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Date: Sunday 4th Nov 2012
Ulster Club Intermediate Football Championship 2012 Quarter Final Warrenpoint 5-8 v Teemore Shamrocks 0-11
Ulster Club Senior Football Championship 2012 Quarter Final Tempo Maguires 0-9 v Naomh Gall 1-15
shame on them both!
our reps in the ulsters were kicked out today at the first hurdle. tis year fermanagh have possibly the worse teams ever intermediate and senior county champions. teemore were never going to get anything and tempo has been proved to be not the 'ture' senior champs as given different cirmstances skea would have been the strongest.

Coa_gael (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1164 - 04/11/2012 17:25:46    1292443


As I said last Wednesday the bookies were take a lot of money on the out siders M bridge to beat St. Pats in the Div 2 semi final Looks like the bookies will be paying out!!

gola (Fermanagh) - Posts: 305 - 04/11/2012 17:46:48    1292458


Tempo were just a two-man show with StGalls being to strong according to the Impartial Reporter. A poor effort against essentially against hurling bred team :)

Impatial Reporter reads

"Tempo 0-09; St. Gall's 1-15

St. Gall's proved too strong for Tempo today at Brewster Park as the Antrim champions booked their place in the Ulster Club semi-final with a comprehensive 1-15 to 0-09 victory over John McElroy's outfit.
The damage was done by the Belfast outfit in the first half as they completely dominated matters to lead 1-12 to 0-03 at the break.

And although Tempo showed improvement in the second half they never looked like threatening a St. Gall's side who will have their eyes firmly set on Ulster success.

St. Gall's came flying out of the blocks as they controlled things around the middle third and by the seventh minute they had raced into a 0-04 to 0-00 advantage.

Kevin Niblock opened the scoring and this was followed by a brace from CJ McGourty, one a free, and a point from defender Mark Kelly.

Tempo did get off the mark when Ciaran McElroy rattled over a point with seven minutes on the clock but the Maguires were playing second fiddle, and worryingly for the Fermanagh champions, St. Gall's were finding far too much space as they picked off scores at their ease.

Sean Kelly clipped over a point before CJ McGourty landed a fine effort from the left. And Terry O'Neill and Kevin McGourty continued the onslaught before Kieran McGourty, Niblock, Sean Burke and Kevin McGourty again added to Tempo's woes as St. Gall's moved 1-12 to 0-01 ahead by the 23rd minute.

Kevin McGourty, who was an influential figure in the opening period as he won a lot of ball as well as kicking two points, was to play no further part in the contest after coming off due to injury and Daryl Keenan was then to land Tempo's second point from a free.

However, St. Gall's remained on top and Aodhan Gallagher punished a mistake by substitute Tommy Dunne as he drilled a low shot soccer style to the corner of the net in the 29th minute before Keenan rounded things off in the first half with a point from a free.

Tempo were much more competitive in the second half and they rattled over three points in as many minutes at the start of the half with Ciaran McElroy, who was one of the Maguires better performers, registering two while Thomas Campbell also chipped in with one.

Sean Burke drove forward to reply for St. Gall's but Daryl Keenan notched a further Tempo point to leave it 1-13 to 0-07.

Karl Stewart and Daryl Keenan then swapped points and when Michael Pollock fired over for St. Gall's he became their 11th different scorer in the encounter.

Tempo continued to plug away over the remainder of the contest and McElroy banged over his fourth point from play but this was to prove a sharp lesson for Tempo in Ulster Club football and one that they will hope to learn from in the coming years.

