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15 all time greats from Antrim. hurling, football

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Replying To JohnHorsebox:  "Here is my selection of the best ever Antrim team, 1. D D Quinn 2. Dessie Donnelly 3. Seamus Mc Mullan 4. James Mc Naughton 5. Karl Mc Keegan 6. Gary O Kane 7. Paul Jennings 8. Paul Mc Killen 9. Danny Mc Naughton 10. John Carson 11. Neil Mc Manus 12. Liam Watson 13. Gregory O Kane 14 Terance Mc Naughton 15. Olcan Mc Fetridge. I'll add that this is a team selected from players I have watched and it does not take into account players like Peter Boyle, Brendan Mc Garry, Kevin Armstrong whom I have never seen hurling, others who had a good shout at being included were Terance Donnelly, Lenard Mc Keegan, Paddy Richmond, Brian Mc Faul, Shane Elliott, Alister Elliott, Conor Mc Cambridge, Brian Donnelly and Dominic Mc Kinley. This is ment to spark a bit of debate, i'm not insulting anyone and i'm not crazy, lol"
1. DD Quinn 2. Gary O'Kane 3. Cormac Donnelly 4. Dessie Donnelly 5. James McNaughton 6. Dominic McKinley 7. Leonard McKeegan 8. Paul McKillen 9. Danny McNaughton 10. Aidan Delargy 11. Terence McNaughton 12. Neil McManus 13. Eddie Donnelly 14. Liam Watson 15. Clute McFetridge. Subs; Niall Patterson Terence Donnelly Brian Donnelly Aaron Graffin Brendan McGarry Paul Sheils Gregory O'Kane Alistair Elliott

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Replying To bredaghman:  "Galyway mmmmmm

Never heard of Murty K and from your previous postings I don't think you have much of a clue about hurling in Galway or elsewhere in Ireland. I think if you ask your fellow Galway-folk John C would be up at the top of a lot of their lists of best ever Galway Hurlers. Also, I think you'll find that Dunloy have beaten your club hurling champs more recently than 30 years ago."
Murty was a fine defender for the year or two he played IC for Galway. Longevity in the Galway jersey was not for Murty.

I think MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM is extracting the fluids from you.

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