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Congrats to all in Monaghan! Deserved your win and are a very orgainsed outfit!
Hopefully Donegal can regroup now and Ulster will get have 4 representives in the last 8... Really want another crack at yas haha

Spiderman (Donegal) - Posts: 247 - 21/07/2015 17:15:37    1757109


Just got back today to London , was a bit disappointed, especially with our shooting, but then again Monaghans defending , their game plan was top class. I think people outside of Ulster don't really understand this ,,, how hard it is to get a shot in , the effort the lads put into trying to set up a scoring chance. I thought the two teams done an awful lot of running up and down the pitch and for all their efforts it was hard to get a score.
Anyway well DONE Monaghan and even though we lost I really enjoyed the early morning in Clones and the build up to the start of the game I also thought the game was played in a right good spirit--- so well done both teams.
We might be reaching the end of the road with that team , they have done us proud over the last five years, were in some very tight scrapes won most but lost a few so I have no complaints and whatever the type of football that's played Ulster is still competitive. That was a very hectic finish on Sunday, and that last shot of PmcB all Donegal thought it was over and all our flags up only to be replaced by Monaghan flags as the umpire waved a wide 'Twas as close as call as you could get
Still best wishes to Monaghan and their supporters , hope you do well in Croke Park and what about having Monaghan in Ballybofey for the first round of the 2016 Ulster championship

SamOnErrigal (Donegal) - Posts: 1427 - 22/07/2015 20:42:26    1757763


Funny thing about the last few years in Ulster. In 2010 and Donegal leaving Crossmaglen having been hammered by Armagh , who would have thought we would have appeared in the next five Ulster finals with winning three and Sam a massive achievement
Now for the Monaghan poster on about the defeat by Down in2012 and him thinking it would take five years to get to an Ulster final but now Monaghan had reached the last three Ulster finals, winning two and also a leaugr final and now a div one team
Goes to show with a good mixture of older players and a few young ones plus a GOOD MANAGER / BACKROOM TEAM SUCCESS CAN BE ACHIEVED
LETS FACE IT BOTH TEAMS HAD PLAYERS WHO PLAYED IN THE LATE 00's and won nothing so overall it's been a good couple of years for bot teams.

SamOnErrigal (Donegal) - Posts: 1427 - 22/07/2015 20:58:16    1757776


Sam i personally woul have more time for Donegal than our neighbours who did well in oo s

prideof85 (Monaghan) - Posts: 762 - 22/07/2015 21:25:00    1757793


Wonder did Monaghan supporters read the Irish news today , good article about Monaghan
Think it was K Archer who wrote it and he has in his rankings ---- no 1 --- Dublin then Kerry then Monaghan at no three then Donegal ( a lot of people won't like that ( not referring to Monaghan folk) then Mayo
Also states Monaghan is ranked at their highest for a long time
Interesting read plus as is D Hughes

SamOnErrigal (Donegal) - Posts: 1427 - 23/07/2015 20:52:27    1758215