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This oul craic of champo in January

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If u cant field in the first round your kicked out. If you do field in the first round but miss two games subsequently your kicked out. These rules has never been strictly followed, but the county board seem to be in bullish form. Clubs could call the bluff on this if they really want by so many refusing to play it would make a championship unplayable. The county board has to ask itself what's more embarrassing a county team not being able to pick a couple of players or a county without a club championship. This craic of games early in the year clearly isn't popular, but if you want anyone to blame, its probably your own club lick arse delegates who seem to love the taste of s#!t you send to board meetings, ask your club what way it voted. Strictly speaking clubs could refuse to play at most grounds throughout the county as the pitches dont conform to HQ quoted dimensions for championship pitches, is the county board seriously going to run off an entire round of the SFC, IFC, JFC & SHC and IHC in one weekend in Ruislip with limited daylight hours and ruin it for the entire NFL/NHL campaigns plus make it look awful for visiting officials from Ireland whom they seem so desperate for approval from?

barrow (Carlow) - Posts: 128 - 30/01/2013 15:25:29    1325830


Ireland v England in the rugby on Sunday the 10th. Foreign sport but one that lads will be interested in and want to watch on a cold / wet February afternoon

overseas (Donegal) - Posts: 108 - 30/01/2013 16:22:57    1325878


It's easy for us to come on here and complain, but is there another solution? If the hurlers are waiting on 11 players then it is pivotal that those players play in those matches, However, if their clubs can't field a team then what does the management do? They then might have to go and ask a number of players who haven't been training to tog out. It could turn into a right mess. If London clubs and County board created a handball championship and played the new players against each other would that count as playing Championship as it is part of the GAA? Probably a mad suggestion but in a society of Irish people there is surely a loophole somewhere. The rule from the start should of been once you play for London you are tied to the club you transfered to for at least 12 months or till the end of the season. If you move home and play illegally then it's an automatic 2 year ban if caught out.

Faithfull (Offaly) - Posts: 573 - 31/01/2013 10:15:43    1326064


I just heard that it was agreed in the County Board meeting that any player who refuses to play Championship with their club over the coming weeks will be dropped off the panel with immediate effect as instructed by the Chairman and voted on by clubs. We will see where players loyalties are now. This will be a huge pain in the head for both managers.

Faithfull (Offaly) - Posts: 573 - 06/02/2013 12:56:10    1329480


Some teams dont even have a manager yet so how can they be dropped. Another "brave" decision by the couny board. And this is the county board that done a club workshop on running of clubsa few weeks back. . . . jokeshop as they cant even do their own jobs! This is becoming a more laughable situation by the week.

therubes (Cork) - Posts: 95 - 06/02/2013 13:45:03    1329513


Wait a minute faithfull i've misunderstood your last post I think. Any player playing with the COUNTY team that refuses to play club championship over the next few weeks will be dropped?

therubes (Cork) - Posts: 95 - 06/02/2013 13:58:45    1329528


why would they refuse to play when the game is going ahead specially for them to play for London, if they refuse to play there isn't much point banning them from the london panel as they would be by Corke park anyway!

Can you clear up the point faithful?

macattack (UK) - Posts: 584 - 06/02/2013 15:36:16    1329590


I assume if they don't play in the games this weekend, they could still transfer back to their home clubs later in the year to play championship.

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 2013 - 07/02/2013 10:20:53    1329849


The problem here doesn't lie with the new players who have arrived in London. This early championship is brought in for them so it's simple, if they don't play they can't play. However if you played championship last year you can still play with London this year and then transfer home to your club in the summer. It has come to light that a number of footballers and hurlers are planning to do this, so in order to combat it the County Board have brought in a rule stating that any player who is on the London panel that does not play for their respective club in these early games will be removed from the London panel at the request of the County Board. They have said they are not paying expensives, feeding and giving gear to lads any more who just play for London and then refuse to play for their club over here.

Now it has been noted that some clubs won't be playing for another 4 weeks so even if a player plays with London next weekend and then refuses to play with their club in 4 weeks time, they will be dropped off the panel regardless of who they are or how many games they've played already. I believe the players and managers were informed this week at training.

Faithfull (Offaly) - Posts: 573 - 07/02/2013 11:54:56    1329935


Yes rubes I didnt make that clear, it's any player on the County Panel who refuses to play early championship with their club will be dropped.