S. Jackson, J. Gilmurray, A. Breen, R. Foy, C. Foy, D. Kelly, PJ Rogers, N. McElroy, N. Rogers, C. Meehan, C. McElroy (0-04), R. Bogue, D. Keenan (0-04, 3f), T. Campbell (0-01), R. Keenan.
Subs: T. Dunne for PJ Rogers, R. Ingram for C. Meehan, D. Campbell for J. Gilmurray. "

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 04/11/2012 18:17:30    1292484


Is that from the same coa gael who were blown away by teemore in the final - bit rich to now be running down the shamrocks.
Tempo game over at half time.
disappointing and its now been 10 yrs since our club teams have progressed - is there something wrong with the psyche of the fermanagh club players???

high.catch (UK) - Posts: 153 - 04/11/2012 18:18:16    1292485


Id love ta see St.galls hurling team in action they must be a serious outfit!

Love_Leckers (Fermanagh) - Posts: 342 - 04/11/2012 19:20:25    1292537


Since these teams were representing our county at provincial level should they not be 'hauled over the coals' by the county board for their pathetic performances?

In my day you got no sympathic pats on the back for losing but an earful from your manager and followers. This softly softly approach is not working and if they take on the challenge in the Ulster club c'ships they should at least make a good effort.

I was at Brewster Park for the Tempo v St Galls game, therefore I can speak with authority on what I seen and it wasn't what would be expected of our county champions. About three Tempo players put up an effort but after the interval it was embarrassing to watch with dreadful mistakes, useless short passing and lack of speed left the Fermanagh men a bit of a laughingstock like Belnaleck or other lower level teams in the county.

I would welcome a county board investigation into todays pitful state of football by both Tempo and Teemore and quiz the respective managers and captains as to why they tarnished the image of Fermanagh football even worse than it is.

Very, very disappointing all round.

YesterdaysMan (Fermanagh) - Posts: 732 - 04/11/2012 19:49:45    1292562


Haha if you want Tempo and Teemore to be called to account for their display, what should happen all the Teams that didn't win the championship in Fermanagh ?
The usual stuff , coming from the usual posters , from unsuccesful clubs. Once again focus on your own clubs and win something then talk.

Was at Enniskillen as well, St Galls are a quality team so will drilled and will defently make the Ulster Final at the least this year. Tempo never started in the first half or more accurately, they were not allowed to start. Made a game of it in the second half and played some good football. Can't see any Fermanagh team progressing in Ulster unless they win 2/3 Fermanagh championships back to back and gain the experience. Just goes to show in fact what a great job Skea did a few years ago. The league final should be a good game next week and can see Skea perhaps shading it after this weekend's result.

FSFC (Fermanagh) - Posts: 3 - 05/11/2012 11:35:42    1292761


Ignoring the usual deluded people, I doubt anybody seriously believed Tempo had any real chance against St Galls. Fermanagh club football is not of any real standard, and it was always going to be impossible to go from playing the likes of Lisnaskea or Belcoo to playing one of the best clubs in Ireland and recent All Ireland champions.

Its the same every year, and will stay the same until Fermanagh gets a properly competitive local club scene. Its not just Tempo, its all the clubs sucking each other down to the current rubbish level. Unfortunately the small number of clubs in the county might mean that standards never improve.

Steve (Fermanagh) - Posts: 292 - 05/11/2012 13:52:04    1292881


Who won this years SFL?

Know Teemore won the IFC, was there any Junior championship in Fermanagh this year? If so, who were the outright winners?

truagh_to_form1 (Monaghan) - Posts: 46 - 05/11/2012 14:28:55    1292905


01/10/2012 13:20:37
County: Fermanagh
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There appears to be a lot of concern about how Tempo took the senior championship title and rightly so.

Witnessing the final at first hand, I neither am impressed or optimistic for Tempo's future in the Ulster Club Championship.

The first half was the better and after that. Tempo looked good but that's because Skea lost the will to win but I believe in different circumstances they would have walked this final easily.

Tempo next outing against St Galls will be a more testing affair and that will be the litmus test if they are as good as high.catch and other redneck supporters believe. Let's get real here, Antrim are known for their hurling success and not football. For posters to suddenly elevate St Galls achievements as great should bear in mind the poor quality of gaelic football in that county.

