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The Derry county boards ineptitude can even now be summed up by their tweets on twitter. While Derry club fans received a meagre 2 tweets on the score of the weekends biggest championship match between Ballinderry (the champs) and Glenullin us fans were regularly getting blow by blow account of what was happening in a Wicklow camogie Junior championship 1/4 final game (not to mention hundreds of other games). Then to cap it all they tweet the 'dates' for the remainder of the championship. 'Qualifiers Thursday the 30th'. Thursday is the 29th!!!'Quarter finals Sunday 7th Sept'. Sunday is the 8th!!!These small matters sum up why we are a million miles away from the other counties in Ireland when you have rank amateurism running through our county board. We wonder why we are watching our slightly above average neighbours in an All Ireland semi final while we are patting Brian McIvor on being dumped out of the championship by a division 3 team. Its time to do something quick before its too late. Ps many thanks to the Ballinscreen tweeter who kept us updated continuously with the score in the Screen Coleraine game.

paddyokane (Longford) - Posts: 69 - 19/08/2013 10:42:59    1463668


I'm not on twitter, nor have I any future plans to open an account on it. But I can understand how frustrating it is when your waiting on club match update's and get everything else apart from what you should be getting.

I strongly disagree with your take on Brian McIvor, and also your reference that our neighbours Tyrone are slightly above average.
Tyrone are among the top 4 or 5 sides in the country this year, as an All Ireland SF and League runners up would suggest.

I would like to see Paddy Bradley back playing for Derry, and I would also like to see the half back line and midfield pushing for scores in waves like other top sides. Initially I was happy to see other players given a chance ahead of Paddy, as I felt Derry relied too much on Paddy Bradley in 2012. But to really push on, Derry need their very best players involved.

But I'm happy with the overall progress Brian McIvor has made in season 1. This should not be about quick achievement's, It should be about building a strong core team that will be the backbone of Derry for the next 5-7 years.

GaryMc82 (Derry) - Posts: 3005 - 28/08/2013 19:50:01    1470498