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Pennine League 2013

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Does anyone know whats happening this year? Thought we'd have had some fixtures by now?

HospitalBall (UK) - Posts: 79 - 12/02/2013 12:31:55    1332592


It is my understanding that there may be no Pennine League this season due to differences between the two county boards. This is a shame because it is a good early-season competition, even if has become a little Lancashire-dominant.

There is talk in Lancashire that the early season competition this year will be the WolfeTone Cup, and it may be starting very soon.

Yer Man (None) - Posts: 286 - 13/02/2013 09:59:46    1333191


Are any of the teams back training yet?

shabba (Down) - Posts: 55 - 13/02/2013 17:10:08    1333546


I hear Lawrences are doing Circuit training, and Oisins and Peters are doing one day a week. Not sure about the rest.
Wolfetone cup games on Sunday 24th Feb:

St Peters v St Brendans
St Lawrences v Wolfe Tones
John Mitchels v Oisins
Anns v St Patricks

Impossible to know what to expect being so early but I'll tip Peters, Wolfe Tones, Mitchels and Anns for victories.

Yer Man (None) - Posts: 286 - 16/02/2013 11:45:58    1334788


It's my understanding there was a meeting scheduled for Monday night to discuss the format of this years Pennine League and no one from Lancashire even bothered to show up- poor form!

The Pennine League has been a great competition in recent years for teams from both counties to test themselves out and get the season up and running with some competitive games against teams who they wouldn't normally get the chance to play against, such a shame to throw it away. Some good rivalries have been built up over the years and I hope something is sorted out. I'm sure the players from all teams involved would rather play more games than fewer!

YorksFootballer (UK) - Posts: 5 - 21/02/2013 09:20:04    1337011


I was of the understanding that Lancs had tabled 2 proposals for the Pennine League? The best of these being to suspend the Lancs/Yorks domestic leagues and play an expanded 2 Div League with home and away fixtures.

mylovelyhorse (UK) - Posts: 36 - 21/02/2013 10:49:39    1337049


First round of results in from the weekends Pennine League fixtures

Div 1

Oisins 1-10 John Mitchel's 1-07
St Brendan's 2-08 St Benedict's 0-06
St Peters w/o Hugh O'Neills

Div 2

Wolfe Tones 3-05 Bros Pearce 1-03
St Lawrence's 4-10 JFK 3-05

One result that really sticks out is Oisins beating JM, does it mean anything or are JM just off to a slow start?
Will any of the teams that lost today stand a chance of getting to a final with only the top team in the group going through?
All the Yorkshire teams lost- is this indicative of the way it's going to pan out this year?
HO'N couldn't field first game of the season, which is a surprise after promotion to Div 1, will they sink straight back to Div 2 without a trace?

YorksFootballer (UK) - Posts: 5 - 04/03/2013 13:27:15    1342387


I'm also a little taken back by the Oisins Mitchels result, especially after Mitchels hammered them in the juniors last week. They were prob missing a load.
Mitchels have been known to start seasons slow on occasion, they are well used to peaking at the right time so I'll certainly not be looking too much into it.
Dissapointing weekend for Yorkshire sides, but it just goes to show the gulf in class between the two counties I'm afraid.

Yer Man (None) - Posts: 286 - 04/03/2013 16:49:11    1342599


I think this needs to be scrapped and a new competition formed for teams that actually want to play.

I would be a massive shame to not have the cross Pennine fixtures every year but unfortunately it is only a handful of clubs that want to fulfill their fixtures!

Onyershoulder (UK) - Posts: 17 - 13/03/2013 08:47:42    1348472