If, as expected, Tempo tumble at the first hurdle in the Ulsters, then they will have let their county down and weren't really the better representatives to go through at this time

Shame and humiliation come to mind!

I told you so!!!

IrvinestownMkII (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1384 - 05/11/2012 15:11:32    1292931


06/11/2012 oil.beef.hooked
County: Tyrone
1293736 The performance of Tempo and Teemore in the Ulster senior and intermediate club championships last Sunday were an embarrassment. Club football in Fermanagh must be the worst in Ulster at the moment and there are no signs of it improving. Tempo's game against St Galls was over as a contest after 15 minutes and Teemore conceded five goals when they were soundly beaten by Warrenpoint. What must be worrying is that Teemore won the Fermanagh intermediate championship easily and last year they only lost the senior final by one point. It does say a lot for Fermanagh that such a team can't come close to a team nobody is really tipping to win the Ulster intermediate club championship. So is it now time for the county board in Fermanagh to ask the Ulster council that because clubs in Fermanagh cannot compete at the same level as their counterparts in the rest of the province that next year whoever wins the senior football championship in Fermanagh takes part in the Ulster intermediate championship and the team that wins the Fermanagh intermediate championship plays in the junior championship in Ulster? At least then both Fermanagh clubs can go into Ulster competition knowing they have a chance of being able to win games and not be as good as a bye for any team they are drawn against? It could help bring back some confidence to football in Fermanagh so in a few years time when they are ready they can go back to playing in the Ulster senior championship and be competitive again. Lisbellaws win in the Ulster intermediate hurling championship show that club hurling in Fermanagh is on the up but its going the other way for club football. This is not a windup by the way, it is a serious post.

County: Fermanagh
1293786 Ulster Club Senior Football Championship 2010 Quarter Final Clontibret O'Neills 0-9 v Naomh Conaill 2-11 Sunday 7th Nov 2010 8pt margin
Ulster Club Senior Football Championship 2010 Quarter Final Burren 1-12 v Coleraine 0-5 10pt margin
Ulster Club Senior Football Championship 2012 First Round Mullahoran 1-7 v Errigal Ciaran 4-15 15 pt margin.
Ulster Club Senior Football Championship 2012 Quarter Final Tempo Maguires 0-9 v Naomh Gall 1-15 9 pt margin (stats from ulster gaa.ie)
Using your pompous logic Senior championship winning teams from Monaghan, Cavan, Derry, Fermanagh shouldn't bother entering if thats the case.
The Ulster club scene is dominated by a couple of clubs, just as the county scene is dominated by a few counties both at provincial and national level.
when a first time county winner hits a an experienced ulster club team there really is only result on the cards. Don't judge Tempo or any of these other teams on an occasional foray in Ulster.
If we all took your line of thinking sure whats the point in bothering, sure we will just leave the antrim/armagh/tyrone clubs to it and the rest of us will play in a subsidary competition and never get any better. Brilliant eh!
If you are the best in your county you deserve to play the best in ulster at that level, and if you achieve that consistently then you will starting getting results in ulster and so the team and club develops and progreses.
And by the way only last year 2011 a Fermanagh Club, Lisnaskea Emmetts won, yes WON the All Ireland Intermediate Title, after winning Ulster at the end of 2010.
Hardly embarassing!

i brought this in here as this is the main discussion page on the issue of tempo and teemore's performance in the ulsters.
oil.beef.hooked probably another of macca999s usernams, has some cheek proposing that fermanagh clubs be excluded from ulster participation in the ulsters. he should ask himself which is the more important participation or glory of success?

erneboy (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1301 - 07/11/2012 12:17:31    1293950



curlyfinger, my "pompous logic" takes into account the strength of club football all round in each county at senior, intermediate and junior levels. Not just a few cherry picked results.

