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Replying To Sligonian:  "Taylor ratified unanimously by the idiots on the county committee. We are not a successful county because clowns get into these positions of power who have no clue what winning is nor do they even seek it. Just be a yes men and stay in power. This is why good GAA men leave or don't get involved. Players walked too.

If Taylor had any self respect or cared about Sligo GAA he would have resigned. What other man wouldn't with his record and level of performance? Being Sligo manager does help his political persona and gives him more exposure.

He needs media training too, if I hear him saying players losing by 15 pts are gaining great experience again or that the players morale is great and then in the same sentence well having these tough defeats has lowered morale, or that he would like to be up there with the big teams ETC...

Well we are 11pts off Offaly who are poor. That's how low you've taken us and whilst its not all Taylor's fault re-appointing him ensures Division 4 for the foreseeable future and it makes us very vunerable to losses to Leitrim, London and New York. We wont progress under Taylor but looks like new members of CB are as useless as the last. He has little to no experience of developing younger players.

With a better manager, here's my take if I was County Chairman, get local Businessmen to invest in Sligo GAA like other counties do, get them to fund the set up and a big name manager all of our big name players would commit. There is money in Sligo to be invested if you look hard enough. It would be hard for any self respecting Manager to work with our County board I know but money talks.

Other counties see this decision as a laughing stock. To allow Taylor with little previous experience to learn on the job is disrespectful to the players and fans. Mark my words some of the players from this year will be thinking this but love playing too much to walk away. Its a mess and results and performances will follow suit."
Leitrim can get Terry Hyland an experienced manager coming from a competitive team in ulster and we are stuck with the same crowd as last year who made us the laughing stock of the country. The only team to not register a single draw or win last year. Absolute farce

grassroots14 (Sligo) - Posts: 94 - 08/08/2019 10:10:00    2222589


Let's see where both counties are this time next year. Leitrim did beat perennial Division 4 side Wicklow in the championship but besides that the two counties championship results look fairly similar.

ShakeHands (Sligo) - Posts: 32 - 08/08/2019 13:01:24    2222651


Replying To ShakeHands:  "Let's see where both counties are this time next year. Leitrim did beat perennial Division 4 side Wicklow in the championship but besides that the two counties championship results look fairly similar."
This point is irrelevant, Leitrim are Leitrim and we are Sligo. They had a good run in div4 and injected some life into the county and fair play to them. There is zero indication that we will make any positive impact this year. Taylor has no tactical expertise and I do not believe he has the respect within the dressing room either.

republican (Sligo) - Posts: 275 - 08/08/2019 19:56:14    2222794


These are snippets about I said about Taylor a year ago, you did not need to be psychic to see the level of stuff that was coming our way but as usual I was right.

1) The players won't be inspired at all. Another year most likely written off. So disappointing.

2)If Taylor is appointed I'd say a few players won't commit if that's how it goes.

Below is part of an email sent to me last year which was completely ignored by the county board with business men backing a big name manager and set up and his back room Partially funded by external sources, Imagine ignoring this and then begging Taylor to take it, this is Sligo GAA. Must be said some of roles are a bit much but Id rather that than less.

Four Divisional Talent Scouts l Performance Coach l Assistant Performance Coach l Human Factors Specialist l Personal Effectiveness Coach l Two Fitness/Strength Coaches l Goalkeeping Coach l Defence Coach l Midfield Coach l Forwards Coach l Logistics Manager l Technical Coach l Tactical and Team Play Coach l Two Performance/Statistical/Video Analysts l Two Physiotherapists l Medical Doctor l Sports Performance Nutritionist l Masseuse l Reiki Therapist l Yoga Instructor l Equipment Manager l Human Resource Specialist l Inclusion and Diversity Specialist l Communications/Media Office l Addiction Counsellor l Career/Lifestyle Coach l Education Co-Coordinator l Marketing & Fundraising Specialist l Financial Controller l Ten Member Advisory Team l 3 x Selectors l Team Manager

Imagine in Sligo you said for example Rochford as manager is an Option and possible, these clowns would laugh at you and say no chance, but then Donegal get him as a selector, who is the joke on. Imagine what the players must think. I know Taylor will have learned alot but his back room team was tiny and look at what you could have had for the same price already in place. So next time someone comes on here in no money they are lying. Imagine if what I was told is true.

