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Nearest clubs to Canterbury/Margate?

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Hi, I am just about to move over to Margate/Canterbury to work as a physiotherapist but am determined to continue to play GAA! Where would be the nearest decent Ladies GAA club? I dont mind travelling a biteen, am from Mayo and have played since a young age.. I have an aunt living in Bexleyheath so any club kinda near here would be handy...
Any tips welcome :)

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connorl- if its a ladies team then I believe it would be Dulwich Harps in Peckham though Mc Curtains in East London/Essex may have a ladies team- maybe someone can advise you on that. The journey to Mc Curtains takes you through the Dartford Crossing and that can be pretty horrendous with traffic! If it's a men's' team then definitely Cuchulainns (basically Bexleyheath). Both are a trek from Canterbury/Margate but if you can stay overnight in Bexleyheath then pretty easily got to. On a side note if you have not come over yet and are looking at accommodation then I would say try and live in Canterbury- stunning city!

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Dulwich and McCurtains probably your best bets, Dulwich team train in Peckham Rye I believe, McCurtains train beside West Ham tube/train station.

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Hi there,

I'm Dulwich Harps and we used to have 3 girls travel in from Maidstone together every week (two have gone back to Ireland now and the other has moved to London since) it took them about an hour depending on traffic. The main pitch is at Peckham Rye, so not far from the South Circular which connects to the A2/A20 etc. We also have really good public transport links too. So I guess either us or Thomas McCurtains's would be your best bet depending on the easiest travel option for you. Both teams are in Junior competitions and both have really sound team & management - maybe try a session with each and see which is the easier journey for you?

Dulwich start back training on Monday 20th Feb, see Dulwich Harps GAA website if you want further details.

Good luck!

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By the way Dulwich Harps are definintely the closest to Bexleyheath - both the men's and women's teams have a few players travel in from that direction already, takes about 40 mins with traffic.

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Dulwich would be closer than Thomas McCurtains but CuChulainns(Kidbrooke) would be a lot closer to Bexleyheath

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Hi, I have just moved to Broadstairs/Canterbury for work and I was just wondering did you fine a ladies football team close by?

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Dulwich would be the nearest team, based in Peckham.

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