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Proposed new championship structure

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In principle and on balance the new proposal announced yesterday has merit. Replacing the quarter finals with two groups of four teams to determine the semi finalists doesn't solve every problem, but it's a step in the right direction.

Doubtless that Dublin, Mayo & Kerry (plus a couple of others) may be dusting down the calendars in anticipation. However we won't afford ourselve that luxury as from a purely Monaghan perspective, it represents a stark divide in the season. "Make the eight", and we are guaranteed a minimum of three games in the all Ireland series that can only be positive...and who wouldn't fancy an assault on Killarney or Castlebar for a crucial summer tie. Miss the boat, and it will feel like a calamity.

Ultimately the AI needs a group stage at the start (with a suitable accommodation to recognise the provincial champions)...but it looks like we'll have some nail biting seasons to endure first.


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