Faithfull (Offaly) - Posts: 573 - 07/02/2013 11:56:39    1329937


I put the blame squarely at the feet of the board and certain players who took the county for a ride while here in terms of expenses for expenses, access to quality training and whatever else is a benefit for an inter county player. Having taken and taken more some hadn't a notion in putting anything back into the county. The board should have stopped joyriders from being involved with te county a joke!

fancyaride (Mayo) - Posts: 141 - 07/02/2013 12:28:37    1329975


The county board are a complete joke regarding this issue..They brought in a rule that new players in london had to play championship with their chosen club in order to play for the county team However, the lads that played last year in club championship were not obliged to play championship this year in order to play for the county team..Now there is a huge loop hole and a bigger number of players in hurling and football abusing this loop hole..Once again London are allowing players who will not play for their clubs in london but will play for the county...Every dog on the street knows that the 2 big teams who played each other saturday that 2 certain players, 1 from each side refused to tog out and play and the same applies for the other football game that was played where a few lads on the county team refused to tog out..How can this be right...I believe its the same with the hurlers where a few hurlers are also pulling the same trick...So lets get this straight..London are going to allow them to play with the county team..Feed them, give them gear,give them the best training,give them free physio,give them free weekends away and then to cap it off pay their expenses so they fly back to play for their clubs in the summer..Well London are some county..The clubs in Ireland are licking their lips at the stupidness of the London county board..At this rate there will be no clubs in london left before long..

informed (UK) - Posts: 14 - 11/02/2013 11:41:14    1331917


That's a good point informed, It never really dawned on me how happy the clubs at home must be seeing players getting intercounty training while they are away. Once the County set up finished though, who will these players train with for the summer? I heard about the footballers you mentioned alright and I was told they were injured for the games over the weekend. It will be interesting to see if they train this week and play with London at the weekend. The county board needs to make an example out of these players so everyone else will know there is consequences for their actions.

Has there been any feedback from either manager yet? I'm assuming they are fuming with this decision.

Faithfull (Offaly) - Posts: 573 - 11/02/2013 12:42:38    1331965


County: Donegal
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1325878 Ireland v England in the rugby on Sunday the 10th. Foreign sport but one that lads will be interested in and want to watch on a cold / wet February afternoon

overseas i think there is other forums for this sort of sport. Lets stick to a proper game.

Informer (None) - Posts: 185 - 11/02/2013 18:28:10    1332260


Could some of yee go and get these men a wee violin and play them a wee sad song.
What happened to yee?
Did someone with a wee bit of talent come in line a ninja and steel yer place on the county/club team?
The days of mediocre players stepping off the boat and getting a jersey are gone, there is a great selection of quality players in London now so why not play them if they are available to increase our chances of a win.
What does it matter if they head on home and not play club championship, it gives yee water boys a chance of a game doesn't it.

Coggs (UK) - Posts: 2 - 12/02/2013 09:14:48    1332455


All we are saying is that lads that do head home take advantage of the countys facilities and services. this rule has been brought in to prevent that. It will improve the championship if the players stay and play here. No one here has claimed anything like what you've in you last post.

I see your new, so reserve your opinion till you know the carry on in the club scene over here.

therubes (Cork) - Posts: 95 - 12/02/2013 10:23:37    1332489


Coggs must be one of the boys transferring home / looking to play without playing championship... You better tog out for your club matey or you'll be sent packing.

Faithfull (Offaly) - Posts: 573 - 12/02/2013 12:45:26    1332604


Lads that wee violin I was talking about its playing overtime for both of yee.
From the way yee lads are talking about facilities and training yee would think it was a premiership club these lads were lining out for.
Last time I looked Ruislip, Greenford etc were still a tip.
If yee are good enough to play for the county yee will, no one will stop yee.
If yer club pay yee enough cabbage yee will stay about to play for them.

Coggs (UK) - Posts: 2 - 12/02/2013 13:42:25    1332656


So ur one of these play per play lads coggs? Im not even going to waste my time talking to u so. That carry on is half the reason why the club scene is a mess here.

therubes (Cork) - Posts: 95 - 12/02/2013 14:12:07    1332690


Rubes he's either a disgruntled player or he's the football manager judging by his username. Coggs explain to me your argument? I think you'll find the clubs want the London players to stay around and play for them. You're completely missing the point. There's no one here complaining about not been on any panel. The rule doesn't even effect my club but it doesn't mean I can't discuss it.

If you were the manager of a club in London and you thought you had 2 or 3 London players who would be playing with your club and then they headed on home and you maybe providing them with work and a place to live for a year I'm sure you'd be happy too. Just because you're not good enough to make your own County team you think you can abuse the system over here.

Faithfull (Offaly) - Posts: 573 - 12/02/2013 15:22:49    1332775