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All Ireland hurling final ticket cost in the UK

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I've just been told that a ticket from my club in the UK is £70 for the hurling final. Apparently the county board are charging this to the club and it's being passed on. That seems steep considering the exchange rate now would make an €80 ticket to be around £60. Are all clubs and county boards in the UK charging £70 for a ticket??

Onesidedhurler (UK) - Posts: 1 - 30/08/2015 09:15:47    1777866


yes most county boards have a mark up i don't have a problem with it still very cheap for a all ireland final.

Yourjoking (USA) - Posts: 532 - 30/08/2015 13:02:41    1777922


Exchange rate agreed in Hertfordshire was £65 per ticket. Cost price no premium. I've been told back in Kerry some clubs you have to pay €10 on top of ticket which club keeps.

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 01/09/2015 13:13:23    1779850


£70 a ticket is the going rate from the London County Board. I am sure most people would pay that if there County was to get into the final. How are the tickets distributed? Does each club get an allocation of tickets and how many per club?

YourMaIsYourDa (UK) - Posts: 36 - 01/09/2015 14:34:30    1779926