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2014 team of the championship

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Anyone want to take a crack at this?
I'm going to sit on the fence for a while. Don't want to put a load of rathnew lads on it and be accused of bias!!!

thelastgael (Wicklow) - Posts: 322 - 20/10/2014 14:25:15    1665482


Very hard to do this. I am going to go with the number of games I have seen over the duration of the year and unfortunately, I didn't see Hollywood or Newtown playing. Close runners were Wood and Webb - Greystones. J Crowe and Coen - Pats. Very hard to pick a second corner back. Manley had excellent final but was disappointed in him in other games. Was very impressed with Merriman this year. Great year for him and also Conor Foley for Balto who has to make the senior panel. He'd nearly start the way he played for Balto. Player of the year - Ross O'Brien.

1 - D.Quigley (Greystones)
2 - AN Other
3 - P.McLoughlin (Blessington)
4 - S. Murley (Pats)
5 - M O'Brien (Annacurra)
6 - R O'Brien (Rathnew)
7 - L Benson (Bray)
8 - A Merriman (Rathnew)
9 - K Murphy (Baltinglass)
10 - E Doyle (Rathnew)
11 - J Henderson (Bray)
12 - D Wood (Greystones)
13 - C Foley (Baltinglass)
14 - J Daniels (Blessington)
15 - S Thompson (Greystones)

WhatsTheMata (Wicklow) - Posts: 58 - 20/10/2014 16:28:12    1665562


1. Dignam - kept rathnew in the game in first half in final
2. J. Manley - MoM in final
3. S. Kelly - outstanding in drawn game
4. C. Doyle - crucial for pats all year
5. J. Crowe - future county player
6. R. O'Brien - great year for rathnew
7. D. Hayden - unreal first day v pats
8. R. Murphy - unsung hero for pats
9. A. Merriman - same as Murphy
10. D. Woods - great year for Eire Og
11. P. Earls - penalty aside, was pats main man all year
12. E. Doyle - stepped up again for rathnew this year. Excellent player
13. S. Duffy - makes St. Pats forwards tick. Distribution is second to none
14. J. Merrigan - serious goal getter
15. L. Glynn - most important player for any team.

Went for players that reached later rounds of championship, mainly the two finalists as these were clearly best on show, if they were not then they wouldn't be in final. Yes I'm a pats man so I went for a decent amount of pats players, or players who influenced games they were involved in.

Unlucky to miss out
Mick O'Brien

tru blu (Wicklow) - Posts: 36 - 21/10/2014 12:08:05    1665728


Thought there would have been more interest in this. Anyway, il take a stab at it.
1 Dignam
2 Small lad from Annacurra. Little machine!!
3 MCloughlin
4 P. Merrigan
5 J. Snell
6 R O Brien
7 Marrion ( pats)
8 Staff
9 Merriman
10 E Doyle
11 L Glynn
12 J Kelly
13 M O Connor
14 J Merrigan
15 T Gill.

Extremely hard to do, left out a chap in half forwards from Balto. Couldn't think of his name. Only a bit of Craic.

thelastgael (Wicklow) - Posts: 322 - 22/10/2014 13:22:51    1666091


Very tough to pick a team a lot of rathnew lads on mine but deservingly so.

1 Dignam
2 J. Manley
3 Chester
4 A.Murphy
5 D. Hayden
6 R O Brien
7 M o'Brien
8 Staff
9 Murphy (Balto)
10 E Doyle
11 D.Woods
12 J.Henderson
13 L.Glynn
14 J.Merrigan
15 J.Kelly

wicklow88 (Wicklow) - Posts: 118 - 22/10/2014 14:37:26    1666129


just reading some of the teams named there and i notice that mcwalter wasnt picked in any of them? to me he is a crucial player to have in any team, reds the ball excellently, gets forward and drives his team on when they are looking down. he played a major role in getting Pats to that county final

dimiberb (Wicklow) - Posts: 4 - 31/10/2014 16:08:26    1668698