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2012 London Conway Cup

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TCG were awarded the Conway cup without having to kick a ball in the final. It transpires that the KKG would not field a team and thus handed a walkover. It just shows what a sorry mess the KKG club is in. How on earth does a highly respected senior club in London who only recently played in the county final not get themselves up to play in another cup final a few weeks later.

It shows what respect they have for the competition, London GAA and more importantly their supporters. This is a club that signed over 50 players this year. (The GAA website clearly show that) and for them not to get 15 players to go out and play in such a highly respected competition is beyond belief.

It is probable that they would have got beat by a team that is probably in full swing preparing for a championship game against the Munster champions but it is still no excuse for not playing the final. What was the point entering the competition in the first place if you have no intentions in seeing it through.

Many other clubs would love to have being in a senior cup final come November and I'm sure they would have shown a lot more respect.

Shame on you KKG...

reviewer (UK) - Posts: 12 - 19/11/2012 19:27:08    1299991


St Kiernans played TCG in the league final and only managed to get the neccessary 15 player 10 minutes prior to the throw in. This is a club that fields a senior team, a reserve team, an under 21 team and a minor team. It appears KKG aren't the only ones that don't fancy going up against the only team left in London that are still training.

interested32 (Galway) - Posts: 69 - 20/11/2012 09:38:03    1300109