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Herts football 2013........

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I think nobody can disagree with that

I also think Dympnas are favourites to win this year from what we have seen so far and defo the team to beat
so will bring in a interesting championship from here on in

lovethegame88 (Kerry) - Posts: 21 - 26/07/2013 18:58:19    1443449


So results over the weekend gave us a draw with dympnas and colmcilles anybody know when this replay will be as I hear the final is on 15th sept tought with the way first half luton where lucky to get a draw , watford beat cambridge in the other semi final was another good game football that watford pushed on the last 15min which is where game was won , cambridge are looking a lot stronger and not far off making the next step

lovethegame88 (Kerry) - Posts: 21 - 08/08/2013 11:42:27    1456305


Dympnas v Rovers Final

thehighballlow (UK) - Posts: 18 - 12/08/2013 12:35:26    1459479


glen rovers to win by 6 points on sunday......... be a close game till the end

maybelogic (Galway) - Posts: 30 - 10/09/2013 14:49:42    1479246


Where and when is the game being played?

Kerryman (UK) - Posts: 403 - 10/09/2013 15:33:25    1479291


Sunday in Oxhey Park, Watford. Think throw in is at 3:30pm

trevor.ros (Down) - Posts: 42 - 11/09/2013 11:21:28    1479793


At least this year it seems a final is going to be played!!!!

trevor.ros (Down) - Posts: 42 - 11/09/2013 11:37:16    1479811


Good to see a final!! haha

Surprised to see it being played in Watford, thought they would have played at a neutral ground like St. Albans. Is it still in good nick?

Kerryman (UK) - Posts: 403 - 11/09/2013 17:38:19    1480254


It is in OK condition..

The venue was decided on the toss of a coin and representatives from both clubs where present. I don't know why it wasnt just played in St Albans...seems to have been the logical choice. But logic is not a word often associated with Herts County Board!!!

trevor.ros (Down) - Posts: 42 - 12/09/2013 09:29:29    1480486


And so it was...................goodbye for another winter, hello treble county champion winners - bling, bling, bling

nothin better than a motivational boot in the ass from the opposition half way through the first half of the county final//////look whose kickin on now.....yours truely

cappakee (Clare) - Posts: 66 - 16/09/2013 14:16:27    1482922


no objection, Watford must have won

upthemiddle (UK) - Posts: 3 - 17/09/2013 19:31:55    1483928


yeh Watford won
St.Dympnas the better team for 55 of the 60 minutes and Rovers sneaked a goal which was like a dagger in the heart
Very competitive game and both teams gave it their all.
Hertfordshire football has had a fantastic year and hopefully Rovers can have an impact on the British Championship.
Tough luck to Dympnas, great game

thehighballlow (UK) - Posts: 18 - 18/09/2013 09:11:59    1484107


To say Dympnas were the better team for 55mins is a bit of an exageration,how many wides and goal chances did Rovers cough up in that time!,Rovers had a lot of possession but just poor kick passing and some good defence from Dympnas,especially in the first half,agree Dympnas were better for long periods of the second half.

pete73 (Tipperary) - Posts: 3 - 21/09/2013 10:03:24    1486123


Anyone know dates, fixtures, venues for the All-Britain part of the championship, whats the draw for Glen Rovers?

cappakee (Clare) - Posts: 66 - 23/09/2013 13:11:52    1487393


Play winners of Scotland and Yorkshire Semi on 10th November. Herts got a bye into the quarter finals. Decent draw.

daskip89 (Galway) - Posts: 234 - 24/09/2013 18:52:40    1488657