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Lot of messages on Galway HS board saying Derry not a great team and that Galway can only be judged after facing Louth! Any truth in that, based on yesterday's performance?

hermann (Derry) - Posts: 170 - 04/02/2013 11:16:03    1328073


Hermann do you expect anything different, of course they are not going to talk up Derry.

If the truth be told the difference in the two teams was Michael Meehan, he had an excellent game and everything good that Galway did went through him. Derry out scored Galway in the 2nd half by 00-11 to 1-07 so in my reckoning Derry lost the game in the first 20minutes of the 1st half. We had five players making their league debut and throw in the fact that we were playing Galway away in Salthill is by no means an easy fixtures.

This is very much a work in progress and the team wil develop the more games they play together, not all negative.

OakGael (Derry) - Posts: 293 - 04/02/2013 13:03:37    1328198


Any stand out debutants for you,s OakGael...

DUB1 (Dublin) - Posts: 5583 - 04/02/2013 14:24:41    1328301


Thought young Ryan Bell had a decent debut going to be a good prospect,first 20 mins cost us the game fought bravely in the 2nd half but came up short,had 3 good scoring chances to level the game with abt 15 mins to go.If we can start the game v laois quicker and sharper we can get a result but laois are better than galway and have give us a few beatings b4.

93vintageyear (Derry) - Posts: 301 - 04/02/2013 15:12:51    1328348


Very hard to say after yesterday, the pitch was very heavy and some of the players played well below their capabilities. Ryan Bell looks like he will be a very good player, another one is young Heavron, good talent and showed glimpses of his ability yesterday. I think as the league progress and other players get a chance I will be better placed to give you an answer. Some good talent in the squad of 40 but some of them didn't even make the bench yesterday so I think Brian is going to ease players in gently. Was very disappointed with the performances of our seasoned players yesterday but not going to name names.

OakGael (Derry) - Posts: 293 - 04/02/2013 16:00:41    1328406


hermann let them chat away, bad and all as they think derry might have been, still took a ridiculously fluky goal to separate the sides in the end.

look derry started very poorly and no doubt over the 70mins galway were the better side but we certainly came into as the game went on and it will be interesting to see how the lads respond against laois. the introduction of gerard o'kane and barry mcgoldrick seemed to improve things and would be shocked if they aren't in from the start this sunday. ryan bell for a lad out of minors was very positive, uses the ball really well. PJ McCloskey is also standing out at the minutes for his scores from midfield, something that derry have lacked for sometime.

Laois are a tricky outfit and derry have got a very tough start because I think Galway and Laois could be the two teams going up, but its vital we get something out of the game, not only points on the board but more importantly morale.

unclederry (Derry) - Posts: 67 - 04/02/2013 19:17:13    1328586


Agree with pretty much everything said on here so far. Derry were very sluggish and careless in the first half but really lifted their game in the second half and played some good football in the process. Michael Meehan is a great player and it was a pleasure to watch him play; he made the difference for Galway, he kept them ticking over on the scoreboard and gave them an outlet in periods when Derry were dominant everywhere else on the pitch. Of the newer players for Derry, I thought Ryan Bell looked very promising as already mentioned and Danny Heavron really looked the part at times as a creative and intelligent playmaker. Mostly, I thought Derry's improvement in the second half was down to a general increase in urgency and purpose and Sean Leo McGoldrick deserves a mention for the amount of breaking ball he won and his tireless workrate. What is also encouraging so far is that McIver has not been afraid to make changes when things aren't working and that any changes he makes seem to be for the better.

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 06/02/2013 18:00:39    1329671


doiregael , in my opinion young ferris was roasted , not right to judge him yet maybe, but a lot of scores came from his mistakes.. and he finished the game while c mc williams was subbed..

bonzo111 (Derry) - Posts: 190 - 06/02/2013 19:46:38    1329743


how did paddy bradley play.?

summerhilllad (Meath) - Posts: 34 - 07/02/2013 11:09:27    1329885


Looks like its going to be another miserable year for derry football, looks like a team that doesnt have the know how to win a game!

