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Hurling in Herts

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A new club has been formed so anyone interested in playing get in contact........

Training in Watford on Saturdays and will be in moving to Oxford ect in weeks to come...........

maybelogic (Galway) - Posts: 30 - 05/02/2014 11:16:09    1541654


what league and championship do they plan on playing in?

Rosineri1 (UK) - Posts: 2013 - 05/02/2014 12:17:56    1541688


What's the team called?

knowtherules (UK) - Posts: 181 - 05/02/2014 13:46:56    1541746


Team is called st Declans........

Think they are looking at Warwickshire ...... but not 100 percent......

If your interested Glen rovers football teams facebook is a good start as a few of the lads play.........

maybelogic (Galway) - Posts: 30 - 06/02/2014 17:34:13    1542381


Good first game for the club against a good London club side...... St declans were unlucky to lose out by a point in the end

Should be a good year a head if they keep up the progressions........

maybelogic (Galway) - Posts: 30 - 11/03/2014 10:52:50    1558129


Where can I find contact details for St Declans?

d_hurler (Dublin) - Posts: 77 - 03/04/2014 09:14:11    1569746


Send a message to Glen Rovers Facebook page and they will give you all the details.

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 03/04/2014 10:19:15    1569786


Contact any of the clubs in herts they all should have details as players from a few clubs our playing for them.

knowtherules (UK) - Posts: 181 - 03/04/2014 17:50:45    1570085


Yeah there's a link at each club, Saint Dympnas Luton, Colomcilles Saint Albans, Eire Og Oxford, Cambridge Parnells, Glen Rovers Watford and Saint Joseph's Waltham Cross. Also direct to the Hertfordshire county page. You'll be able get information you need from any of these sources.

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 05/04/2014 14:57:20    1570667


Training for Saint Declans Hurling ahead of opening game Saturday in Oxhey Park Watford WD18 0HS

This evening at 7.15

Can all players attend if possible, New players always welcome.

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 09/04/2014 17:09:02    1573053


Great first game for st declans. unlucky to loose by 1 point but learned alot from the game.....

maybelogic (Galway) - Posts: 30 - 14/04/2014 15:39:14    1575033


A fantastic effort from all involved. Very competitive and Will be a challenge for anyone in Warwickshire this year.

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 15/04/2014 13:10:11    1575451


Hi Guys,

Is there a contact number available? I need to get in touch regarding the match between casements and yourselves on saturday.


CoventryHurling (UK) - Posts: 13 - 22/05/2014 11:06:51    1591756


un luck at the weekend

maybelogic (Galway) - Posts: 30 - 09/07/2014 16:49:57    1616470