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Thats true on the home venue. Must look it up. Am sure the draw is made.

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 06/11/2011 18:50:52    1064159


its away according to the leinster website.

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 06/11/2011 20:38:14    1064255


Well done Rangers, great to beat a Kilkenny team in championship hurling, especially a senior Kilkenny team.

It's a strange day when a Carlow team beats a Kilkenny team in hurling and a Kilkenny team beats a Carlow team in football.

Onion Breath (Carlow) - Posts: 1243 - 06/11/2011 21:55:05    1064338


Great day yesterday in Nowlan Park. Rangers were superb all over the field and really should of won by a lot more. Hope they can take leinster now! They played a brilliant brand of hurling throughout and worked really hard for each other, there discipline was excellent also. Well done to all..

Dualclub1 (Carlow) - Posts: 266 - 07/11/2011 09:27:10    1064378


Yeah well done to rangers,they really are a serious outfit. The same, however , cannot be said of St. Andrews who really let themselves down against a very poor KK. team. They showed no pride at all and it doesnt bode well for them at senior level. hard luck to clonmore, they at least played with a bit of passion and were unlucky that they came up against a team who had a briliant free taker in their ranks.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 07/11/2011 19:05:19    1064747


Well done to MLR and best of luck in the next round

Blue & White (Carlow) - Posts: 136 - 07/11/2011 19:30:52    1064761


lads a practical senior county team and we just scrape over a small intermediate club hurling looking bad in the county

rats (Carlow) - Posts: 133 - 08/11/2011 19:32:04    1065378


i ll just post this rats in reply to you. its from the main page forum about disrepect for kk football.. the offer is still there..

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1064168 old yellar your following me around like a lost lamb but to answer your question rangers are senior hurling champs. in carlow with 11 guys on the county team danefort are a small intermediate club who it took rangers all of their might to beat now if you want to gloat about that go ahead just shows how sad you are and yes losing to muckalee who only won their championship on wednesday night shows how poor football is in carlow

06/11/2011 20:02:24
old yellar
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1064224 firstly lambs dont tend to follow, lost or otherwise! secondly, rangers do not have 11 lads on the "county team" as stated. if you name them and the match they all played in this year, i ll give you my word that i ll never post here again - theres an incentive! as we know, thats not going to happen.. secondly, whats pick got to do with anything? shouldnt dublin win all titles every year in all codes if so? thirdly, well done to muckalee on their win today. fairplay to them. as kk senior champions they deserve respect. playing on wed wasnt ideal for them so well done to them. but not anyones fault only kk county board.. good results for both clubs and anyone in the know will tell you it wasnt a fluke or otherwise..

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 08/11/2011 21:04:59    1065471


Thrilled for Rangers that they have got their just rewards for all their work over the past 20 years. A great bunch of hurlers whose skill levels are there for all to see as they have proved to be the best in the county for a number of years without always winning the county title. But they have been the most consistent and have answered all their critics with their resilience and no better victory that last Sunday's win over Danesfort.

Well done to all involved. You have kept the flag flying in style last Sunday. Best of luck in the next round.

carlowman (Carlow) - Posts: 1556 - 08/11/2011 22:03:02    1065566


Old Yellar Why after exhorting the rest of us to ignore rats ,do you insist on replying to him yourself. he is not interested in facts and I am sure he is chortling away at your geniune efforts to enlighten him. He is a WUM. End of. You are just wasting your sweetness on the desert air.

pennypincher (Carlow) - Posts: 777 - 09/11/2011 09:03:37    1065582


----- Fellow Carlovian's, we have in my view a decent Carlow forum here made up of decent and with some very good posters and I'd like to think we could keep it that way, at the same time I realise none of us are perfect, however, we all can fight our corner, air our points of view, have a bit of banter, slag one another off and all that sort of stuff while at the same time defending our Club and indeed our County, I notice from time to time the odd (im)poster would come on here with nothing else in mind but to unsettle the regular and genuine Carlow poster and discredit the county. We are all aware that we are not feeding suck calf's out of Sam Maguire cup's, or Liam Mc Carthy cups for that matter, or having to deal with Leinster meadls falling out of every mug on the dresser,so be it, but I wouldn't change being a Carlow man for every bit of silver in Australia, full stop, I've had more reasons than most to walk away from it all,took the critism, listened to the crap from the hurler on the ditch and now watch more of it in print, I'll finish by saying, if I felt as bitter about the state of Carlow football or hurling as one or two posters here I'd rather sign up with some county that's saturated with "success"and are tripping over silverware, than to come on here and moan, but then again no honourable or deacent Carlow man would do that.
There's an old Irish saying, -- "There's one way of keeping stray cats away, ------ don't feed them.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2187 - 09/11/2011 13:12:17    1065748


lads why all the nice comments about the Rangers and there "great team".. fareplay to them but they have only won one game and have nothing to show for it except beating a team without one of there best players.. its all no good unless they win the final against a good celbridge team or else they will be the same bunch of players who bottle it on the big day

carlow4life (Carlow) - Posts: 46 - 09/11/2011 17:08:11    1066055


I know enough about carlow hurling to realise mlr are a very good side but this celbridge side are more than capable of not only winning the leinster but getting to the AI final at least, anyway well done last week.

