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What is happening in carrick no minors and now the seniors are struggling to get the players out, annaduff beat the willies and ballinamore beat bornacoola any other results.

heinekenman (Leitrim) - Posts: 400 - 17/02/2013 19:58:15    1335318


Wouldn't worry about it e plenty of lads back next week

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 18/02/2013 11:38:16    1335484


Carrick were put into the 15 a side minor league even though they requested to be put into either the 11 or 13 not sure which one, they don't have the players and cannot pull them out of the sky so they simply cant field at 15 a side, its a case of the county board doing there own thing without discussing it with the club.
The senior fielded a weak team on Sunday morning, there was a large number of regular players unavailable, it is worrying but on the flipside there were players who got to play senior and got there chance to prove themselves, it was a bad result on the day but it gave some players good experience and hopefully they will learn from it for the future.

Nelson (Leitrim) - Posts: 141 - 18/02/2013 11:40:21    1335485


Also Paul Brennan was missing for Melvin Gaels he was playing with connacht D,haire are always flying it this time of year anyway. Division 2 will be close this year with Drumkeerin- Augnasheelin and fenagh and glenfarne both drawing. 1 point win for allen gales over B,glera while cloone bet carigallen by 2 points.

lugdrum (Leitrim) - Posts: 234 - 18/02/2013 15:36:24    1335630


who were the stand out player in the first round of the league

Johncoyne15 (Leitrim) - Posts: 18 - 19/02/2013 15:50:20    1336164


i heard melvin gaels had 15 of last years panel missing last sundays and still held drumahaire to 1 pt what's happening there

christopher (Donegal) - Posts: 81 - 19/02/2013 16:38:20    1336196


there was a fews stand out in the annaduff game joe cox have a great game and a new player alan rowley was playing half forward also played well. dose anybody known this Alan rowley lad what is like as a footballer

Bart84 (Leitrim) - Posts: 29 - 19/02/2013 16:45:16    1336202


joe cox was meant to have play well for annaduff last sunday does anybody known if he did or not

Bart84 (Leitrim) - Posts: 29 - 19/02/2013 17:00:02    1336227


nah i herd he only played ok:P

Piratehooker (Leitrim) - Posts: 197 - 19/02/2013 17:56:11    1336265


Cristopher ya herd wrong! D lads dat wer missin r gonna be missing 4 forseeable future so no excuses..Ye will struggle dis yr me thinks. Manor will gt ye bk 4 all d beepin!

Piratehooker (Leitrim) - Posts: 197 - 19/02/2013 18:03:34    1336270


Joe cox is all annaduff have. good player alright but i wouldn't get up in the middle of the night to watch him.

Villatown (Leitrim) - Posts: 902 - 19/02/2013 20:45:24    1336360


How are Carrick not able to get a 15 aside minor team together? Bigger pick then anyone else.

SeanMacDiarmada (Leitrim) - Posts: 300 - 19/02/2013 21:47:13    1336402


That's right and how do the knowalls in the observer always get it wrong

It's the tip of the iceberg about Leitrim GAA clubs . we don't have the numbers to keep all these clubs going so they will have to join up with each other

Ask Shannon geals and Leitrim geals why Marys are short players

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 20/02/2013 08:45:17    1336424


Alan Rowley won a senior medal in 2004 comin on as a sub in final ...

sqareball (Leitrim) - Posts: 72 - 20/02/2013 09:00:02    1336428


SeanMcDiarmada, i was chatting with a very good Carrick clubman yesterday and he summed up the problems in Carrick very easily. He said that the older generation of players are retired or near the end of good careers, the most of the next generation are in foreign fields and the young generation just dont seem to care. Im only saying what is being said. But in fairness if any club lost players like Conor Daly, David Tiernan, Barry Butler, James McGrail, Brian O'Donnell and a few others that i cant remember their names they would struggle. Yes Mohill had a big win over Carrick but sterner tests lie ahead. Only time will tell if Mohill have what it takes to replace Michael & John McGuinness, Shane Canning and Its not certain if Ronan Gallagher will be around for long. Gortleteragh running Manor to a point. Anyone at it ? Were Manor poor or are Gortletteragh good. And they had no Cathal mcCrann

badsilage (Leitrim) - Posts: 149 - 20/02/2013 09:18:04    1336432


I said there was 2 games to watch silage an the gortletteragh game was one

If them lads can hold manor to a point without mc crann what will they do with him?

There is a huge problem comeing down the tracks to Leitrim football and it has foreign field written all over it

Another thing to remember is that a team isn't a team for life maybe a player might get 6 - 8 years senior but that's it

Our neighbours found this out last year an do the last couple of years when they didn't look after their underage and minor set up and looked after "the boys" as we will call them

It hit the wall sprinting when "the boys" ended up in relegation finals last year first and second team

Prepare to see a change this year if mohill don't fall apart as usual themselves and gortletteragh could dominate Leitrim football for the coming decade

94allstar (Leitrim) - Posts: 1737 - 20/02/2013 10:30:58    1336498


Its far too early to be making bold statements like that 94. Of course Gortlettragh were going to put up a spirited display at home against the best senior team in Leitrim, in their first league game back in Division 1. I would have expected nothing else but they still lost! and you can talk all you like about them missing the mighty Mc Crann but count how many Manor were missing so cant go on that match. Jurys still out on them being real challengers this year..

fresherman (Leitrim) - Posts: 218 - 20/02/2013 13:07:10    1336616


predictions for the games in the coming week ?

PlayerFit1 (Leitrim) - Posts: 9 - 20/02/2013 14:57:13    1336716


Cill Tiobraid v Annaduff Annaduff by 6
Gort Leitreach v Mohill Mohill win
St Mary's-Kiltoghert v Drumreilly St Mary by 5 or 6
Achadh Mhaoileann v Seán Ó hEislin-Bé i think this one could be a draw
Gaeil na Meilge v Glencar-Manorhamilto Glencar win
Bornacoola v Naomh Pádraig-Droim Bornacoola win

Bart84 (Leitrim) - Posts: 29 - 20/02/2013 16:13:58    1336779


Kiltubrid V Annaduff = Annaduff win
Gorthlettagh V Mohill = Mohill win
St Marys V Drumreilly = Drumreilly win
Aughawillian V Ballinamore = Ballinamore win
Melvin Gaels V Glen/Car Manor = Glen/Car win
Bornacoola V Dromahair = Bornacoola win

Carrigallen V Allen Gaels = Allen Gaels win
Glen/Car Manor V Drumkeerin = Drumkeerin win
Aughasheelin V Cloone = Cloone win
Ballinaglera V Bornacoola = Ballinaglera win
Leitrim Gaels V Glenfarne = Glenfarne win
Fenagh V St Marys = Fenagh win

Villatown (Leitrim) - Posts: 902 - 20/02/2013 18:17:34    1336870