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Gaelic Football in Aberdeen/Dundee

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For those looking to play Gaelic Football in Aberdeen or Dundee please contact [email protected] or searc Dundee Dalriada on Facebook. We are currently based in Aberdeen with some players also travelling from Dundee. Due to the increasing number of Irish moving to Aberdeen to work in the oil and gas sector the club is beginning to establish itself as one the strongest clubs in Scotland. We can help out with accommodation, work etc and also offer ladies the chance to play Gaelic Football by joining our newly established ladies club.

Our AGM is on the 18th February in the Douglas Hotel Aberdeen at 8pm so if you fancy joining the club for competitive football away from home or as more of a social pastime please come along and get involved!

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Please note the Dalriada AGM will now take place on the 28th February in the Douglas Hotel Aberdeen at 7:30pm

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