Cuhullain (Kildare) - Posts: 220 - 09/11/2011 19:27:02    1066193


Was down at the 2 games in Nowlan Park on Sunday. Bad day it turned out for Kilk hurling with both their teams losing.
MLR were by far the better side, it's as good as i've seen them play in a long time. Played much better Sunday than in any of their Carlow champ games. Lifted it up a level, and were just too good for what are now a senior Kilkeeny hurling side.
Celbridge will be tough to beat in final. They have home advantage too, and will be favourites...but after seeing MLR step it up on Sunday, I reckon a repeat performance would be enough to win a Leinster.

The Real 1944 (Carlow) - Posts: 1114 - 09/11/2011 19:52:25    1066227


Im sure they wont take Celbridge for granted as it will be as tough a game as last Sunday was,especially away from home.IF Athy win the Football this week,it could be a MLR/Old Leighlin double header in Newbridge Sunday week!!

fergie (Carlow) - Posts: 1105 - 10/11/2011 11:02:10    1066490


nice words supersub and my sentiments exactly. I lived out of carlow for a good number of years but am and always will be proud of my county, its players, and the gaa family in it. every person involved in it is trying to do their best for the county and deserve the support of us all.

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 10/11/2011 11:27:26    1066515


Everyone knows that MLR are not exactly the most popular hurling team in the county. They only have themselves to blame for that! (Well a couple of individuals anyway!) But now they are representing Carlow and even though a lot of people will be envious (myself included!) they deserve the full backing of all Carlow hurling followers. It can only do Carlow hurling good the further they progress in the competition. I remember years ago when Éire Óg were at their peak getting a taxi in Carlow and being shocked to hear the driver saying he hoped they got beaten. Turned out he was a Blues man but I couldn't believe how narrow minded his attitude was. If and when the Rangers run is ended, and I hope that happens in Croke Park with them having gained senior status for Carlow clubs with over all victory in the intermediate championship, then club pride will take over and we can all fight our own corners again!

Ashwielder (Carlow) - Posts: 94 - 11/11/2011 16:45:48    1067453


well said ashwielder. if we re to progress as a county, we need to bite the bullet sometimes and support any club thats making inroads in leinster. i rem following eire og when the were successful and it would fill you with pride seeing the other top name clubs in the country falling at their feet. the same with the blues too. we need our clubs doing well and lets hope for a big crowd in kildare next wknd.

old yellar (None) - Posts: 2624 - 12/11/2011 08:13:14    1067644


Exactly ashweilder they are representing the county at this stage and i feel the same.When you are sucessfull you are hated its the same in any county the more you win the more you are hated.These players have given years of service to county teams and some of them will give many more,when they play for carlow we shout for them so why not now ???.Was up last sunday and was a great day for the county and was proud to be a carlow man and was glad to see so many carlow men and women outside of the rangers club at the match.Heard during the week that frank foley is out of final with broken finger,will be a big loss to them if its true.

Clux (Carlow) - Posts: 72 - 12/11/2011 09:51:41    1067653


Well said Ashweilder, that's how I think my self. I'm not an MLR or an Old Leighlin man but now is the time to get behind both they will be anything but favourites going into their games, some would say Celbridge are looking beyond Leinster, as they beat a good Adamstown side, they also contested last year's Leinster final against Dicksboro of Kilkenny.I don't think any team can be that cocky going into any final but all things being equal they deserve the favourites tag. MLR wont be wanting, and can deliver on the day of that I'm sure.
Wouldn't it be great if it was a double header in Newbridge, with our hurlers sixty mins or so away from a Leinster title, and our footballers on their way to one as well.
I fancy Athy to win on Sunday and if they do they will go into the next round against our lad's with a hard earned game behind them, the same thing applies to Edenderry if they win, where as O/L will have been idle for a few weeks, Joe Murphy would be very happy I think if it's going to be played in Newbridge as he played many a starring role with the great Eire Og teams in the 90's that won not only matches but Leinster titles there as well, so he will have his Old Leighlin squad well briefed, not just how to play, but how to win, ----- feel free to form your own conclusions, I have formed mine.
PS. -- My own view is it wont be a double header in St. Conleths park, as it would surely attract a crowd well above the new 4,000 (Max.) aloud in by the H&S regulation.

supersub15 (Carlow) - Posts: 2187 - 12/11/2011 10:09:22    1067656