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I would love to know who put the under 16 football championship right in the middle of the Gcse exams ,he or she must not have any kids involved .These are probably the most important exams they will ever do and to put the championship in the middle is mad ,league you can probably get away with as the u15 can step in .My son has three exams on friday the day after and I am sure the majority of clubs will have the same problem with their kids .Put it of until September when we can all field a full team have a bit of sense .

mambo (Antrim) - Posts: 111 - 17/05/2013 10:18:06    1385533


Bad timing maybe, however its the same for A-levels and uni exams. Not just the u16 age group is being affected. I also hear there is to be a break coming up soon so possibly a step in the right direction

saffman (Antrim) - Posts: 21 - 17/05/2013 12:52:28    1385631


have to agree half our team was missing most had two or three exams today.

rman (Antrim) - Posts: 102 - 24/05/2013 13:39:41    1390493


Does this happen in places like Derry or Tyrone? No it's put off until the summer. Tells you everything you need to know about the county board light years behind everyone as per usual

saffron94 (Antrim) - Posts: 5 - 13/06/2013 15:02:05    1405797


At the county convention , a proposal to stop games was passed by a significant majority of delegates . This was endorsed by members of the CCC. However, the NA board and clubs totally ignored this by law. SW stopped fixtures for a 3 week period, at all county level, fixtures have been suspended as agreed. The issue here is with divisional boards and clubs n and people who have no clue about the exam season pressures.

conair0 (Antrim) - Posts: 45 - 13/06/2013 20:25:32    1406114


Just another example of our county board showing a complete lack of common sense.

seenitall (Antrim) - Posts: 18 - 15/06/2013 12:23:26    1407165


As I said the County Board and CCC are showing leadership and common sense in this regard. It the divisional board in NA and clubs who have completely ignored this by law. As usual, the county board try to lead but the tail refuses to accept change for the better. It has taken the county a number of years to push theough all county compeitions at U 16 /18 H and U18 F M what delayed this : ANSWER - DIVISIONAL BOARDS ! To set in the past , no clue about modern day exams and the pressure players are under to study to do well.

conair0 (Antrim) - Posts: 45 - 15/06/2013 16:08:50    1407291