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A GAA World Title with Oman and a New York Senior Football Title would suggest that Banty is far from finished.

xxB3B0Stunnahxx (USA) - Posts: 94 - 14/09/2016 12:51:51    1914155


Right decision made Owen Lennon on his own would have got the job. Unfortunately for Banty his time is over

shaggylegend (Monaghan) - Posts:1469 - 13/09/2016 23:17:48 1

So you reckon Owen Lennon should have applied for the job on his own with no backroom team and he would of got the job??

What planet are you on?

Your spitfullness of Seamus McEnaney is as strong as ever..........Please tell me how you judge a manager to be finished?

The decision to not give the job to these men was a disgrace and will do untold damage to our future footballers as the last appointment proved to be a waste of 2 years and some very good footballers were held back...................alot of back scratching going on and it will ruin all the good work at pitch level.

hardcore (Monaghan) - Posts: 1366 - 15/09/2016 16:46:46    1914723


Yes all the good work carried out by these men who have been with this group of players through the development squads.
No point putting the structures in place to then disregard them because Banty has decided he wants the job. Pat McEaneany has more grounds to get this job given the great work he has done with the Corduff minors.
If Banty is so keen why doesnt he get involved with a development squad?
As for Owen Lennon getting the job on his own steam don't think this would be a runner given his commitment to Latton for their centenary year next year. Absolutely a future manager of hopefully Monaghan minors and seniors.

CurlyFingers (Monaghan) - Posts: 51 - 15/09/2016 20:55:07    1914831