Personally I wouldn't send any money towards Sligo GAA given current regime, i did in the past and even then i was left disappointed by those I thought would be better but now definitely not. I can understand businessmen wanting a fresh approach taking the CB out of the equation as much as possible because they would want there own people in around the set up. I think that's why Taylor is there, its not about success, its about keeping the same people involved and CB control and puppets.

Questions the County Board should answer regards Taylor reappointment or Ocean FM should be asking, Austin has done a great job so far-
1) What is definition of success next year?
2) Whats the minimum requirement for Taylor next year or has he a blank cheque?
3) What improvements are being made to the set up? What is the full back room team? Is Caroline Currid ever going to utilised by her home county?
4) I have heard the u20s are not available to the senior set up next year, this is stupid, they should be available for the fbd and league at maximum but I agree to not using them for Championship. I have said this for years. The Seniors have no chance of Connacht at senior so we have pool resources for our best chance and u20 is but they should be allowed play league.
5) What plan B is taking place to ensure if Taylor has another disastrous year? Can we be decisive if it goes sideways again?
6) Can we hire a ex successful outside manager to be consultant and help Taylor?
7) Did the players want Taylor rehired? If so what demands were made?
8) Is Joe Keane being kept on, what is being done to make sure he is? Is Greer being kept?
9) What is being done get our best players back? Kyle, Cian, (Red Og in OZ needs to be monitored too from a distance)
10) What was justification for reappointing Taylor? What did they see. I hear the word we improved eh the scorelines did not reflect this at all, we conceded 3-11 and 3-17 v Galway and Offaly who are no great shakes, so someone point out to me the improvement and someone in the CB explain to me if Taylor is going to address and solve this why he didn't do this in the last 8 months, more than enough time to at least improve this. The teams in Division 4 below wont expose us as much but it will be interesting to track albeit harder, should automatically see improvement but could be superficial.

League next year is very weak, teams are even enough standard, depending on Home/Away we should be beating most of them.


Sligonian (Sligo) - Posts: 1543 - 08/08/2019 21:44:56    2222836


I can only see more players not committing now as a result of Taylor getting the job for another year. It's simply not fair on players who put their life on hold and the county board do not back players at all and only reappoint Taylor because he is cheap and is a yes man to the powers at be. Was listening to ocean fm last night and Leonard on the radio was not convincing at all, he was stumbling over questions that was put to him. Taylor said that he hopes to get players back playing for the county players who where injured last year and who went traveling what players are these because if they didn't commit last year they will most certainly won't this year, my blood is boiling writing this

harps2588 (Sligo) - Posts: 79 - 09/08/2019 18:02:33    2223143


Taylor should have done the decent thing for the county and resigned. His costs probably are cheap but what cost is it coming at to the county? Are we about balancing the books or winning games and maybe generating additional revenue.

I certainly will not renew my club sligo as a result of this decision by a county board that lacks ability, vision and determination to pick a manager who fits the same bill. And from talking to others I'm not alone.

Maybe when they see a couple of hundred at the Division 4 games and a fall in Club Sligo they'll realise their mistake. We got rid of outside managers for far better performances compared to this year which must be the worst in the history of Sligo GAA

Sligoman1234 (Sligo) - Posts: 81 - 12/08/2019 08:10:33    2224432


Who are these new selectors?

NewSligofan (Sligo) - Posts: 238 - 14/08/2019 11:06:00    2225448


Replying To NewSligofan:  "Who are these new selectors?"
I didn't hear anything on new selectors. From speaking to players, holding onto Joe Keane seems to be vital.

Seriously worried about the next 12 months but cannot be any worse than the last 12. That tells you all you need to know.

westsligoawakes (Sligo) - Posts: 74 - 14/08/2019 15:46:36    2225662


I listened back on the interview with Leonard. I have to say he was not impressive but in fairness having to go on radio to defend re appointing Taylor when you were the only dissenting voice on the executive is kinda how things are run in Sligo GAA, what you see in public the opposite is usually true with these fellas.

His best line, we are very happy with Paul's plan, what is his plan, to bring in 2 selectors, do you know who they are, no. Lol. So you don't know who the selectors are but your happy with the plan. Taylor has had 2 months to get more men on board. I know there is plenty of time but I would have those selectors lined up already and I would not be re appointing him unless he had names and I was happy with the selections. I'm sure there more to the plan. The other thing that was clear is Taylor learned a lot last year, so many basics by the sounds of things that he should of known already, we were never on a level playing field. Bigger back room, I mean really, you don't say.

