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Unsurprisingly the first round has produced upsets. The main one being Annaclone beating Kilcoo convincingly, and although Annaclone is always a difficult place to go beating a team like Kilcoo can never be overlooked first game or not. The Likes of Mayobridge and Longstone will be seriously disappointed in their start while Warrenpoint can take heart from getting a point off Bryansford in Newcastle. Glenn also got a good win off a strong RGU side although Glenn is also not an easy place to go too. I'm not sure how the other games faired out. At least 5 teams go straight down this year and you would only consider the likes of Castlewellan, Burren, Bryansford, Kilcoo and Mayobridge to be safe (despite the last two's opening defeats). Clann Na Banna seem to look like they are going to struggle with Longstone having enough first division experience among the ranks to pick up a few points along the season to compete. In saying all this, still early days yet.

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Clann na banna will fancy their chances of an upset this week against Glenn i imagine. Burren look to be in good shape already with alot of players back they will be hard stopped this year. None of the kilcoo county contingent started last night and i'm lead to believe mooney didnt eithe for rostrevor, was this the story across all games?

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