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Help wanted from Offaly!

In 1982, I happened to end up in the Offaly dressing-room on that famous day.

How a 15-year-old kid from South Limerick got that far, is a story for a completely different day! It's quite an interesting tale to tell actually, and the brazen Pat Spillane played a prominent role in it, even though he's probably totally oblivious to that fact.

But I and a few lads with whom I travelled up to the game that morning, ended up on RTÉ that afternoon. Now, the killing thing is that almost everybody in my home parish at home saw this at the time, except myself. And in all the time that's gone by, I've never seen it at all.

A few years ago, I inquired off RTE whether they had footage of it, as I seem to recall that Mick O'Dwyer actually came into the Offaly dressing-room that day, and that I was right behind his shoulder as he was interviewed. RTE said that footage of that had (unintentionally) been destroyed in the intervening years!

That MickO was there is hazy, as it seems strange that a losing manager would visit the winners dressing-room. Usually, it's the other way around, as it's protocol that the winning manager visits the losing dressing-room. It was after all something that happened almost 40 years ago, in any event.

However, I do remember Sean Lowry (the great), being brought in, on a stretcher with an oxygen mask on him, into that dressing-room.

The whole story isn't something that has ever really bothered me previously, but I suppose as I'm "marching slowly by the number, towards the freedom of the grave", I'd actually like to see that footage now.

Anyway, I'm posting to ask if anyone recorded footage of the famous day. If so, please contact me.

I'd chance posting this on the Kerry website, but I'd say all recorders were switched off, the minute it McGrath blew the final whistle.

Incidentally, of the group of young lads who went up in the train that morning from the Junction, I was the only one out of them supporting Offaly that day. See, Sean Lowry was my footballing hero back then, and few have happened since to change my opinion of what comprises a great footballer, especially a centre-back.

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Micko was in the dressing room to congratulate Offaly. You are correct. He said something to the effect that last year we got the breaks and this year you got the breaks or something along those lines). I have the footage, but it is on VCR and i do not have a player.

It might be a good idea to post your request on somebody over there might be in a better position to help in a more timely manner.

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