really disappointed with the result today ref kept cork in it in match for the first half we had a lot of wides in the last 15 minutes still thought we deserved a draw at least don't like playing well and losing any word on e lennon , c mcguinnes , g doogan

prideof85 (Monaghan) - Posts: 763 - 08/02/2015 18:55:38    1691320


Disappointed for the boys not to get something out of today. It would have been great to have got a draw even. Agree that ref was tough on us in first half, thought Cork got some handy frees where Monaghan players were bein dragged all of the time. Mansy came in for some special attention. Thought Kieran Hughes was a little bit quieter than usual, but tough playin sigerson durin the week as well. Ryan Wylie was very good in tackling. Cork set up very defensively and were strong in the break. Thought Beggan could've taken some of the long range frees, maybe confidence not good after the couple of misses against Tyrone. All in all we showed that we're not out of place in this division. The boys will be learning all of the time and should take great heart out of today. Thought Darren Hughes was a big loss as he is one of the players we have who can break a tackle and beat men. Blayney was very well organised and set up, but can't help thinkin if it had've been Clones we might have got a draw with extra distance for Cork and our habit of winnin there. Time to look at positives and see where we can improve. These games are all gonna boil down to last ten minutes, but it's where we want to be. Hopefully we'll get a better ref in the next game!

T1000 (Monaghan) - Posts: 60 - 08/02/2015 19:09:42    1691336


Disappointed with the end result but I felt that we played well , I think we need to make better substitutions,
I know we got 16 points today but I think we should be sticking them over instead of trying to work a goal everytime.. points knock a team back, nothing worse than a team scorng point after point against you,
Ryan Wylie was fantastic I thought as was Drew, We are in for a real battle now but scoring 1-16 against Cork is a positive , I feel that the Donegal and Derry games are winnable,
Well Done to Cork, Colm O'Neill know's where the net is , took that goal when others could have gone for a point
Monaghan Abu

MonaghanGlory (Monaghan) - Posts: 703 - 08/02/2015 19:59:12    1691377


Important thing is that we are holding our own in this division. We are here on merit, and were competitive today. I wonder was the decision to play the match in Blaney a good or bad one. In a year where we have only 3 home games, I honestly feel we should be playing them in Clones. Playing in clones is worth a couple if points a game in my opinion. I've nothing against blaney but just feel it may have made the difference today.

supermon (Monaghan) - Posts: 1071 - 08/02/2015 20:19:41    1691393


I believe Rory was carrying an injury going into match which no doubt have affected his long range free but he did very well on the kickouts overall

Chico (Monaghan) - Posts: 19 - 08/02/2015 20:56:47    1691419


Ye supermon i thought myself leaving Blaney why take the games away from clones where we have a good record

prideof85 (Monaghan) - Posts: 763 - 08/02/2015 21:14:57    1691435


Gutted. If ever there was a game when we snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, this was it. The players will be gutted to have lost that. Given that we have only 3 home games, and that there's a 3 week break now we would have targetted that game as a must-win. It would have left us almost safe after only 2 games. Cork were fortunate to go down the road with 2 points today, and they know it.
The positive, as others have said, is that we definitely look up to the standard required at this level, at least so far, especially considering that we are missing a number of first choice players. Cork took their chances very well today, and that's what good teams will do, so it's good experience for us to be exposed to that. I was sure that when we went 4 points up the second time, that we would hold on, but O'Neill was pretty much unstoppable today. Ryan Wylie was excellent I thought, although if you were unkind you could point at him for some of the scores O'Neill got. Dermot Malone had a great game as well, brave and full of running. I was glad that in general we were patient today, we held on to the ball well, without resorting to stupid shots from impossible angles. Shame that Mansy missed the free at the end, but the game shouldn't really have come down to that last kick. On a negative, I would have always been a supporter of Dick Clerkin, but thought he was ineffective today, not at the races at all. In fairness to Malachy, our bench looked pretty thin really.

moodoo (Monaghan) - Posts: 400 - 08/02/2015 21:19:52    1691439


Was a v good match today, good occasion, good atmosphere. We've always struggled against Cork, a big physical team and a good team too. We almost had them put away a couple of times, but Colm O'Neill's fantastic display won them the match. Without him we would've won by 3 or 4. Agree that ref was woeful, gave them v soft frees, constantly consulting linesmen & umpires about things that happened in front of him. Also, how many times did Cork stop promising Monaghan attacks with cynical pull downs in the second half.

Still, fair play to Cork, they stuck with it and showed guts to keep coming back. As others have said - even a point today could have been crucial in a division of this quality, but I think we have to be positive. We can mix it at this level. As long as we're not needing too many points out of our last two fixtures (away to Kerry and at home to Dublin). Better to have these two early, the closer they get to championship the more of their big guns will appear.

Still, hope the lads continue to give it a go, tear into it - and continue to play in Division One with no fear. Oh, and a word about Paul Finlay, excellent performance today at midfield in a high paced match. He is still a tremendous option to have.

PearseBro (Monaghan) - Posts: 454 - 08/02/2015 21:31:45    1691446


Paul Finlay should have stood up and kicked the last free great man to kick them when we are winning, really needed him to take the responsibility for that last free unless he was injured to be fair he had a great game but we need to convert more of our chances that's two games in a row where we have wasted 4/5 scoreable chances. Thought we were at least 3 points the better team without Darren or Dessie in the 2nd half. Onwards and upwards.

twouptwodown (Monaghan) - Posts: 55 - 08/02/2015 21:57:14    1691460


Why was Darran Hughes not playing today .. is he injured ?

Monaghanforsam (None) - Posts: 74 - 09/02/2015 10:14:30    1691528


Yesterday was a great game and 'Blayney was a great venue fair play to everyone there.

It is a pity that we didn't come out with the right result but don't think playing the game in clones would have made a difference.
Cork ran right through us on a number of occasions and no more so than their second goal. They carried the ball from the corner back position right up to our 45 then played it in to O' Neill.

Finlay had a great match in midfield but I think the legs went near the end, and with him and Dick in mid field we didn't have the engine to keep up with the Cork runners.

We are badly missing Walshe I think as I don't particular think that Duffy and Kelly are outstanding defenders. Both are good passers and runners with the ball when going forward but in defence they lack some times. Duffy was well off his man on a number of occasions and we badly missed Dessie when he went off. I think if Walshe was injury free Duffy wouldn't be starting.

Full back line was outstanding and Ryan Wylie was my man of the match. Ryan won most of the 50/50s as did the other two FBs but O'neill is a class act. This experience will only stand to you wylie.

Some of our shooting was poor but our general play was good and we do not look out of place in division one.
Malone had a great game as did Kerr when he came on and if Mansy doesn't score he usually wins a free and was impressive yesterday.

I think we would have won if we had to have Hughes yesterday but sure onwards and upwards. I think we will have enough to stay up in this division and I am looking forward to our trip to Mayo.

muckla (UK) - Posts: 328 - 09/02/2015 10:39:04    1691540