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TG4 in Manchester pubs?

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anyone got any idea what pubs in Manchester would be showing the Under 21 football games this Saturday on TG4??
First time over there and need to watch the games.


manfromdelmonte (UK) - Posts: 541 - 18/04/2014 08:26:41    1576608


Bowling Green Chorlton, if you ask the Landlord(Cork man). Im sure he will throw it on if he hasnt already got it on. I'd say he would at the very least put it on the screen behind the bar.

mancgael (UK) - Posts: 4 - 18/04/2014 13:37:05    1576710


Thanks. Any place closer to city centre?

valley84 (Westmeath) - Posts: 1809 - 18/04/2014 17:17:53    1576801


Potentially O'Sheas. Depends on how busy it is and who's on the bar though

Butcher (UK) - Posts: 49 - 18/04/2014 17:47:25    1576807


If you want the City Centre Muligans off Deansgate behind Kendals is a good spot. A good night out as well!!!

The Fiddlers Green in Levenshulme will have it on a, St Kents probably wouldn't be a bad shout also. All 3 pubs are friendly and will look after you if they can.

Mancirish (UK) - Posts: 2191 - 18/04/2014 21:41:49    1576877


The U21 games can be streamed on your laptop this weekend, no geo-block on TG4 for these games

tiempo (UK) - Posts: 16 - 19/04/2014 10:38:30    1576910


Really appreciate the suggestions.

manfromdelmonte (UK) - Posts: 541 - 19/04/2014 10:39:56    1576911


Mulligans did the job.
Great win for Roscommon. Cavan were robbed.

manfromdelmonte (UK) - Posts: 541 - 21/04/2014 14:16:53    1578040