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London Senior Hurling team 2014

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Best of luck to the team in this years league and championship campaigns. Especially those from our club. Tommy Harrell as temporary manager and to Matty Holohan and Maurice Lynch in the squad. Good start already. Good luck this weekend and throughout.

frmurphy (UK) - Posts: 41 - 19/02/2014 21:15:44    1548836


Good start last weekend considering the county board's failure to land a manager since Phelan stepped down. Can't have been ideal preparation for the panel. Fair play to Tommy Harrell and his team for standing up to the plate though, and best of luck to all involved!!

ArAisAris (UK) - Posts: 39 - 20/02/2014 09:10:22    1548902


What was the panel v westmeath and what clubs represented?

Colinog (UK) - Posts: 39 - 20/02/2014 11:59:37    1549014


Good result.carlow missing a few mlr players.intresting a former sean treacys hurler(london).fergal reffing....

edshamrocks (Wexford) - Posts: 338 - 20/02/2014 12:18:21    1549025


Great result, I must admit when I was reading about London not been able to get a manager I was certain the year would be a disaster but fair play to Harrell and Co, they are obviously doing a great job in there. They should be able to take Carlow at the weekend too who are missing the MLR players.

Faithfull (Offaly) - Posts: 573 - 20/02/2014 20:25:36    1549390


I wouldn't write Carlow off so easily. They won last week without the MLR lads, and there's a bit of buzz about Carlow hurling at the moment so they'll get good support at home this weekend. Should be a close game

ArAisAris (UK) - Posts: 39 - 21/02/2014 13:26:21    1549618