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Qualifer draw

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Without getting ahead of ourselves, this is a game we can come through. Waterford gave cork a scare last week so hopefully complacency will not be an issue. Time to knuckle down and try and get the younger players some championship game time and play a bit of expansive football getting Danny Tallon & young McGuigan some quality ball.

Can someone answer me this as its been confusing in recent years as we drew Down again in the back door after playing in first round, but last year had we beat Tipp we would have had to play Kerry as they had already met Clare in Munster? So basically we can get one of the following Kildare/Meath, Galway/Mayo, Tipp/Cork of Tyrone/Donegal. Can we draw Tyrone if we win and they get beat next week?

This_Year (Derry) - Posts: 105 - 06/06/2017 11:30:04    1995467


The draw is a no win situation for Barton&Co. If they win it will be expected Div2(Ex) against Div4(Current).
The only certainty is if they lose it will be the end of the road for the current management team regardless of supposedly another year left on his tenure. I was under the impression his tenure was for two years only.

HJ (Derry) - Posts: 8 - 06/06/2017 15:58:58    1995709