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Congratulations to Coleraine. They played some great football, although they missed a pile of chances in the first half. The Eoghan Rua forwards, in particular, had too much pace for Ballinderry to handle and I thought Barry McGoldrick was absolutely brilliant today, he ran the match for Coleraine. If they keep playing like that they have no reason to fear any team in Ulster - to come into their first ever senior final and outplay what is still a fine Ballinderry team is a great achievement.

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 03/10/2010 20:44:11    789459


Congratulations to Eoghan Rua Coleraine on winning their 1st Senior Championship. I thought the second half was excellent some great football from both sides. The players that stood out for Coleraine were, Holly, the 3 McGoldricks and my man of the match just ahead of Barry McGoldrick was Declan Mullan. Declan Mullan was a constant threat with his direct running and pace and I think he will feature heavily for Derry in the coming years. It just goes to show that to win in moderm Gaelic Football you need pace and Coleraine had it all over the pitch today. Ballinderry are no soft team but their lack of pace in defence today cost them the match. Big Niall McCusker didn't look match fit and the loss of Kevin McGuckin was a blow. But let's take nothing away from a good final played in a competitive manner and on the day I think Coleraine deserved their victory.

Best of luck to Eoghan Rua.

OakGael (Derry) - Posts: 293 - 03/10/2010 21:14:04    789490


Well Done Colraine, I wish all the loosing teams the best of luck next year too. Its tough loosing a match never mind loosing a final but head up and go again!

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 03/10/2010 21:59:15    789539


congratulations coleraine. massive of luck in ulster

LE20 (Fermanagh) - Posts: 210 - 04/10/2010 14:36:49    789813


Congratulations to Coleraine, Castledawson and Ardmore.

With regards to the poster referring to the referee in the Intermediate game, it is not the first time the referee in question has had a controversial game with us, and the county board is well aware of this. Unfortunately being a city club means that you have more than the opposition to contend with on many occassions as some people for one reason or the other want to delay our progress. Saying that however fair play to Castledawson, they kept their cool and took the two points at the end very well.

I wish all the teams all the best in Ulster

Derry_ledd (Derry) - Posts: 2093 - 04/10/2010 16:15:17    789872


Regarding that ref, Derry_Ledd, I'm originally from the city myself and ran into a few people I know on Saturday evening who are involved with or support Steelstown regularly and I got the same story from all of them (as well as from the many Steelstown fans I was sitting amongst). These are all reasonable people, not the type of one-eyed wingnuts who blame the ref for every decision or result that goes against their own team. Furthermore, every one of them was more than gracious in congratulating Castledawson on their victory. Indeed, the support that Steelstown brought to the game was a credit to all involved with the club and created a great atmosphere; it was particularly good to see so many young people there heartily cheering for their team. But going back to the officiating, even my ten-year-old (innocent, unbiased, plays a bit of under 10s in Donegal) could not believe what was going on. As I have said before, I really don't like commenting on officials, all of us are human and God knows make plenty of mistakes of our own but that level of unfairness cannot be ignored. I preach to my own wee lad to respect the ref, to win or lose with grace, not to whinge about decisions, to get on with it and play the next ball, but attitudes of fair play and sportsmanship have to be apparent in officialdom as well.

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 04/10/2010 18:11:15    789960


In all my yapping here, I forgot to mention that, along with everyone else I'm sure, I would like to send best wishes to Declan Bell for a speedy and full recovery from what looked to be a nasty injury. It's never nice to see an ambulance coming onto the pitch and it maybe reminds us too of the efforts and sacrifices made by the lads who provide us with the kind of spectacle of commitment and skill that we got at Celtic Park yesterday. Premiership and Ryder Cup me a**e!

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 04/10/2010 19:25:53    790033


Yep Well done Colraine best of luck in Ulster. Our wee fans are so cute. God I was like one of the wee wains on Saturday with my blue and yellow plait around my head! By the way did anyone notice the blue and yellow plaits on people? haha

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 04/10/2010 21:45:57    790176


Well done Coleraine! :)

doire abu (Derry) - Posts: 540 - 05/10/2010 09:21:37    790219


If my memory serves me right we do have a Colraine poster here, Dont we?

Orlaith (Derry) - Posts: 4282 - 05/10/2010 16:13:35    790581


Doire Gaels, i'd like to know your thoughts on, how Coleraines fantastic win will affect The county team...

Last year, i visited your county final and on the journey home I concluded that Damien Cassidy must have
been tearing his hair out. The two standout performers in the 09 final were JOhnny Mcbride & McFlynn -
two retired county men. I really felt that the well of talent in Derry had dried up.

Now this year I couldnt make the county final, i'd loved to have been there, however I honestly believe
Coleraines win will really benefit the county as a whole in the long term. They will be an inspiration to
all 'townie' clubs, all small rural clubs, clubs based in predominantly loyalist areas suffering persecution,
clubs which traditionally do not have a lot of success...

If you compare it to Downs break-through in 1991, winning Sam, it provided the spring board for Donegal & Derry
to follow suit. I honestly think Coleraines heroics will do the same in Derry. And as the standard of football in
Ulster increased in the 90's in Ulster - so to it will increase in Doire in the coming few years, as more clubs
BELIEVE in themselves and reach out for silverware.

I said this to a mate of mine on SUnday night, and he luaghed it off however by saying Coleraines win merely
emphasied how far the gaelic football has fallen in Doire. i.e if Bellaghy, Ballinderry, Lavey, Dungiven etc teams
were poor 'the year, then it will translate to a poor year for the county team...

I'd be keen to hear your thoughts...

redhandmacca (Tyrone) - Posts: 240 - 06/10/2010 08:07:31    790911


County: Derry
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790581 If my memory serves me right we do have a Colraine poster here, Dont we?

We sure do Orlaith! Up the Rua's, absolutely exstatic with our win!

Re; intermediate officiating, we have been on the recieving end of that particular refs whacky interpretation. He once moved a free forward for the opposing tema cos one of our players "thought" about mouthing back at him!

bosch (Derry) - Posts: 873 - 06/10/2010 15:44:17    791254


I'm with redhandmacca on this. Last year, The Loup's victory, for all its admirable qualities of grit and intelligence and so on, didn't exactly inspire a sense of optimism for the future of Derry football in general. This year, however, Coleraine won the county title with a young team full of pace, vigour and enthusiasm. Eoghan Ruas play a fast, attacking brand of football that is very good to watch and if they cut down a bit on their wastefulness in front of the posts I'm convinced they'll give any team in Ireland their fill of it. Like macca again, I believe the fact that Coleraine are a new power in Derry football might maybe shift the focus away from traditional rivalries that seem to hold back the county team.

doiregael2 (Derry) - Posts: 334 - 06/10/2010 21:23:59    791551


I was at the senior final last Sunday and was delighted to see Coleraine win their first title.That's not anti Ballinderry but it's just good to see a fresh team come along and shake it up a bit, it was worth the drive up over the glenshane.They should have won by more with at least 2 good goal chances in the first half and allowed the shamrocks back into it.They had some crowd on the pitch afterwards and Celtic park looked the business as well so well done to the grounds people.

northpole (Derry) - Posts: 739 - 07/10/2010 18:06:23    792117


Congrats Eoghan Rua on a historic victory as a Coleraine man living in Cavan for the last decade or so it gives me great pleasure to see how far the club has come. Keep up the hard work and who knows you could be looking at Ulster and all Ireland titles too.

seanniemc (Cavan) - Posts: 2 - 08/10/2010 09:53:30    792448