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colin ryan of course should have been on it but I cant believe and ive checked it 3 times in case my eyesight was gone is gearoid hegarty left out.....he was def in the the top 6 under 21s in the country all year not to mind not making a selection of 10 half back hurlers...ive my doubts about whos selecting these things....

munsterchamps (Limerick) - Posts: 918 - 24/09/2015 11:28:37    1791726


I,m totally shocked that hegarty didn,t make that list.i sometimes wonder about these selection commitees,i wonder what they were looking at.well done to the boys who did make it.

CTGAA10 (Limerick) - Posts: 1235 - 24/09/2015 12:09:32    1791747


I didnt notice that Hegarty didnt make it assumed he would have. Hard to know what these guys were thinking. If Hegarty is prepared to concentrate exclusively on hurling Id say he wont be far off the senior team next year.

disillusiondfan (Limerick) - Posts: 4279 - 24/09/2015 12:14:13    1791753


Terrible decision to not have both hegerty and colin ryan on that list in my opinion. Both players for me would make it on the team of the year never mind the list. I'd say to both players to keep the heads down and keep motoring on and forget about the people that picked that list. As ger loughnane said lately about Eoin Larkin never being recognised at u21 level for kilkenny and was 5th choice sub and look what he became at senior level.

brud (Limerick) - Posts: 943 - 24/09/2015 13:46:10    1791799


Does not sound right that Hegarty and Colin Ryan were not selected in the nominees.
Thought Hegarty would make team of the year and Colin Ryan very close.
Colin was Limerick's best inside forward this year. Bit below par for the final but oustanding in all of the other 3 games.
Hegarty's ommission is baffling

south gael (Limerick) - Posts: 263 - 24/09/2015 14:49:35    1791833


I would'nt read too much into these awards or nominations. We all know who the best players were, that's good enough.
The main thing is that we lifted the U21 title which was completely unexpected at the beginning of the year. We would have been ranked behind Tipp,Clare,Waterford,Wexford,Galway and possibly Dublin before a game was played.
The people that pick these nominations are usually well removed from reality. Even one clown on the Sunday Game panel reckons Aidan O'Shea from Mayo is footballer of the year,this is what we are dealing with when we talk about individual awards,so take no notice.
Probably the same 'experts' that decided that the great John Galvin was never good enough for an All-Star.
I rest my case.!!

hamstring (Limerick) - Posts: 314 - 25/09/2015 11:35:28    1792244