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Tony Donnelly and Fergal McCann step down

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First of all I would like to thank both these men for helping bring our All Ireland wins to Tyrone. They played a big role in Micky Harte's coaching team and I wish them all the best for their future.

I feel for the future of our county team this had to happen. I think Micky still is the man to get us back on track again. With new ideas and coaching I think this will happen. Who now will come on board to help? Any potential names going about?

tir_eoghain_abu (Tyrone) - Posts: 773 - 06/08/2014 21:56:50    1632729


I thought after last year mickey crumbled a bit to media pressure and drastically changed our style which didn't work. Joe Brolly loved us but look where we ended up. I fear that again mickey has done this because of the media pressure which was coming through which shows a sign of weakness. Its done now anyway and hopefully it can do the trick.

Personally I would like to see canavan/enda mc ginley as number 2 or as was mentioned on a radio show, I don't know if he would do it or could actually get on with mickey but kevin Cassidy involved. I also think tyrone should be moving mountains to get either ryan porter or peter Donnelly in, fresh new approach to training.

redhanddefender (Tyrone) - Posts: 913 - 07/08/2014 08:50:13    1632753


I wonder what the chances of getting Niall Moyna are now he is finish with Down one thing we would not be lacking is fitness and strength if he was about

redbomb (Tyrone) - Posts: 165 - 07/08/2014 09:46:04    1632774


Yeah I would agree Ryan Porter would definitely spark some difference but I also think the player profile is wrong in our setup. Compare what Ryan had to mould with the Monaghan lads, our guys will always be physically inferior. My personal view is bigger lads that the coaches can make quicker and more powerful could be the key. People keep talking about how fast the game has become but I disagree because it is snails pace in the final third with so many bodies in there.

Keep the change coming Mickey, you can turn this around!

Clubfoot (Tyrone) - Posts: 102 - 07/08/2014 11:03:07    1632826


From a fitness perspective you can go Down one or two roads.

Short term view- bring in porter from Monaghan to work with seniors
Long term view- bring in peter Donnelly to work at all levels and put in proper structure for next 5 years

Both excellent coaches one probably more strategic with building blocks

Redhandveteran (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 07/08/2014 11:09:25    1632831


Peter Donnelly was 1 of 2 people nominated for the position of County Coaching Officer but pulled out at last minute. Could this perhaps mean he has been approached by management?

tir_eoghain_abu (Tyrone) - Posts: 773 - 07/08/2014 11:49:45    1632874


Ten years of great service and two All-Ireland's is a mark of the input the two men give. I would agree with bringing in Porter and Peter Donnelly.

Byanthon (Tyrone) - Posts: 1644 - 07/08/2014 13:34:14    1632948


Not sure where you'd get the money to bring in two qualified conditioning coaches my friend that would be circa 80-90k

Redhandveteran (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 07/08/2014 13:43:18    1632954


Presumably this leaves Gavin Devlin as the No2 and/or the main team trainer? Doubtful if he will carry out both roles so there's a couple of positions to be filled. Agreed that a fresh approach to S&C of the team would be a good start.

EnolaGay (Tyrone) - Posts: 653 - 07/08/2014 14:47:01    1633003


You could see someone like dooher come in or one of the 2003 team to re-energise the set-up. From what I hear Donnelly is more or less confirmed. Needs to be done early so he can get 6 months with these lads in the gym. Assess strengths and weaknesses and tailor program to suit needs.

Most of them need leg work and upper body conditioning to break tackles

Redhandveteran (Tyrone) - Posts: 30 - 07/08/2014 16:00:25    1633063


If Tyrone are going to take the S+C seriously, the fact they went out of the Championship this early this year might be a blessing. Means they can probably start team training mid November (may not be accurate) with no real training ban on teams who go out early.

Could be a promising time ahead - although I still do believe player selection/positional issues that only Mickey Harte can solve persist.

GetOverTheBar (Tyrone) - Posts: 1388 - 07/08/2014 20:56:16    1633205


dream on lads the cold hard economic reality of garvaghey is now starting to kick home, s/c coach at 50000 per year no chance when kids are being charged for their tracksuits in the development squads. were going nowhere only backwards.

weebox (Tyrone) - Posts: 272 - 10/08/2014 18:21:17    1634428


There is no way a strength and conditioning coach is on 50k a year, even whoever takes Dublin.

GetOverTheBar (Tyrone) - Posts: 1388 - 12/08/2014 20:07:26    1635957


I find those figures hard to believe but if true then we are on a road to nowhere. Like I said previously, we need a total RESET of the system. No point spending thousands on players who will never make the top. We need a group of players coming through that are equipped to challenge at the highest level. Let's forget about winning this or that next year and focus on solid foundations to keep us at the top consistently. (Easier said than done I know but anything less should not be the target)

Clubfoot (Tyrone) - Posts: 102 - 14/08/2014 10:26:40    1636708


bbc reporting Peter Donnelly finally joins Tyrone set up any other names to come in yet

redbomb (Tyrone) - Posts: 165 - 05/09/2014 09:25:15    1648246