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Tribesman-Put the fishing rod away, 'both teams are notorious for off the ball stuff' Your clearly trying to get a reaction

Brendan's won by 9 points Tribesman after been 6 points ahead at half time, not sure what else you wanted from them. They had a job to do and did it.

Oisin's will be disappointed though, they've got the rough end of the stick with the draw this year.. They'd have run Peter's very close if they were in the other group if not beaten them.

As for the Peter's v Mitchel's match the men in black 'n' amber will need to up the ante to challenge Mitchels. Peters are a much changed side from last year and have lost several of the side from last year. Glennon has left, Morris is injured, Gallagher has left, Corcoran hasn't played all year and neither has Hughes while Coyne is injured. They've still got a lot of good players especially in Ross Nolan and O'Malley but I'm not sure they'll see enough of the ball to make the difference that's required. I'd expect Mitchells to do dominant around the middle of the pitch. Gallagher and Corcoran have been the mainstay of Peters for so long they are desperately missed. We'll know what to expect of the Mitchels men but we don't know with Peter's mainly because they've not really had a competitive game since the league semi final against Mitchel's.
Peter may well have players back who've we've not seen recently who might give them an extra edge but based on the evidence on the pitch this season most people would predict a Mitchel's win as I will.

TheWestIsAwake (UK) - Posts: 529 - 04/10/2013 12:29:49    1495372


Just stating the obvious and giving my opinion and i think majority of people outside of those 2 clubs would agree!

My gripe isnt with that, it is mostly that it went unpunished!

A big brawl after oh i dont know.....oh wait....... a off the ball punch to the head resulting in a number players from both sides throwing punches, rolling around on the floor not going unpunished. Not even a booking! Not even a talking to! hahaha that is laughable!!!!!!

Category II Infractions
5.1 To strike or attempt to strike an opponent with
arm, elbow, hand or knee.
5.2 To kick or attempt to kick an opponent, with
minimal force.
5.3 To behave in any way which is dangerous to
an opponent.
5.4 To spit at an opponent.
5.5 To contribute to a melee.
5.6 To use abusive language to a Referee, Umpire,
Linesman or Sideline Official.
Category II
Minimum; 4 weeks Suspension in the same Code and at
the same Level, inclusive of the next Game in the same
Competition of that Competition Year, even if that Game falls
outside the Suspension time period.

Category III Infractions
5.7 To strike or attempt to strike an opponent with
the head.

5.8 To kick an opponent either with force or
causing injury.
5.9 To attempt to kick an opponent, with force.
5.10 To stamp on an opponent.
5.11 To inflict injury recklessly on an opponent by
means other than those stated above.
5.12 To assault an opposing Team Official.
Category III
Minimum: 8 weeks Suspension in the same Code and at
the same Level, inclusive of the next Game in the same
Competition of that Competition Year, even if that Game falls
outside the Suspension time period.

As i stated -
"St Brendans looked good in first half but is that because of the opposition?, however in second half the scoring was almost even i have it Brendans won 2nd half by 1 point . They will need to be consistent in both halfs against better opposition!"
Again my opinion to which alot of people outside of Brendans would agree. They will be play to high level over both halfs! They cant afford to take foot off

I still think Brendans are the team to beat this year.

Peters and Mitchells i hope will be a close game! can see only 1-2 points in it come end of match.

tribesman_10 (Galway) - Posts: 96 - 04/10/2013 18:36:29    1495802


Bbrendans won the second half by 3 points and won by 9 in the end.

it was a good contest between two good sides, this was the best oisins team in a championship in 5 years probably and it was impressive to see St Brendan's overcome them. It is good to now have 4 teams knocking on the door all with serious aspirations of winning the championship. this is something we should be proud of in Lancashire.

hough_ender (UK) - Posts: 82 - 04/10/2013 18:48:52    1495816


Considering both games had been organised all week to be played at old bedians. The 1st game that was due for 1pm was delayed by nearly 1hr because there was no nets. BREWERY springs to mind.

