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Mickey gets advice from Joe Brolly

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Well lo and behold, aren't we privileged to have the bold joe tell us how to use Ronan O'Neill...isn't mickey a lucky man to have Joe watching out for him and handing out advice...of course when Ronan O'Neill has blitzed all before him in 2015, Joe will be there on the Sunday game telling us how he pointed mickey harte in the right direction..we will be forever grateful to the might brolly!

mayotyroneman (Tyrone) - Posts: 1759 - 07/11/2014 15:30:46    1670485


And if Ronan forgets to be nice to RTE Brolly will be there to slate him just like he was for Sean Cavanagh.

We have a lot of good players its hard to know what way to line them up. Cathal Mc Carron coming back is a good boost and hopefully that goes well. Mc Curry is probably our most consistent forward. Ronan O Neill very very good with the ball but would need someone beside him to win it.

tyroneed (Tyrone) - Posts: 696 - 08/11/2014 13:01:24    1670652


Any word on trialists for 2015? I think we need a new nucleus of hungry players to push the 2008 nucleus on further who are probably a touch complacent with the exception being matty Donnelly.
Big mcnulty from dungannon is the type of power player that is needed to match the physicality of other teams.

Redhandveteran (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 09/11/2014 10:48:36    1670798


Tyrone need to find a number 11. Some very good forwards Donnelly Oneill Mccurry but no real leader. Harteayne the answer as it is a waste to lay j in defence.

Byanthon (Tyrone) - Posts: 1641 - 09/11/2014 18:23:01    1670910


Any word on trials for 2015??

Redhandveteran (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 24/11/2014 21:32:42    1674727


Any word on new comers into the squad for McKenna cup?

Surely young mccreesh is worth a punt?

Redhandveteran (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 14/12/2014 11:23:58    1678428


What's the views on the panel named? Slightly disappointed there weren't more radical changes for the mc kenna cup. Some faces there that I can't believe have been brought back but I suppose ye will never be happy with all the decisions. Big year for Mickey he has played his first hand and I'm not overly impressed. Taken a risk with the forwards which have been tested but yet to deliver! Mc Shane is a fantastic addition I hope he gets plenty of game time

redhanddefender (Tyrone) - Posts: 913 - 29/12/2014 10:48:50    1680013