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Ignore my last post - didn't read far enough up the page!!

NotQuiteGravy (UK) - Posts: 21 - 27/08/2014 14:46:58    1643014


Wednesday 27th August 2014

Statement on behalf of Éire Óg CLG

For immediate release

Our club discovered late yesterday, having sought clarification from the county board, that we fielded an ineligible player in the first London Junior Championship semi-final game against Moindearg on Sunday 17th August 2014.

This was entirely inadvertent and wholly innocent on the part of the club and the player.

We transferred a player from his home football club in Ireland. He had not and did not play in the football championship in his home county for that club. He had, however, played hurling championship there with a separately affiliated hurling club.

Like many clubs here, we have dual players who play for separately affiliated hurling and football clubs in London and presumed this would apply to separately affiliated hurling and football clubs in different counties. It appears that it not the case and that we interpreted the rule incorrectly.

As soon as we became aware of this, we resolved to inform the county board immediately. The county board were unaware of it until we informed them and no complaint by any other team had been made.

We acted entirely voluntarily and in the interests of honesty and integrity, in keeping with the ethos of the GAA which we as a club value above all else.

We realised that this would mean we were effectively forfeiting our place in the competition, and therefore we acted quickly to ensure that this could be dealt so that the London Junior County Final could go ahead this weekend.

Our expectation is that we will be subject to the penalties set out in the GAA Rules and Constitution, however unfair or disproportionate they seem in this context.

We wish both Moindearg and Tomás McCurtains the best of luck in the London Junior Football Championship Final this weekend.

EireOgLondon (UK) - Posts: 21 - 27/08/2014 15:59:54    1643070


Ive heard it all now..Jesus wept..

Bigdong (UK) - Posts: 66 - 27/08/2014 16:14:40    1643085


So after all that the final set for Sunday on finals day which will be great for both club's,having watch both semi finals I think tmc will be the team to beat!look a good all round team and moindearg have 4 good players and the rest not up to it

dinkylondon (Leitrim) - Posts: 2 - 27/08/2014 16:24:58    1643091


fair play to Eire Og, have a lot of respect for them, started out as just a social kickabout, but have got stronger and stronger each year and have been serious challengers this year.

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 2013 - 27/08/2014 16:26:34    1643094


A few minutes ago the Irish World had it that Moindearg had appealed after discovering that Eire Og had an ineligible player and had got them kicked out. Now this, Eire Og saying that they did this of their own volition.
Looks like the Irish World have changed their article now but would be good to have the correct story confirmed by the CCCCCCC.
Never a dull moment in London GAA - actually, given the issues in the Intermediate Hurling last year, the Senior Relegation hurling game this year. London GAA would make a great fly on the wall TV show. It would be far more interesting than what any other county could offer.

NotQuiteGravy (UK) - Posts: 21 - 27/08/2014 16:51:35    1643114


4 pages on London Junior C'ship, 2 for Inter, and 2 posts in total regarding the senior c'ship!!!!

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 2013 - 27/08/2014 17:25:08    1643139


Fair play to Eire Og, moving on - Moindearg the team to beat in the final, although the result will be largely determined on how McCurtains deal with the Moindearg two man full forward line and half back line.

Shouldn't be too much in it

An interesting final in prospect to kick of Sunday!

Cilldara2012 (UK) - Posts: 88 - 27/08/2014 18:46:01    1643179


Fair play to Eire Og for volunteering this information, same thing happened in Intermediate hurling championship this year, when player transferred to a football club in April at home and then played hurling championship here at end of June, the club he played against thought the player was totally innocent and therefore did not object as the player would be punished, not the club officers that played him, knowing he had played football at home.

Labhras (Cork) - Posts: 29 - 27/08/2014 19:34:16    1643192


Should some team not take Eire ogs place and play Moindearg...?

LordLizzie (USA) - Posts: 23 - 28/08/2014 11:29:07    1643362


I'd be very surprised if they volunteered this information. At the end of the day there is a place in the county final at stake and there was obviously some sort of inquest as to whether they fielded an illegal player. Probably too late in the day for another team to replace Eire Og.

LondonforSam (UK) - Posts: 2 - 28/08/2014 12:32:15    1643419


Doubt they would be volunteering this info unless they were forced to.

LordLizzie (USA) - Posts: 23 - 28/08/2014 13:46:22    1643479


This player was more than likely playing for them all year, in that case who could you replace them with, there are 4 teams in each group so this would have affected more than one other team. The same could be said about the league if that's the road that you were to go down.

Allwhitesabu (Westmeath) - Posts: 10 - 28/08/2014 14:53:04    1643538


I think Dulwich should get a chance to replace EireOg

Clarebearstare (Clare) - Posts: 192 - 29/08/2014 15:31:23    1644180


Are Dulwich likely to Field in the Mularkey Cup?

PassaisteThiar (Cork) - Posts: 12 - 29/08/2014 15:46:40    1644190