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London Senior Championship

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Championship starts properly this weekend & with all the County players only focusing on the club scene now, I'm expecting a very high-standard senior championship this year.

TCG v Neasden - Easily the standout fixture, huge quality in both teams - Will go for TCG by 2 points

Kiernans v Parnells - Parnells seem to be hitting a bit of form at the right time, Kiernans haven't hit the form of last season & will be relying on hitting the net on a few occasions to stay in this game - Parnells by 3 points

KKG v Round Towers - Towers have been hugely improved & can put it up to the Kingdom, but still think Kingdom have that bit more quality to carry them over the line. Kingdom by 4

Fulham v Heston - A lot of people fancy Fulham this year but this game won't do them much use in terms of preparation, as Heston are supposedly still on the sauce from winning the Intermediate last year. Fulham by 15 points.

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