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Down Feile 2015 in Portaferry

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Feile tomorrow in Portaferry. Who are the favorites this year? Bredagh are going for 3 in a row.

It seems to me that this competition has lost it's shine since they chnaged the format and there's no trip down south for the winners.

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 24/04/2015 08:32:49    1716938


Div 1 is in Portaferry and Div 2 is in Ballygalget.

Div 1 teams Portaferry Carryduff Bredagh Ballycran, Ballygalget

All the teams in Div 1 are evenly matched. When the games only last 10 minutes each way it's very easy for an underdog to win with goals.

Div 2 teams Castlewellan, Shamrocks,Bredagh B and Warrenpoint.

Small number of teams in Div 2 this year. No Liatroim, Kilclief, Clonduff or Ballyvarley. Doesn't look good for the future. What happened to St Paul's and Mourne? Have they quit?

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 947 - 24/04/2015 09:32:50    1716958


St Pauls haven't hurled at this age group for 3 years now, they have some very young age stuff still going on but are struggling to sustain it past primary school age

downredhand (Tyrone) - Posts: 556 - 24/04/2015 09:47:08    1716969


Castlewellan win the B competition with a single pt win over Shamrocks.

Bredagh beat Ballygalget in the A final to complete 3 Feile wins in a row.

Portaferry won the camogie beating Bredagh in the final.

Another great day for hurling.

Frank Mitchell (Down) - Posts: 1075 - 26/04/2015 09:01:44    1717478


A great days hurling and well done to all the boys & girls.

Ballygalget will be very disappoined. It was susposed to be their year.

Seannie Og (Down) - Posts: 947 - 26/04/2015 11:03:22    1717495


Why was it meant to be our year if you watched
the match yesterday we had 1 sub who is 11
we had at least another 7 aged 11 there was a
brave height difference to also we didn't have
a (b) team we could call on for subs as was done
yesterday our boys where just knackered for
the last match and that was without underhand

galget1967 (Down) - Posts: 129 - 26/04/2015 11:45:27    1717501


What were the underhand tactics you refer to?

Square ball (None) - Posts: 62 - 26/04/2015 12:20:05    1717505


Frank let's be honest now that wasn't a Castlewellan team like at every other age group it was an amalgamation of Liatriom and Castlewellan in fact young Mc Crickard was the captain so fair play to them on their victory but it was an amalgamated team not Castlewellan on their own as the best hurlers they had were the Liatriom lads - that's 3 Feile final defeats in 4yrs for Shamrocks.

Given Shamrocks are in Div 1 of u14 league and holding their own , while Liatriom/Castlewellan beat them yesterday shouldn't we just have one division in Feile with a shield for teams knocked out in 1st round as Div 2 is now too small in numbers and better to just have everyone in together how bad can defeats be with 10 min games.

Wind made it very hard for all teams yesterday and even more so in the skills the night before so fair play to all the young lads and girls who were a credit to their clubs and families. Congrats to Ports on hosting and indeed Ballycran and Ballygalget always a great atomosphere for Feile in the Ards

As for the tactics referred to Bredagh had two teams in hurling and neither paraded making a mockery of the spirit if they want to bring their win at all cost soccer mentality into hurling then please move to Antrim as we don't need or want it. It's the same attitude that sees them hammer teams at 12s, 14s, 16s but then won't take their beating at minor despite having 4 lads on the extended minor county panel this yr (more than Ports) and 22 lads on their 16 panel aged over 15.

3 in a row is a great achievement for them but they really should take a look at their attitude to competing rather than winning, the Ards got a lot of flack through the yrs but to their credit they always fielded with good teams and bad, too many clubs taking easy way out with nit fielding and amalgamating which is leading to less and less lads hurling - put Div 2 at 14/16/minor down to 9 a side or whatever to ensure/force clubs to field on their own otherwise more and more clubs will fold.

PaudieSull1 (Down) - Posts: 726 - 26/04/2015 13:02:05    1717518


Well said PaudieSull1 bredagh have won 3 in a row but where are those players who won the 1st fiele when we won in 2011 our boys moved up all the time and now have 6 who play senior hurling it seems to be they only want to win at juvinile and don't worry about the rest with the exception of their current u16 team who have quite a few good players but what happens next year when they can play minors and adult

galget1967 (Down) - Posts: 129 - 26/04/2015 18:27:10    1717653


I agree galget 1967 it is all well and good winning underage honours! But at the end of the day the real success is when you have a number of boys who make it through to play senior hurling! A lot of the bigger clubs are obsessed about winning underage titles instead of seeing the bigger picture which is developing hurlers with the skills and attitude and desire to play senior for there club!!!

