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Do you live in or thinking of moving to the above region?

Do you want to play camogie while your here?

A new camogie club is being formed in 2011.

So if you want to be part of a sports team, keep fit, make new friends, have great craic and be part of a vibrant social scene contact us here or at the email address below.

If youd like help be part of founding the club contact us, this is the opportunity to be part of something new.

contact us [email protected]

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 17/11/2010 13:04:18    818288


wales and west hurling and camogie club, look us up if interested we are connected through friends on hoganstand face book page, if you cant find us just type it in.

North Side Gael (None) - Posts: 1076 - 21/11/2010 14:51:46    820086