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I would go for tosh also good fella has what it takes !

grimgormley (Antrim) - Posts: 60 - 01/04/2016 15:45:59    1840225


lads, no harm, but the hurlers should withdraw until next season. Its not fair on any new manager trying to runs things in this mess!

SaffronDon (Antrim) - Posts: 2105 - 01/04/2016 16:57:23    1840262


The dog in the street new O'Mullan wasn't up to the job but when he was appointed he got all the support he needed. The players cant be blamed for the current mess therefore the CB should get a new manager in place urgently. Tosh is the man for the job although he may not want it. Antrim need to win the Christy Ring and get a bit of pride back in the County and then build on this.

ParisHilton (Down) - Posts: 37 - 02/04/2016 13:36:22    1840493


Need a strong manager who can work as a man manager without being 'chummy' with the players. Only guys that want Antrim to succeed should play for them, the days of half heartedness has to go!!

Brian_Coyote (Antrim) - Posts: 341 - 02/04/2016 20:19:24    1840604


Bricktop it will be all up when armagh beat us.!

grimgormley (Antrim) - Posts:5 - 29/03/2016 16:48:31

Sad but true grim, sad but true.

Our problems are also Whiterock orientated I'm afraid!

bricktop (Down) - Posts: 2481 - 05/04/2016 09:45:53    1841909


Don't panic, Winker has shared his wisdom and identified the problem with Antrim Hurling - the O'Neills hoodies that the players got this year were last year's stock! Is this guy for real? And he certainly doesn't represent the views of the team. TBH The County is better off without him. The core of players who have remained loyal to the County deserve better than this. The CB need to get a new Manager in place asap, preferably someone with no 'baggage' like Tosh or Shane Elliot. There is still an opportunity to bring some pride back to the County. Winning the Christy Ring won't be a walk in the park but the current team are more than capable if they get the right person to steady the ship.

ParisHilton (Down) - Posts: 37 - 05/04/2016 12:31:05    1842045


Brick top also sad but true ! I know tosh was down ur way coaching . do u think tosh could do a job for antrim

grimgormley (Antrim) - Posts: 60 - 05/04/2016 17:31:50    1842248


LW embodies just about everything that is wrong with our county. So its training gear this time to add the the other countless walk outs over whatever suits him at the time. Shut the door behind you and make way for someone who actually wants to be there. Embarrassing Telegraph tripe!

SaffronDon (Antrim) - Posts: 2105 - 05/04/2016 19:04:37    1842284


Have to agree. Watson's rant just sounds like another self pitying loud of piffle from senior players who take no responsibility for Antrim's problems. There's always an excuse, expenses, training gear, cold sausage rolls. It's just embarrassing. DISBAND the whole squad.

Ulsterman (Antrim) - Posts: 9325 - 05/04/2016 20:37:10    1842330


Fellas its liam Watson rite to speak and say what he likes even if he's wrong r right . but what good would it do to disband the whole team players do have to be looked after I don't hear the footballers crying and this year thay played in div 4 !

grimgormley (Antrim) - Posts: 60 - 06/04/2016 21:18:41    1842843