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Its easy to blame the county board for everything.
Firstly they are not at fault for the delay in Ruislip and secondly its not their fault that the ref had the incorrect score in the KKG v Parnells game.

ifindoubt (Donegal) - Posts: 114 - 12/10/2015 10:52:07    1797943


Who is at fault for Ruislip then?

scruff (UK) - Posts: 467 - 13/10/2015 15:02:24    1798408


Any news on the appeal? rumour has it the championship may not finish this year, an absoloute joke if it isnt!

hawkeye82 (Kerry) - Posts: 202 - 19/10/2015 13:16:01    1800164


Parnells won,t win appeal final should be played within next 4 weeks, would expect semi final in 2 weeks with final 2 weeks after.

Yourjoking (USA) - Posts: 532 - 19/10/2015 13:44:19    1800195


agreed, whether the ref had it wrong or not that was the result he recorded and if we are now going to appeal against a refs every decision then whats the point anymore!

hawkeye82 (Kerry) - Posts: 202 - 19/10/2015 14:40:04    1800226


Football championship is a bit of a joke at this stage. I'm sure none of the players want to still be training on the increasingly cold nights and looking forward to a county final at the end of Nov, probably 9-10 months after they started training.

Didn't the co. board ask for the champ to start later this year to give London a better chance in the All-Ire series? If so, they didn't think any further forward as it's going to impact them next year.

Of the teams left in the c'ship, i'm sure many of the players still involved have been training for over a year now as they will have been involved with the London team. How is the next manager going to get these guys prepped for a league campaign starting in early Jan? Next year will be hammerings all round for London and it's no one's fault but the co. board.

famineman (UK) - Posts: 7 - 22/10/2015 13:22:57    1801239


Does anyone what date the All-Ireland club quarter-final is supposed to be held? Will London have to nominate a team if this mess is still going on?

scruff (UK) - Posts: 467 - 23/10/2015 15:33:29    1801583


its normally in december! Kiernans should play TCG in a play off and the winner plays in the AI, would have been them 2 in the county final anyway!

hawkeye82 (Kerry) - Posts: 202 - 23/10/2015 16:01:25    1801590


hawkeye82: Yea sure why would you have a championship in the first place.Just take up time on the weekend. Just pick whoever you fancy back in and give them the champo, might as well give the Dubs the AI next year and NZ the world-cup now. That Belguim team looking like improving also sure we'll give them the next worldcup while were at at..

Jimmycricket (Meath) - Posts: 75 - 24/10/2015 09:14:39    1801680


who rattled your cage! all im saying is if the final is on hold why should london not have a representitive in the AI because some crowd are appealing and the county board cant get their act together and deal with it! go have a drink or something calm your nerves

hawkeye82 (Kerry) - Posts: 202 - 26/10/2015 08:42:54    1801898


Because you cant nominate a club.

macs4eva (UK) - Posts: 107 - 26/10/2015 09:28:05    1801905


just a shame is all im saying!

hawkeye82 (Kerry) - Posts: 202 - 26/10/2015 09:39:04    1801906


semi final set for 8th November i see

hawkeye82 (Kerry) - Posts: 202 - 27/10/2015 11:28:20    1802176


TCG v KKG, Sunday the 8th - 2.30pm (Ruislip)

Presume the final will be 2 weeks later.

Apparently the authorities threw out Parnells objection. In fairness, were the GAA ever going to rule against one of their referees/officials?? Imagine the sh*t-storm that would have created!!

famineman (UK) - Posts: 7 - 02/11/2015 11:20:20    1803681


TCG won 1-9 to 0-9.

Final fixed for 29th of Nov

famineman (UK) - Posts: 7 - 09/11/2015 10:15:05    1805504


Finally the Sunday has come. A championship with only 8 teams and it still takes about a half year to complete. TCG have to be red hot favourites but Kiernans have been one of the only teams to beat them this year. With this being their first ever final , Kiernans will need to come out of the blocks fast, a slow start and this could be another final that's over before half-time. Kiernans will be relying heavily on Moyles and Sweeney to keep the score board ticking over. TCG have been clogging up the middle of the pitch and then putting fast ball into the nippy full forward line and getting them to the rest. Even with teams putting a sweeper in place to counteract this, their movement inside has been too good and the ball in has been A1, especially from the likes of McGrath who can hit the 40 yard pass. Would be great to see Kiernans put a new name on the cup but I'm going for TCG by 3-4 points. All the best to both teams .

Micklow (Wicklow) - Posts: 117 - 26/11/2015 17:39:00    1810123


The gaels should win this handy after the hammering the gave kiernans in the group game. Too good around the middle with the likes of gotchge and gavaghan.Anyone any news from the camps, any injuries etc? Irish tv show in the game great boost to London football. Who's down to ref the game?

LONDONINNIT (UK) - Posts: 24 - 27/11/2015 10:53:06    1810202


Good win for will they do against clonmel commercial??.surely taught nemo would have won that....

edshamrocks (Wexford) - Posts: 338 - 29/11/2015 20:56:50    1810491


considering the conditions not a bad game of football, two first halfs goals for TCG were the big difference, gaping hole in the middle of Kiernans defence cost them dear.

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 2013 - 30/11/2015 12:27:17    1810561


Kiernans left themselves too open at the back and got punished, the Gaels took their chances.

Must also compliment the staff at Ruislip who had the pitch in excellent condition.

scruff (UK) - Posts: 467 - 30/11/2015 15:48:16    1810630