Red Head (Down) - Posts: 144 - 26/04/2015 19:49:37    1717697


We in Ballycran have a lot to do in catching up and underage level and thankfully this year we've made a start, so well done to those who grabbed the bull by the horns.

Nice to see Sean Rooney doing the rounds as no doubt he doesn't get a minutes peace with one thing or another.

Well done Bredagh, they were just too strong for Ballygalget, and double teamed their best player, (best player on display the whole day) and got the scores when it mattered. Some tidy hurlers in their ranks if given the scope to develop further.

I wouldn't be too despondent if I was from Ballygalget, as said before they'd the best player on display, just need to keep his head down and work like blazes. The rest of the team are reliant on a lot of the Primary schools team that won on the friday night, that's 11 year olds who were playing and playing well against 13 and 14 year olds from Bredagh. I know where my money will be in four years time when it comes to minor!

Ports organised it well in all fairness, pity about the rain in the morning and the wind later on. Even wee Noel can do nothing about that!

Bredagh were rightly castigated for the pathetic participation in the parade, 4 players I think I saw, and no doubt they weren't on the A team, so they really need to ask themselves what example are they setting to the youngsters? Only compete if you think you're going to win? Not really in the spirit of anything and its no wonder the rest of the county, not just the Ards teams are annoyed about their in/out attitude to the juvenile competitions.
IMO its one of the biggest reasons they've failed to date to kick on in senior hurling.

Time for a rethink south of the city.

Time for the Feile committee to show a set and stick by their rules, no parade, no participation is the rule, adhere to it and then its a level playing field for everyone.

Best of luck to all Down representatives in the National Feile at the end of June.

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2458 - 27/04/2015 11:09:10    1717852


I hear Bredagh hurlers were only made aware there was a parade the day before and did still manage to get some players to the parade. If that is the case then the blame lies with the feile organising committee for their failure to communicate and shame on them and in particular the chairman in his address for the way he vilified the club.

Congratulations to Bredagh and Castlewellan on there wins in the A and B competitions.

Bredagh have won 3 A titles in a row and that is a fantastic achievement. Not much congratulations from the contributors on this forum and any that do qualify it with disparaging remarks about their inability to bring players through. Give the club a break. They are doing a great job in introducing hurling to a lot of young kids. This is not easy in south Belfast as they are competing with so many other sports.

down12792 (Down) - Posts: 123 - 27/04/2015 11:52:30    1717885


Ah seriously didn't know there was a parade???? Come on there is a parade every year and it is a fundamental part of Feile, so that excuse just doesn't wash, even worse you are trying to blame Portaferry now for poor communication which wasn't the case. It was a deliberate choice not to parade and nothing to do with timings etc, at least be honest about it.

I don't think anyone is not saying 3 in a row isn't a great achievement but what is frustrating people is that when they are unlikely to win Bredagh won't play with the minors this year being the ultimate case in point, they could easily field but choose not to as they wont win - that is not a good attitude and if the rest of clubs took the same attitude then there would be no leagues.

A lot of good hurling men in Bredagh and to be honest I'm surprised at them allowing some of this carry on within their club as isn't the sort of thing I could see the likes if Liam Quinn etc agreeing with.

PaudieSull1 (Down) - Posts: 726 - 27/04/2015 12:10:20    1717897


I don't know who your trying to kid, down 127.. It sounds so juvenile. Not knowing there was a parade does not add up as in every county and national Fiele there is an introduction parade, Bredagh should know this as they have won the last three. I thought Portaferry ran the competition well and they should be applauded for it.

swan song (None) - Posts: 436 - 27/04/2015 12:54:47    1717923


Just a quick question, where was the Feile last year and was there definitely a parade? Are people aware of the full facts? Were Bredagh aware of the parade? Was ther evidence of them being informed? Seems to be a lot of well informed people on here so how and when were your club informed? It's a massive shame that the don't have a minor team, so what it's their loss in the long run

outandabout (Down) - Posts: 26 - 28/04/2015 19:05:12    1718670