Stone_Circles (Derry) - Posts: 78 - 07/02/2013 14:46:25    1330071


bonzo, I take your point to some extent, young Ferris was badly caught out on a couple of occasions. At the same time, I think young lads deserve some sort of chance to learn from mistakes they make when starting off (that goes for McWilliams as well) and I would try not to be too harsh on them first day out. The other side of that coin, however, is that if they keep making the same mistakes if given another chance, it's time to pull the plug then.
What is clear from last Sunday is that Derry's full-back line needs to tighten up considerably for the Laois game. Whether the issue is personnel chosen to play there or more cover being provided by the boys playing in front of them or a mixture of both these things, Derry need to do a bit of sorting out before next Sunday. Laois are a big, physical side and will likely park Kingston and Clancy (six foot four or more apiece) in around the square. I would expect a fair degree of aeriel bombardment from the start - it's what I would do if I were Justin McNulty. At the same time, Brian McIver is going to be well aware of this and will plan accordingly, I'm sure. This is a big game for Derry, a win over Laois would be a big confidence booster at this stage of the season but they are going to need to get stuck in from the start - I see on this site that McNulty says he is expecting a 'battle' on Sunday, which to my mind is code for him believing that Laois will come to Celtic Park and outmuscle a young Derry team.
So, not an inch backwards on Sunday, boys, don't be bullied in your own backyard, show them the thrashing they gave us two years ago was a fluke, Doir Abú!

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 07/02/2013 17:39:03    1330188


Doiregael did u see the team for sunday , a repeat result if that team starts. back to 90% of the dead wood again , and men that have proved they are not up to co football, been tried before by many managers , forget about them , if we want to be winners.. where has mc atamney gone ?? for christ sake let the young newcomers play , heavron, mc atamney , heron, mc williams , philip bradley , kennedy . were looking seriously like division three , may as well go down with new lads blooded, then some day have a decent side.. really hope im wrong but cant see anything other than 6 pt defeat. had we even got 50 people in salthill . celtic pk will be like a housefull of dummys come sat night, our support just sits there and looks 4 faults to cry about all week , they dont make home advantage count at all.. im scared what might happen come sunday, but ill be there to support the men that i believe are not good enough to be winners.. and i know you will too...

bonzo111 (Derry) - Posts: 190 - 08/02/2013 13:50:19    1330559


Just saw the team this evening when I got back from work and I was glad to see Chrissy McKaigue at full-back - I know it's maybe not his ideal position but he did a good job there last year when he was needed and was one of the very few Derry players who emerged from a dismal season with any credit. I agree with you, Bonzo, that a few more of the young players should be starting. Personally, I would have McAtamney, Heavron and Kennedy playing because all three of those have shown very well so far this season and I can easily think of three that they could replace who haven't played as well in earlier matches and who have also had plenty of opportunities in the past. If nothing else, I think these boys or the others you suggest would gain valuable experience in what is likely to be a tough contest for Derry. There is of course an argument that more experienced heads will be needed against a physically powerful Laois outfit who will arrive full of confidence and I certainly wouldn't disagree with bringing in Barry McGoldrick and Emmett McGuckin, for instance, but I would still liked to have seen a couple more of the younger men getting a chance. It may well be that McIver intends using a few of these lads off the bench as the game progresses and opens up a bit. I hope so.

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 08/02/2013 21:58:28    1330798


how did paddy bradley do the first two league games

royalflyer (Meath) - Posts: 36 - 21/02/2013 16:54:10    1337393


Paddy is still out with a cruciate injury. The talk is that he hopes to be back around the end of the league or maybe the start of the championship. Eoin has been showing pretty well so far, if maybe not quite at his very best as yet.

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 21/02/2013 20:47:02    1337570