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5,000 derry fan's thats a bit ambitious be closer to 2,000 derry fans, there where 5,500 fans in total at our home game against fermanagh and half of those where from fermanagh. I think all the talking is done its time to do it on the pitch tomorrow. I wish good luck to John Brennan and all the boys tomorrow i.m thinking a nail bitter lol

brolly_4_pres (Derry) - Posts: 356 - 18/06/2011 14:23:09    959478


I'm going down :) Can't wait, I reckon there might be a good amount down as its a semi final, all the glory hunters and those with no knowledge of the games at all may suddenly appear as its a semi final, But the distance to is a factor. We'll see tomorrow, Best of luck to Brennan and the boys, Go break a leg... Not literally hehe

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 18/06/2011 15:02:10    959507


Yeah, can't see more than 3000 Derry supporters travelling down, bearing in mind it's live on RTE and BBC. Would expect a big Armagh support as they have a big support anyway, its just a short trip down the road, and are more expectant of a win. I'll be going to Clones to support the lads and hopefully they will prove all the critics wrong, especially those within our own county. C'mon the Oak Leaf Boys!

topcat1 (Derry) - Posts: 25 - 18/06/2011 15:13:51    959517


wel done lads great win, best if luck in Ulster Final...

richkid (Cavan) - Posts: 95 - 19/06/2011 16:05:25    960213


It was a great free flowing game of football at the start it was all Derry. 1-8 to 0-6 at half time and Armagh hopes were very much down but a great goal by Michael O' Rourke and there was only two points in it Derry started to pull away again and what finally finished Armagh of was a great goal by who I would say the man of the match Eoin Bradley.

haz (Dublin) - Posts: 213 - 19/06/2011 16:45:28    960254


Well done to Derry today. Yous have an excellent manager and yous are playing great football. Enjoy your day out in the Ulster Final, its been a long time coming! Poor Derry support at the game today (no change there), fair weather supporters will be out looking tickets for the Final im sure.

MourneArmy (Down) - Posts: 1787 - 19/06/2011 17:43:33    960318


Well done Derry today, great all-round performance - Bradley was amazing. No gloating from J Burns on BBC today i see lol

Downeverafter (Down) - Posts: 10 - 19/06/2011 19:33:57    960410


only home from clones,great day for all true derry gaels team was magnificent gilligan bradley muldoon i could go on played well,j brennan as manager shows how 2 man manage a team.the only regret is he should have got the managers job sooner. Derry also without a host of star names g okane p bradley doc,derry always had the players but missing something extra ie coleman or jB .

93vintageyear (Derry) - Posts: 301 - 19/06/2011 20:12:00    960447


14/06/2011 21:06:50
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956615 Derry will win this match no bother.

Armagh are being hyped up on the basis of beating a vastly overrated Down team.

Derry have far better forwards than Armagh and will win handy enough.

As you can see above, today's result came as no surprise to me. a very profitable days betting indeed.

Legendary_Lad (Derry) - Posts: 10 - 19/06/2011 20:12:49    960449


Well done lads, at last an Ulster Final!!

doire abu (Derry) - Posts: 540 - 19/06/2011 20:29:04    960469


the big question is do you put okane straight back into it ???? bradle , mcguckian , kielt , lynch , devlin , friel , mcgoldrick , lynch , gilligan , bradley all savage today , great game evryones so happy for derry as theyve go to the final playing scintillating football , bradley has destroyed some of the best markers in the game over the last couple of weeks in owens , donaghy , mallon , mckeever.........hes better without paddy and i feel hes a better all round player then paddy , what a great day for derry supporters , derry v tyrone/donegal will be a great ulster final , all down to brennan i feel

stekhli (Dublin) - Posts: 3116 - 19/06/2011 20:56:37    960496


that one of the best games ive seen in ulster so far ,and derry so far look to be on another level,not sure what tyrone will be like but it all points to tyrone v derry final which would be a great pairing and a final i would love to see ,fair play to yous and best of luck for the ulster final,looking forward to watching your next game i dont think derry will be wrote off as quick again.

bisto kid (Cavan) - Posts: 492 - 19/06/2011 21:17:01    960521


home from clones i'm still buzzing on a high waited 11 years for this, as they say you have to experience the lows to enjoy the highs like today. I know nothing is won and no trophy was handed out today but a real monkey was lifted off our backs with the semi final woo-do, we played with pride and passion im looking forward to the 17th of july. Go out and wear your Derry colours in the street with pride. Doire abu!

brolly_4_pres (Derry) - Posts: 356 - 19/06/2011 21:30:44    960548


well done to derry today...a totally deserving win and another performance like that will win the anglo celt regardless of who you meet in the final...again well done enjoy the final and best of luck!

orchardman (Armagh) - Posts: 158 - 19/06/2011 21:55:18    960574


Well done to the Derry boys today who gave it their all for the whole 70 minutes and it clearly paid off! Can't wait for the final, Wait til you see all the 'fans' coming out of the woodwork once Derry is getting somewhere, typical... :\ Well pleased with the result today, Even made an appearance on the Sunday game but sure thats neither here nor there, Best of Luck Derry in the weeks ahead :D DOIRE ABU!

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 19/06/2011 21:57:39    960576


Big pat on the back for Orlaith for being there all year, a real martyr to the cause. The rest of us gloryhunters really are unworthy of sharing the same venue as her for the final. Lets hope she takes into account affordability, club commitments (senior and underage), family commitments etc when judging us from her pedestal.

idirandalinn (Donegal) - Posts: 155 - 20/06/2011 09:55:17    960632


well done lads great to watch fast football and going out to play your game and not trying to stop the other team at all cost.

redonion (Down) - Posts: 180 - 20/06/2011 11:05:28    960702


I dont really like Derry they sometimes play horrible football but yesterday was a great performence and eoin bradley if he keeps playing like this he is certain to get an all star.If this time last year derry were in the ulster final id want tyrone to win but i really want to see a donegal derry ulster final id be neutral to who i want to win bu t it would be good if Derry caused a massive shock

haz (Dublin) - Posts: 213 - 20/06/2011 11:24:56    960724


I was reading the Irish news earlier, and the article on Brennan talking after the game (p62) were he says 'maybe we're a lot better than Down, I think we are anyway'. Although i don't agree that Derry are better than Down, these are the sort of messages he would be sending to his players. I reckon the players think their the best in Ireland, and thats what you want. Its not arrogance, its good management. Its extremely difficult to beat a team which believes in there own ability and a team with players that truly believe they can beat anyone. I predict a long summer for Derry!

MourneArmy (Down) - Posts: 1787 - 20/06/2011 12:09:46    960778


Congrats to Derry yesterday. Think this team is starting to develop character. The response to the Armagh goal was the turning point for me - if ever a point cancelled out a goal, that score from Charlie Kielt(?) was the one. What was the feeling among the Derry fans in the ground after the Armagh goal went in - "here we go again" or "no bother, we will still do this"?

Another big moment was when Skinner was getting lassooed for a good 20 seconds and never even reacted.

Flight booked for the 17th. Looking forward to it.

hermann (Derry) - Posts: 170 - 20/06/2011 12:39:40    960810