Fair play to Wolfetones for getting to semi's but had no chance of beating the in form team of year.

Brendans were in control from when the ball was thrown in! They gave a solid performance and will take some beating

Planty played a few fringe players who will give him a headache come selection for this sundays final.

However Planty deserves alot of credit for this team and how they are playing quick, direct football! He has them well drilled and very fit!

Also having 9-10 2nd generation manchester born players, all of whom will probabily start on sunday is a credit to st brendans

With Sands, the 2 Connollys bro's, Givney, Conway, young Planty, Mulligan, Adler in goals who takes the 45's they have there best team in many years and must be favorites going into Sundays clash. Having not won championship since 1996. I see them as this years Mayo side who like St Brendans were favorites all year. However Mayo fell at the final hurdle. I can only Brendans see them coming out top and winning title come the final whistle on Sunday

The st peters v mitchells match was very entertaining in the first half but mitchells stepped up a gear in the 2nd half. 2 soft goals in the first half had gifted mitchells the lead after a strong opening from peters who came out of the blocks very quickly and caught mitchells on the back foot.

Peters only had 3 players starting v mitchells from last years final. They have been riddled with injuries all year with Morris, lawless, Coyne, Gilligan to name a few. Players who were away. Players who have gone back home. Credit to the team who gave it there all and im sure they will be back in contention next year

It was great to see Corcoran back. A very good midfielder who battled all game.

Wish big Ross Nolan a speedy recovery following his shoulder injury.

Mitchells have the experience in the camp which could be a major factor in the final. They were beaten by Brendans in the group stage and in sure will be back for revenge. With players like Mulligan, Malloy, Rice, Skinney, Mc connel they will be well up for Sunday and look a very strong outfit. I would say thats the best i have seen Mitchells all year.

Sundays final looks to be a cracker. I can see this going all the way with lead changing throuout game, big hard hit challenges and maybe a few cards being dished out (dependent on who's reffing). Wouldn't be surprised if even extra time was required to split teams. But i do see Brendans coming out top and getting there hands on Championship for the 1st time in 17 years.

tribesman_10 (Galway) - Posts: 96 - 07/10/2013 11:26:45    1496928


Very good report there tribesman.

Seen both teams this year, but I fancy the Mitchels to win it. Although I failed to see them in championship action which is the better gauge of form.

Brendans may be fitter, however the Mitchels have some real talent up front and it's here I expect them to win it. Molloy could be the winning of the match here for them.

Yes as Tribesman stated the game between the Wolfe Tones and Brendans threw in at 1.50pm, it was suppose to be 1.00pm. The two teams were beginning their warm-up at 12.20pm; it was unacceptable for any match never mind a semi-final. I thought maybe their could have been official linesmen also.

Great to see so many English men in the Brendans squad. They are very fit and their main asset is their running game.

Has their been a time confirmed for Sunday? Going to be a craicer of a game.

derrycitymucker (Derry) - Posts: 18 - 09/10/2013 11:23:43    1498305


This will be a tight affair. Good luck to both sides. Would like the winners to at least win the All-Britain, as there is definately one in each team

shabba (Down) - Posts: 55 - 09/10/2013 16:48:02    1498595


Anyone else with predictions for final on sunday?

tribesman_10 (Galway) - Posts: 96 - 11/10/2013 11:15:29    1499392


I presume a Peters buck wrote the article about the final. Peters were the 4th best team in the county this year. Mitchels beat the favourites for this years championship, I'm wondering how they managed to beat themselves??

Best 2 teams meet in the county meet on Sunday, the experience of Mitchels versus the youngsters of Brendans. The old boys may have one more good year left in them, with the amount of young English talent Brendans have they'll be about for the next few years. Only managed to see the odd game this year and there has been some serious improvement in some of those young bucks. Mitchels are a very experienced group with some fine players, they've some serious amount of champo's in the bag.

