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Reilly is a massive coup. Donohoe and mcgourty were badly kept secrets. I think there a few other men from outside the county in the back room that have not been announced yet.
I have a good feeling about this set up.

bananapublican (Leitrim) - Posts: 869 - 23/09/2018 00:18:52    2143313


The best management team Leitrim have had since Mickey Moran and co. The buzz about it around Pairc Sean yesterday will tell you all you need to know anyway. Through the grapevine another man or two is going to be announced in due course. As has been commented on here before it is said Padraig Dolan will be a part of the set up also.

I can't see any bases that haven't been covered with the men that have been chosen. Maybe a goalkeeping coach?
Donohoe has worked with the majority of this squad at underage county level and he should be able to cajole the Aughawillan boys into finally committing for a full year. He is meant to be a stickler for detail, and basics along with being tactically astute which are areas where I feel we have been lacking.

Jason Reilly brings an XFactor an supposedly is a players man and with the Gaels in Cavan they play good attacking football which will bring a good balance to the defensive structures that Hyland had in place when he was over Cavan. Padraig McGourty is an interesting smart choice. He has served his apprenticeship with Sligo clubs, with Sligo IT and he was on Shane Wards ticket so he will have an understanding of some of the players along with having an eye on North Leitrim which is key. The Physio even seems a step up and has a genuine pedigree behind him which is key in a small county as our players aren't any good to us if they are injured.

One thing I would say is that I hope they don't wait to the end of the Club Championships to start putting the panel together. We need to act quickly and have the basis of an extended squad together ASAP so that a S&C programme can't be created for each individual player. It's only 13 or 14 weeks until the FBD and take out a few weeks here and there for Christmas and other distractions and the period of time you can really get stuck into a Gym and mobility programme is short.

OnTheBank (Australia) - Posts: 161 - 23/09/2018 13:22:16    2143351


Hopefully all the various strengths these men can bring will be reflected in the extended panel they put together and get working with in advance of next year's league.

T Hyland - Manager
G Donohoe - Selector
P McGourty - Selector
J O'Reilly - Coach
P Dolan - Stats / Analysis
? - Possible GK Coach

Definitely reads well.

They'll all take paying though, so hopefully the Co. Board can come up with some money making ideas that wont burden clubs too much.

Lots to be positive about in GAA in Leitrim, which makes a nice change.

Dodgy_Pass (Leitrim) - Posts: 329 - 23/09/2018 14:53:13    2143358


My opinion is that terry should hold trials for the club players who are out of the championship. The backbone of the team will be made up of players who are still playing championship. So to give lads a chance from weaker clubs start trails now and whittle it down early so moved forward with the best players for the league. Last year leitrim played the FBD and everyone knew half of the starting team wouldn't make it. If we are serious about the league our best 15 players have to start in the first round. Squad should be picked by November 1st

Champotime18 (Leitrim) - Posts: 221 - 23/09/2018 15:08:09    2143360