Another thing Leonard alluded to was a new strength and conditioning coach is going to be hired, various S&C involved with county Kyles and Greer were surprised how far behind we are in our S&C, this is a basic that has been implemented by others for 15 yrs and we are only catching up now. I find this disgraceful and shocking, we got hammered in 2015 in the CSFC when everyone could see our S&C was light years behind Mayo and we are only reacting now, 4/5 years later. Its a joke. Its such a basic. Better late than never but teams will be doing things now that we will catch on in 4/5 yrs time. Where is the forward thinking, what if there is a concept elite teams are using in other sports that we could gain an advantage on that inch. hmmm.

Sligonian (Sligo) - Posts: 1543 - 15/08/2019 16:08:32    2226055


Are we in danger of been priced out of games both at National level & Club €90 for All Ireland ticket on Sunday ok I knew it was going to cost that but in having my handy fiver ready to purchase program I was shocked to be told there €7 now & as you do you can't not buy the program even if it's only to read on the train back . While locally heading into the under12 finals last night the big man & his bag was waiting on us to take another €10 from us 2*€5. Now I've no real issue with the fiver entry but I was informed later that the club will be responsible for purchasing the winners medal as the county board doesn't purchase them . Surely with the monies taken at the finals they could cover the cost of medals . Are these finals just another way of milking the parents of these young Gaels you know the parents that drove them to every match etc .

noboots (Sligo) - Posts: 91 - 21/08/2019 23:40:22    2228404


Andy Moran has retired from Mayo. I must not be the only person to think he would be perfect for Sligo in some capacity? A big personality like that would get a spark going in the county.

NewSligofan (Sligo) - Posts: 238 - 27/08/2019 23:32:39    2229981


Wat like tell the boys to play for another county ,rather than the one there from like him ;)

Timmy86 (Sligo) - Posts: 164 - 28/08/2019 10:49:32    2230042


Rory Gallagher gone to Division 3 Derry.

Sligonian (Sligo) - Posts: 1543 - 03/09/2019 22:18:56    2232577


Terribly sad to see a proud football county like Derry resorting to that.

ShakeHands (Sligo) - Posts: 32 - 04/09/2019 11:07:55    2232668


Difficult to fathom why Derry went for Gallagher. Great to see Red og coming home but I would be worried that if he was ambitious to go to Australia he might not settle for Div 4 football with Sligo. Under the rules passed by the Co Board he won't be considered for Championship next year for the Senior's.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 841 - 04/09/2019 12:21:47    2232697


Replying To eoinog:  "Difficult to fathom why Derry went for Gallagher. Great to see Red og coming home but I would be worried that if he was ambitious to go to Australia he might not settle for Div 4 football with Sligo. Under the rules passed by the Co Board he won't be considered for Championship next year for the Senior's."
What rule is that?

ProudSligoMan (Sligo) - Posts: 17 - 04/09/2019 13:35:35    2232735


Replying To ProudSligoMan:  "What rule is that?"
You are not allowed play u.20 championship and Senior Championship. That's a directive from Croke Park. Sligo Co Board like several Co Boards have opted to hold all u.20 players for that grade. Our U.20 team will be poor next year with or without Red Og. If Kerry opted for the same they would not be in the All Ireland Senior Final.

eoinog (Sligo) - Posts: 841 - 07/09/2019 09:47:17    2233412


An extract from RTE article on Davy Fitz to Galway. Have to get big business involved in Sligo GAA but has to be a backable vision.

The last two All-Ireland hurling champions were well supported by 'sugar-daddies' - the ubiquitous JP McManus in Limerick and Teneo's Declan Kelly in Tipperary.

The latter, a Portroe native like Liam Sheedy, was prominent in the post-All-Ireland celebrations this year. And why not? He really pushed the boat out in 2019, funding an enormous 27-strong backroom team, replete with a sprint coach and a strength and conditioning coach (Cairbre O'Caireallain) who re-located from Belfast to Thurles so he could be on-call for the year.

Sligonian (Sligo) - Posts: 1543 - 25/09/2019 22:20:18    2239236