Mitchels by a point or 2

BigTom2050 (Tipperary) - Posts: 289 - 11/10/2013 11:44:29    1499409


I would agree with Peters being 4th best team this year after being beaten by Mitchells, Oisins and Brendans in other competitions this year.

This being the case, i dont think they would have been classed as favorites for this years championship and were certainly underdogs going into the semi final!! Unless you mean Mitchells have beaten Brendans who have been favorites for championship in some other game this year but then Brendans beat mitchells in group stage of championship

Brendans have been the in form team this year and have every right to be beating all clubs once or twice over the year. They seem to be peaking at the right time.

Im on the fence with this, slightly leaning towards Brendans

tribesman_10 (Galway) - Posts: 96 - 11/10/2013 15:29:03    1499574


I agree with the previoius posts reguarding team ratings. In order my ratings for the year would be-

1- St Brendans
2- John Mitchels
3- Oisins
4- St Peters
5- Wolfetones
6- St Lawrences

The only positions that can swap at this stage are 1 and 2, and who knows come monday morning.

However I believe Brendans are too powerful and will win the final with at least 3 points to spare. Good luck to both teams, I hope its a cracker.

Yer Man (None) - Posts: 286 - 11/10/2013 19:20:46    1499699


So thats it!!! The end of Gaelic season in Lancashire. There will only be one team competing over the few weeks.

John Mitchells Lancashire Senior Championship Winners 2013.

The game finished 0-10 to 0-8 in a good game at Old Bedians. Sands for Brendans who in my opinion is one of the players of the year took some great scores, Givney also had a great game. Malloy and Mulligan who have been the driving force for Mitchells for a number of years were of the same caliber for Mitchells but it was the experience of Mitchells that showed over the young Brendans team who were most peoples favorites for the title this year. Brendans led for all the game bar the last 10 mins when for the first time Mitchells went in front then added another point to win by 2. Sands had 2 frees in last couple mins which could have leveled game and took the game into extra time but he kicked both wide. In the last Min Brendans had 2 45's in which they knew they needed a goal and threw everything at the Mitchells defence but they stood strong and seen out for the win.

I backed Brendans to win today and it will be hard to get over the loss from a very experienced well drilled Mitchells team, it now takes them to 18 years since last winning championship but im sure Brendans will be back stronger next year and look to go one better.

All the best to John Mitchells in the Club All Britain Competition, im sure they will do Lancashire proud

tribesman_10 (Galway) - Posts: 96 - 13/10/2013 18:33:51    1500247


Was an entertaining game from the sidelines, with the better team winning in my opinion. Who all from those two teams would be involved with Lancashire next year?

shabba (Down) - Posts: 55 - 14/10/2013 12:33:59    1500555


The usual suspects plus a few more from brendans


Mulligan, malloy, o hagan, mc dermott, brown, mc manus, lynham, rice, mc connell


Adler, plant, the 2 connollys, greg (forgot surname). Hopefully Sands and Givney will play along with Gavin and Conway


Quinn, hurst, gilligan, morris, ryder, gallagher, o malley, coyne, nolan



Only one player turned up last year from oisins. As far as im aware, all clubs are told and told to let players know when county starts. Hopefully there will be a few different faces and players coming down from tones maybe!

tribesman_10 (Galway) - Posts: 96 - 14/10/2013 19:41:50    1500825


Didn't see the match, close game by all accounts. I was right with the old prediction.
Heard on the grapevine last week that Brendans had a few lads missing, who were they? Think this gave Mitchels the edge.

Mitchels will probably be favourites for the All Britain. They'll be hard to beat.

BigTom2050 (Tipperary) - Posts: 289 - 14/10/2013 21:51:46    1500926


Best team won on the day, no complaints from us. It was close enough but we didn't play well enough.

bigtom- We were missing a couple of important players but were not making any excuses.

Good luck to Mitchels in their quest for an All Britain, they'll be hard to stop.

TheWestIsAwake (UK) - Posts: 529 - 15/10/2013 15:43:35    1501184