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Sorry Chanceit I will clarify my earlier off the cuff response... Firstly the best team will go on to win the All Britan and best of luck to whoever that is.

Secondly what I meant about the 'odds being stacked' was that there are more than two hurling teams outside of London, but only two are included in the championship, one from Lancashire, one from Warickshire but all of the London Intermediate teams are included.

As I said it will be interesting to see how this championship evolves over the next 12 months. I conceed that with the travelling distances involved and the ever evolving landscape of brisish hurling (i.e. year to year teams strengthing/weakening of clubs due to natural player movement) this is the best we can hope for at the moment.

In an ideal world I would love to see some kind of champonship with all viable 15-a-side hurling teams involved.
(i) Seed the top 4 teams based on the previous years league/championship performance, so they can't meet until the semi-final stage.
(ii) Have a 'backdoor' for first round games but straight knockout after that, then every team gets two 'real' championship games.
(iii) Play off all of the championship in September and October

A man can dream...

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