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Derry v Tyrone

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Should have won this game after a stirring comeback from 7pts down,a little bit of composure on the ball/ deja vous/cavan last year we could have won it.slack kick passing, keeper error,all contributed to tyrones lead.All in all happy enough hope we can gt 6pts to stay up.Great to see the doc back, sean leo plyin well also allot to work on.

93vintageyear (Derry) - Posts: 301 - 02/02/2014 15:45:46    1539948


just in case a few of ye hard heading down, a lot of talk here that game will be moved to Killarney..

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 4700 - 03/02/2014 21:25:36    1540985


Keep us posted on this, Horsebox, if you would. I know of a few people talking about heading down and there is one man trying to organise a bus at the minute, so any information about a change in venue would be useful - it's a long way down to Kerry to be missing the match by landing at the wrong ground!

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 04/02/2014 15:30:56    1541287


ah it will be well advertised but yes I will post here it is confirmed

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 4700 - 04/02/2014 21:02:34    1541559


Ya I was right, Game moved to Killarney same time at 13:30 but on in Fitzgeralds Statium

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 4700 - 06/02/2014 12:49:47    1542176


Aye, Horsebox, I see the story on this site. At the time you first posted there was no intimation in this neck of the woods about the venue change, which is why I asked you to keep us informed. Sure we'll see ye all in Killarney on Sunday, so. Cheers.

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 06/02/2014 20:46:24    1542513


no bother doiregael2, safe journey down

Horsebox77 (Kerry) - Posts: 4700 - 06/02/2014 20:58:40    1542520


Difficult place to go and get 2 points. But there is something about this Derry team at the minute.

Lost narrowly in McKenna cup against Tyrone, and should have beat them in Celtic park last week. Derry are growing as a team, growing in confidence and belief.

GaryMc82 (Derry) - Posts: 3005 - 07/02/2014 12:59:45    1542719