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Lancashire 2016

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Well, another season is upon us!!!!

Well done to John Mitchels on retaining the Club All Britain, Hard luck against the eventual winners of the All Ireland series Templenoe

You can find the fixtures for 2016 for all comps at

Should be another exciting year. Any one want to give their early predictions for competitions???????????

Im looking forward to it.

tribesman_10 (Galway) - Posts: 96 - 11/02/2016 12:21:57    1824660


First fixtures of the season this weekend (28/02/2016) in the Wolfe Tone competition

13:00 St Brendans vs John Mitchels @ Trafford
13:00 St Mary/Pats vs Wolfe Tones @ Cringle Park
13:00 St Peters vs St Lawrences @ Hough End

tribesman_10 (Galway) - Posts: 96 - 24/02/2016 13:27:01    1827763


Any results from this weekends fixtures?

Butcher (UK) - Posts: 49 - 29/02/2016 09:18:51    1829103


Anyone at the final last sunday care to tell me what the game was like?

BigTom2050 (Tipperary) - Posts: 289 - 27/09/2016 11:25:40    1919576


Replying To BigTom2050:  "Anyone at the final last sunday care to tell me what the game was like?"
It was a game that Mitchell's always looked like winning despite there never being more than a score in it and Brendans not making the most of a few goal chances. Mitchells know how to win county finals and their stranglehold looks set to continue. Some good football played but maybe not as high as standard as other years.

Soma (UK) - Posts: 2537 - 29/09/2016 20:57:31    1920716