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Replying To Champotime18:  "Some serious talent coming through in this county now. Leitrim will be a very exciting team in the next couple of years. Prob will be dominated by st Mary's and fenagh players. I'd say there is 7 or 8 18-20 year olds as good as any in the province. Add in your Ryan o Rourkes, mark plunkett, Keith Beirne, Darragh Rooney, Killian McGlion, Caleb Duffy, Donal wrynne, Jack gilheanney, Jack Heslin, Conor Dolan, id say none of them are much older than 25 or 26. The future is bright in this county if we can keep all them lads playing county football"
Serious talent is right, we can be a match for anyone in Connacht if we keep them together and let's hope we can. Let's start off this by showing what we can do Sunday. I was talking to a few people from different counties over the last couple days and they will all be cheering for us Sunday, everyone from outside Leitrim wants to see us do well.

Jayo1908 (Leitrim) - Posts: 16 - 28/10/2020 15:34:16    2302531


Any predictions on the outstanding finals from last year being played this weekend? have the teams managed to keep their panels together or have players left/retired? Cloone conceding a league game must be a concern

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