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Team for the Leinster final

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Have to agree with redslayer. Kieran Gavin seems to have a very defeatist attitude. Westmeath should not even be playing with the thought of the 15point hammering years ago. Damage limitation cannot be the attitude before going to play a Leinster final. Westmeath by two. Iarmhi abu!

wmeathgael04 (Westmeath) - Posts: 13 - 09/07/2015 15:16:02    1750526


team named

lets all get behing them now..

dec (None) - Posts: 239 - 09/07/2015 16:04:40    1750566


Westmeath (SFC v Dublin): Darren Quinn; Killian Daly, Kevin Maguire, John Gilligan; Paddy Holloway, Kieran Martin, James Dolan; Denis Corroon, Darragh Daly; Ger Egan, Paul Sharry, Ray Connellan; John Connellan, John Heslin, Shane Dempsey.

goingtoburstya (Westmeath) - Posts: 37 - 09/07/2015 16:08:54    1750568


They won't put that team out no way. Bet Greville and Gavin will start and maybe Frank Boyle but Greville and Gavin are certainties.
Don't be shocked if Paul gravel starts in midfield on mCcauley or full back on Connolly.
Gavin will start in the forwards and be the sweeper well i hope thats what they will do and maybe start frank Boyle 6 or sharry and genoud and maguire corner backs.
Dara daly, Kilian daly and Gilligan to miss out
This is how i think it will go
1, Quinn

2. Ganoud 3. Greville 4. Maguire

12. Egan 10 Gavin

5. Halloway 6. Sharry 7. Dolan

8. Caroon 9. R Connelon

11. J Connelon

13. S Dempsey 14. Martin 15. Heslin

Paulknows (Westmeath) - Posts: 114 - 09/07/2015 18:53:52    1750667


Paulknows obviously has a lot of inside information with his confident post. What's the plan to beat Dublin?

goingtoburstya (Westmeath) - Posts: 37 - 09/07/2015 19:57:12    1750683


just what i would pick and no way he leaving the tema he announced on and if he does we will be over 15 points down at half time. maguire not a full back he a corner back and the best in the country and Ganoud did enough to see off Daly at corner back. Greville one i did get a bit of hand with as i was told by a mayo inter county player that they tried him t full back against them for a few minutes and he is a excellent tackler and very strong and would be strong enough for connolly but fear he will get a black or red card on him but thats a different story.
As for the structure of gavin and egan in the hole well we simply have to play 2 sweepers and then have sharry at 6 to break forward at speed with dolan. I just think Gavin even half fit is clever enough to play that role and fell ger egan is the strongest of the forwards to play in that role but i could be wrong on that one in fairness. Midfield i think Daly should get another chance but he won't so only other choice is Caroon and Ray cannelloni. 4 man forwards pick themselves however martin could play 11 or john heslin but i feel only way to play it is 4 upfront and breaking quick.
Now i could make a complete mess of this selection dn look really really stupid but if Cribbin goes with the team he announced he will get his tail handed to him and he will be the one looking stupid.\
So little to no inside info in fact none from Westmeath but it pays top have a foot in other camp.
Westmeath have a chance you better believe it. Come on lads give it loads

Paulknows (Westmeath) - Posts: 114 - 09/07/2015 21:34:18    1750748


My team would be:

Darren Quinn
Francis Boyle
Jamie Gonoud
Paddy Holloway
Paul Sharry
Jimmy Dolan
Ray Connellan
Denis Corroon
Paul Greville
Kieran Martin
Ger Egan
Callum McCormack
John Heslin
Denis Glennon

I would have Frank Boyle in for his experience and he is aggressive in the tackle. The ideal man for Kevin Mc. I would include Paul Greville for his all round football ability. The ideal man for the hard graft around that vital middle section. A man with great vision on the ball,he also offers great options on the field. You could play him in any position down the middle and he will do a job for you. I include Callum McCormack who is now back to fitness, but prone to injury. It would be better to start him and hope he would last the hour. Denis Glennon in for his experience. He has done well coming off the bench, could be the man for the big occasion.

Killucan59 (Westmeath) - Posts: 17 - 10/07/2015 11:36:23    1750903


Excuse the intrusion.

I'm seeing all this noise in the news about how Westmeath are going to get blasted this weekend.

Tiring is all it is.

Good luck and give it socks. Contrary to popular belief, the score will be even at the throw in. The game has yet to be played afterall!!!

UpOffaly (Offaly) - Posts: 56 - 10/07/2015 16:19:00    1751131


Francis boyle and david lynch start, daragh daly and john connellan drop out. Goin defensive

dec (None) - Posts: 239 - 11/07/2015 12:10:44    1751321


Team named but no way will that be the team that starts I think Gonoud will or at least should be in for Killian Daly,Daly is a good footballer but he's not a corner back Gounoud is pacey sticky and a very good footballer in my opinion he should be well able for Rock.
Martin has to be in the forwards he's probably the smartest forward we have whether he's wearing 6 on his back or not he will line out at wing/centre/corner forward from the start.
Midfield for me will be Dennis Coroon and either Ray Connelan or Holloway (both are fantastic fielders of the ball)
Gilliagan could also be hard done by because the dublins forwards pace might be too much for him.
My lineup:
1.Quinn 2.Gonoud 3.Maguire 4.Gavin
5.Egan 6.Holloway 7.Dolan 8.Coroon 9.R.Connelan 10.Sharry 11.Martin 12.Greville 13.John Connelan 14.Heslin 15.Dempsey

That's Daly,Gilligan,Daly,Smyth all out from Meath game and Gonoud,Gavin,Greville and Connellan in.

I think lynch could be close too and we have glennon,McCormack,Boyle and co to look too on the bench Glennon is a great sub to have to come on.

Greville,Sharry and Connelan all to drop back for first half leaving Martin Heslin and Dempsey inside.If we've any hope we've to park the bus in the first half first 15-20 mins are crucial because Dublin to be in blue form and come out all guns blazing

Obviously that team won't be exact and I don't want to get slated that's just my opinion it's great to be able to try and pick a team the day before a Leinster final never would have thought we'd see the day at the start of this year. Regardless of result very proud to be a Westmeath lad and Best of luck tomorrow lads IarmhiAbu.

iarmhi919 (Westmeath) - Posts: 216 - 11/07/2015 13:45:15    1751344


Agree with most of what you say 919 but i think management on the sideline have to be quicker if introducing subs next day, were very slow to get gnoud in after, he should have been in before at least the second goal. I think d daly could be any option at fullfoward at times, only if he stays in there and there is high balls into him. But the size of croke park does not suit him outfield

madbull (Westmeath) - Posts: 191 - 11/07/2015 18:04:51    1751474