Most counties in Ulster are pretty competitive in at least one championship grade e.g Tyrone and Monaghan in intermediate and Junior, Armagh and Derry in Senior etc. But Fermanagh is just poor at senior and intermediate levels and don't bother entering a team for junior. Other counties their club reps are competitive on at least one championship level, Fermanaghs reps are just poor across the board.

Lets not kid ourselves about the Tempo v St Galls result. It was over after 20 mins. St Galls went back into 1st gear after this, could have beaten Tempo by 29 points but putting the effort into racking up such a winning margin was pointless when bigger challenges lie ahead. No ground needs to be gone over again with Teemore.

By the way, Lisnaskeas wins in the ulster and all ireland intermediate championship strengthen my point. At the time they were if not the best club team in Fermanagh definitely in the top three. How many clubs that win their provincial intermediate championship would also be in a division 1 league final the same season? Imagine Dromore, Omagh or Clonoe representing Tyrone in the ulster intermediate championship? it would not be funny. It was not as if Lisnaskea hammered any team in the ulster or all ireland games either, they were made to work for their wins. Derrylaughan that same year won their quarter final before losing their semi final to a better team. That's championship football. The previous season Cookstown, the Tyrone intermediate champions, won the ulster and All Ireland titles.

Time to face facts. The standard of club football in Fermanagh is a joke. The last time a Fermanagh club won a game in the Ulster senior club championship was Enniskillen Gaels about a decade ago. Over the last few years Fermanaghs reps in this competition have had anything from being close but not enough to being hammered. As an observer of club football in Fermanagh and Tyrone, senior football in Tyrone isn't the highest standard in Ulster but it is far better than that in Fermanagh. In fact I would say that senior club football in Fermanagh is about the same level as intermediate football in Tyrone and three or four other counties in Ulster. Intermediate club football in Fermanagh with odd exceptions like Lisnaskea and Teemore is woeful, many of the teams there would not be in contention for the junior club title in Tyrone.

It is time to face reality. There is no point in Fermanagh having their club sides enter Ulster championships if all they are going to be are glorified practice matches for their opponents. Lisnaskeas all Ireland intermediate win shows the level club football in the county stands against its peers and other than for the Lisnaskea club itself that is not in fact a good thing for Fermanagh. Dropping down to compete only in the Ulster intermediate and junior club championships, like Kilkenny do in Leinster, for a couple of seasons at least would do no harm at all and help build confidence for clubs in Fermanagh in future years.

macca999 or not macca999...you decide.

We all knew he has little interest in club football as compared with intercounty football where he also follows Monaghan, Tyrone, Kerry and Mayo to name a few. I do not want to give any support to his proposal to downgrade club football associated with our county.

Ok we had a terrible teams representing at the weekend but there are better teams inFermanagh that would have done a better job.

Let oil.beef.hooked alias macca999 concentrate on his own Newtown club who find themselves demoted for the forseeable future.

IrvinestownMkII (Fermanagh) - Posts: 1384 - 07/11/2012 19:44:43    1294349


08/11/2012 15:00:46
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1294762 Look at the winner table for the Ulster Club Championship. Throughout it's history is has been won by the same club usually on Multiple occassions. Clan a gael 3 in a row, Burren 3 in a row and 2 in row , Scotstown 3 in a row and lets not for get about Crosmaglen. Then when teams don't win multiple times its is dominated by teams from a county. One year Bellagy, then Ballinderry etc.
Enniskillen Gaels competed well in the late 90's early 00's. Throughout the history of the Ulster club the competitive nature of the competition has changed in cycles. Also reme,ber that St Gall's were All Ireland champions only two years ago. This Tempo team was very young so there defeat is not a huge shock, but if they stick at it, then the club will only move forward and be more competitive next year. One thig is for certain. Fermanagh will have a representation in the competition next year

what a pointless debate!

cillnaile. (Fermanagh) - Posts: 960 - 08/11/2012 15:29:39    1294801