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Pub to watch Dublin vs Kerry

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Hi, A gang of us are travelling over to Cardiff in two weeks for the Ireland v Canada game. We are flying home from Birmingham on Sunday night. Staying in Newport. Can anyone recommend somewhere we could watch the All Ireland on our way back. Ideally near or in Birmingham. Mostly Galway fans so we knew we were safe enough to book this weekend away!!

GalwayOptimist (Galway) - Posts: 26 - 08/09/2015 14:43:27    1784647


The Irish centre in digbeth which is close to the city centre will be showing the game as will several pubs in that area.

Mac9 (UK) - Posts: 11 - 08/09/2015 15:26:35    1784684


Have watched games in O'Neills in the city centre a couple of times before also.

WideBall1 (UK) - Posts: 98 - 08/09/2015 16:01:45    1784707


Get yourself to the Sacred Heart, Aston. Great Irish club, great atmosphere, food and one of the best guinness' this side of the water. Great staff too.

square_ball_ref (UK) - Posts: 127 - 08/09/2015 19:30:23    1784830


For anybody looking to watch the game in London then The Parish Bar in Wembley HA9 8HP is the only place go, 5 tv's, including one in the beer garden, live music straight after the game, great atmosphere and craic as our loyal band of Kerry customers will tell you for All Ireland Football Sunday it has to be The Parish Bar, "The Pub where legends drink".

ParishBar (UK) - Posts: 3 - 17/09/2015 10:05:36    1788485


Personally I'd avoid the centre like the plague. If you are to watch the game towards the city centre then the spotted dog on alcester street is a fine spot. Sacred heart is a decent place but by Jesus it's hard to find!!!

The emerald club in small Heath is always good craic come finals day. The crowd will be fairly split too...

tribeinbrum (Galway) - Posts: 4154 - 17/09/2015 18:23:11    1788772