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Dual players in London

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Do you know how many dual players there are in London and if there are hurling clubs that cater for players who play football but there club don`t have a hurling club too?

Conor1996 (UK) - Posts: 19 - 11/06/2015 14:42:32    1735661


Where in London do you live?

Best thing to play for a club nearby where you live....

The only clubs you wouldn't be able to play hurling for in London are those who already have both codes registered as one club and they (to the best of my knowledge) are:

Fulham Irish
Thomas McCurtains

I think they are the only actually registered dual clubs

Kerryman (UK) - Posts: 403 - 12/06/2015 14:48:06    1736072


I live in Hillingdon and play senior football at the minute I was just seeing what the options were as I probably will try to do both at some stage

Conor1996 (UK) - Posts: 19 - 15/06/2015 16:25:52    1737475


Your best bets would probably be Granuaile (Intermediate) or Gabriels (Senior).
Neither field football teams and both train close to Hillingdon, in Harrow and Wembley.

ArAisAris (UK) - Posts: 39 - 17/06/2015 10:02:58    1738381